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  • He Qi Dr. He Qi was among the many people sent to the countryside during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. As a young man, he escaped hard labor by painting pictures of chairman Mao Zedong. During those years, he once found a copy of Renaissance artist Raphael’s Madonna and Child in a magazine, and was so moved by it, that he began to paint copies of it at night. He Qi earned a doctorate in religious art from Nanjing Art Institute, having studied medieval art in Hamburg, Germany. He was a professor of Christian Art at Nanjing Theological Seminary before moving to St. Paul, Minnesota in 2004. He is a member of the Chinese Art Association and a council member of the Asia Christian Art Association. His work has been featured in many international journals and media outlets, and he has exhibited in Asia, Europe and the United States. His work is a blend of Chinese folk art and traditional painting technique with the iconography of the Western Middle Ages and Modern Art. (Source and photo: Overseas Ministries Study Center)
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  • Melinda Quivik The Rev. Melinda Quivik, PhD, a pastor in the ELCA and former seminary professor of worship and preaching, writes, edits, and gives workshops and lectures on worship and preaching. She served congregations in Montana, Minnesota, and Michigan and is now the Editor-in-Chief of Liturgy, a quarterly journal of The Liturgical Conference for pastors and scholars on topics related to worship and preaching. She also curates preaching commentaries found weekly at, and is now a preaching mentor with BackStory Preaching. Publications include: Remembering God’s Promises: A Funeral Planning Handbook, In Sure and Certain Hope: A Funeral Sourcebook, Leading Worship Matters: A Sourcebook for Preparing Worship Leaders, and Serving the Word: Preaching in Worship. She was one of six core writers for Feasting on the Word: Worship Companion (WJK), a 6-vol. ecumenical compendium of new liturgical language for each Sunday of the RCL. (Source and photo: Working Preacher)
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