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  • Kenneth L Samuel The Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel graduated in 1978 from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut with a Bachelor of Arts degree in American History. He continued his academic pursuit by matriculating at the Candler School of Theology of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received the Benjamin E. Mays Theological Fellowship Award, among others. In 1981, he received his Master of Divinity Degree. In 1996, he received the Doctor of Ministry Degree from the United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. His theological focus is in the field of homiletics and social ethics. In March of 1987, Dr. Samuel organized the Victory for the World Church, which has dual standing as an Independent Baptist Church and an active congregation of the United Church of Christ. Located in Atlanta’s eastern suburb of DeKalb County, Victory Church seeks to address the total needs of the total person through a broad array of ministries and services which promote the spiritual development, educational enhancement, fiscal fitness and social empowerment of every child of God – regardless of race, gender, culture, class or sexual orientation. Dr. Samuel has served as an Adjunct Professor in the Religion and Philosophy Department at Clark Atlanta University and at Lancaster Theological Seminary. In addition, Dr. Samuel has served as a Teaching Assistant in homiletics at the Candler School of Theology, Emory University. Dr. Samuel’s first book, entitled ‘Solomon’s Success: Four Essential Keys to Leadership’ has appeared as a number one best seller in the Christian Century Magazine. Currently, Dr. Samuel is one of the writers of the United Church of Christ ‘God Is Still Speaking’ Daily Devotionals. (Source and photo:
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  • Eric Sarwar Eric Sarwar is an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church of Pakistan and founder and director of the Tehillim School of Church Music & Worship in Karachi. (Source:; photo:
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  • Greg Scheer Greg Scheer is a composer, author, speaker, and a Music Associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. His writings include Essential Worship (Baker Books, 2016) The Art of Worship (Baker Books, 2006) and contributions to Reformed Worship, The Hymn, Call to Worship and Worship Leader and a chapter in New Songs of Celebration Render (ed. C. Michael Hawn, GIA Publications, forthcoming). Greg is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island (Music Theory/Composition and German) and holds a M.A in Music Theory/Composition from the University of Pittsburgh. Scheer's music is available from Augsburg Fortress, WorshipToday, Faith Alive. (source:; photo:
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  • Kathryn M Schifferdecker Kathryn M Schifferdecker is Professor and Elva B. Lovell Chair of Old Testament at Luther Seminary. Ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 2001, Schifferdecker was associate pastor for five years at Trinity Lutheran Church, Arkdale, Wisc., prior to teaching at Luther. She is a frequent contributor to, Word & World, and the author of Out of the Whirlwind: Creation Theology in the Book of Job (Harvard University Press, 2008). She is currently writing a commentary on the book of Esther. (Source and photo:
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  • Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (1794 – 1872) was a German painter, chiefly of Biblical subjects. As a young man he associated with the painters of the Nazarene movement who revived the florid Renaissance style in religious art. He is remembered for his extensive Picture Bible, and his designs for stained glass windows in cathedrals. (Source:; photo:
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  • Thom M Shuman Thom M Shuman is a pastor, poet, and blogger who has written many collections of prayers, liturgies, and poems, often in collaboration with the Iona Community and Wild Goose Publications. (Source:
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  • Ann Siddall Ann Siddall serves The Uniting Church in Australia in her expertise of spiritual formation. She teaches in this area at Adelaide College of Divinity, leads retreats, and guides congregations in long-term visioning and planning. Siddall's education includes a diploma in pastoral ministry and training as a spiritual director. A former journalist, she continues to write and serves as a lay preacher.
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  • Christine Sine Christine Sine is the founder and facilitator of Godspace, which grew out of her passion for creative spirituality, gardening and sustainability. Together with her husband, Tom, Christine also co-founded Mustard Seed Associates, but recently retired to make time available for writing, speaking and to look after their puppy, Goldie. Christine describes herself as a contemplative activist, passionate gardener, author, and liturgist. She loves messing with church traditions and inspiring followers of Jesus to develop creative approaches to spirituality that intertwine the sacred through all of life. She facilitates workshops on contemplative and creative spiritual practices, spirituality and gardening, simplicity and sustainability as well as how to develop a more spiritual rhythm for our lives. She often encourages participants to paint rocks or leaves, plant contemplative gardens, walk labyrinths and create spiritual pathways that draw us into deeper intimacy with God. Christine is inspired by Celtic Christian spirituality, which has opened her eyes to the God who is present in every moment, every experience and every place. She is open to learning from everyone and everything around. (Source and photo:
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  • Matthew L Skinner Matthew Skinner joined Luther Seminary’s faculty in 2002 and his teaching experience covers the full range of the New Testament canon. His courses focus on the original, ancient settings and circumstances surrounding the creation and preservation of biblical writings as well as how this literature continues to be experienced and interpreted in congregations and other public venues. Much of Skinner’s published work focuses on the Gospels, the Acts of the Apostles, the cultural realities displayed in these writings, and their ongoing theological relevance. He has written about the Bible for websites including Huffington Post, Working Preacher, and ON Scripture—The Bible. He co-hosts Sermon Brainwave, a popular weekly podcast that offers assistance to preachers as they interpret biblical texts to prepare their sermons. (Source and photo:
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  • Mandy Smith Mandy Smith is lead pastor at University Christian Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is the author of Making a Mess and Meeting God, The Vulnerable Pastor, and Unfettered: Imagining a Childlike Faith Beyond the Baggage of Western Culture (2021). She is also a fine artist and the creator of "The Collect," a citywide trash-to-art project. (Source:; photo:
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  • Kathleen S Hofman Smith Rev. Kathy Smith is Senior Associate Director of the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and Program Manager for the Institute's grants programs. She administers grants programs related to worship and is part of the executive leadership team that oversees all Institute programming and staffing. Her areas of interest include preaching and worship, church polity and administration, and leadership development. Kathy is adjunct professor of congregational and ministry studies at Calvin University, and adjunct professor of church polity at Calvin Theological Seminary. She is a graduate of Calvin University (Art and Education) and and holds a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Theology degree (Church Polity) from Calvin Theological Seminary. Kathy is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church in North America. (source:;
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  • Virgil Solis Virgil Solis or Virgilius Solis (1514 – 1562), a member of a prolific family of artists, was a German draughtsman and printmaker in engraving, etching, and woodcut who worked in his native city of Nuremberg. His prints were sold separately (mainly the etchings and engravings) or formed the illustrations of books (normally the woodcuts); many prints signed by him are probably by assistants. Solis eventually died in Nuremberg. Eduard von Ubisch wrote a comprehensive description of Solis' life and work in relation to his Bible images in 1889. (Source:; photo:
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  • Charles Haddon Spurgeon Charles H Spurgeon (1834-92) was a British Baptist preacher and prolific author of sermons, commentaries, books, poetry, hymns, and devotionals. (Source:; photo: public domain)
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  • Elizabeth Steele Halstead Elizabeth (Betsy) Steele Halstead is Resource Development Specialist for Visual Arts for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Betsy’s areas of interest include encouraging life-long learning for leaders and laity of the church, and interdisciplinary studies, with particular focus on the integration of theology and the arts. As an artist, she has done printmaking and now works in oils, acrylics, mixed media, and sculpture. She holds degrees from Calvin University (Art and Psychology) and an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. (Source and photo: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship)
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  • Joan Stott Joan Stott is a writer at The Timeless Psalms and former leader in various church outreach and missions programs. She has also served in leadership positions in the World Methodist Council and Australian Church Women, Australia’s national women’s ecumenical organization. (Source:
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  • Stuart Strachan Jr Stuart Strachan Jr. is an ordained Presbyterian pastor. His primary passion is equipping the saints for the ministry of the church (Eph. 4). He loves preaching, teaching, and helping churches cast vision for what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st Century. He has served churches in a variety of capacities in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Washington; and he has developed and curates The Pastor’s Workshop, an online portal and resource for pastors as they plan sermons and worship services. (Source and photo:
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  • Eleonore Stump Eleanore Stump is The Robert J. Henle, SJ, Professor of Philosophy at Saint Louis University where she has taught since 1992. Her areas of specialization include medieval philosophy, philosophy of religion, and metaphysics. She writes weekly spiritual reflections at The Sunday Website of Saint Louis University. (Source and photo:
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  • Jim Stump Jim Stump is Vice President at BioLogos. He oversees the editorial team, participates in strategic planning, and hosts the podcast, Language of God. Jim also writes and speaks on behalf of BioLogos. He has a PhD in philosophy and was formerly a professor and academic administrator. His books include, Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design; Science and Christianity: An Introduction to the Issues; How I Changed My Mind about Evolution; and The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity. (Source and photo:
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