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Topical Study on Advent One of the blessings of Advent is that it counteracts the hype of the commercial Christmas madness, inviting us to a deeper and more fruitful spiritual renewal. One of two penitential seasons in the liturgical calendar for four weeks prior to Christmas, Advent prepares us for great event of the... Home is Where We Meet - An Order of Worship for Advent Element of Worship by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/worship-planning/advent-through-christmas-season-2017-series-overview/second-sunday-of-advent-2017-planning-notes/second-sunday-of-advent-2017-order-of-worship Element of Worship by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries Topics: Advent , Discipleship , Rejoicing , Thanksgiving Source: Discipleship Ministries This resource will help pastors and worship leaders plan an Advent worship service utilizing hymns, responsive readings, thanksgiving, and communion liturgies. Also included are suggested hymns and prayers to aid the congregation in worship. Advent Transformations Drama by Rhonda Brink https://www.reformedworship.org/article/september-2007/advent-transformations Drama by Rhonda Brink Topics: Advent , Christmas , Worship Planning Source: Reformed Worship Service plans with full-text dramas for Advent, centered on the characters in the Advent story who experienced the transformation of their questioning and fearful human attitudes by encountering God Pulled into Advent by God’s Promises Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson https://www.workingpreacher.org/commentaries/revised-common-lectionary/first-sunday-of-advent-3/commentary-on-psalm-251-10-9 Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson Topics: Advent , Shame , Life , Waiting Source: Working Preacher A commentary on Psalm 25:1-10. Advent is about trusting the promise even while awaiting for the promise to be kept by God. Advent Sermon Illustration by Frederick Buechner http://day1.org/7605-weekly_sermon_illustration_advent Sermon Illustration by Frederick Buechner Topics: Advent , Illustration , Writing , Waiting Source: Day1 A sermon illustration by Frederick Buechner on Matthew 24:44. Advent is about anticipation. If you concentrate just for an instant, you can hear the world itself holding its breath. Advent Wreath Song: Take this Light Song/Hymn by Doug Chaplin https://re-worship.blogspot.com/2011/11/advent-wreath-song.html Song/Hymn by Doug Chaplin Topics: Advent , Light , Christmas , Christmas Carols New and Old Source: Re-Worship Anglican priest, Doug Chaplin, has written this song for the lighting of the Advent wreath. It has five verses—one for each Sunday of Advent, and one for Christmas Day. The suggested tune is, PERSONENT HODIE. He is like a Refiner's Fire Sermon Illustration by Stan Mast http://cep.calvinseminary.edu/sermon-starters/advent-2c/?type=old_testament_lectionary Sermon Illustration by Stan Mast Topics: Advent , Malachi , John the Baptist , Atonement Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching In this Advent sermon starter on Malachi 3:1-4, Stan Mast reflects on the connection between the prophecy of Malachi, the preaching of John the Baptist, and the death of Jesus. A Journey Through Advent Sermon Starter/Outline by Melinda Quivik https://www.workingpreacher.org/worship/preaching-luke-through-advent-year-c Sermon Starter/Outline by Melinda Quivik Topics: Advent , God's Love , God's Provision , God's Deliverance Source: Working Preacher In this Advent preaching guide, Melinda Quivik explains a larger, two-part theme in Luke's stories surrounding Christ's birth: the incapacities humanity knows in life; and the love God declares for us in Jesus. Advent Wreath Song: 'Hope is a Light' Song/Hymn by Dan Damon https://re-worship.blogspot.com/2012/11/advent-wreath-song-hope-is-light.html Song/Hymn by Dan Damon Topics: Advent , Hope , Joy , Love Source: Re-Worship This is a simple (and easy to learn) candle-lighting song for Advent that references Zephaniah 3:14-20 and John 8:12. Advent Joy Sermon Starter/Outline by Brian Bantum http://www.theafricanamericanlectionary.org/PopupLectionaryReading.asp?LRID=438 Sermon Starter/Outline by Brian Bantum Topics: Advent , Joy , Worship Planning Source: The African American Lectionary This sermon starter and commentary on Isaiah 9:6-7 offers worship resources from an African American perspective for celebrating the third Sunday of Advent, focusing on the theme of joy. Advent Sermon Series Sermon Starter/Outline by Rachel G Hackenberg https://rachelhackenberg.com/monday-muse-advent-sermon-series/ Sermon Starter/Outline by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Advent , Christmas Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg Rachel Hackenberg shares five last-minute Advent planning approaches: asking the question “Why?”, Advent through the Psalms, exploring the senses, the nativity story contrasted with modern news, and secular Christmas songs. Advent's Flickering Candles Song/Hymn http://globalworship.tumblr.com/post/154400633055/advent-song-new-scottish-hymns Song/Hymn Topics: Advent , Coming of Christ , Darkness , Incarnation Source: Global Worship "Advent Song," a modern hymn by the New Scottish Hymns Band. The lyrics celebrate the coming of Christ and the victory of light over darkness. ‘Advent Suite’ Song/Hymn by John Michael Talbot http://globalworship.tumblr.com/post/104628097955/john-michael-talbot-advent-suite Song/Hymn by John Michael Talbot Topics: Advent , Messiah , Jesus , Music Source: Global Worship In this live recording of his "Advent Suite" John Michael Talbot sings about the first advent of Christ. The lyrics challenge the listener not only to believe in Jesus, but to commit to following him. Full Text Hymns on Advent The Advent of Our KingPD
Come, Thou Long-Expected JesusPD
O Come, O Come, EmmanuelPD
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Advent prayers Element of Worship by Barb Wilkins-Crowder https://worshipwords.co.uk/advent-prayers-from-cairn-christian-church-colorado-usa/ Element of Worship by Barb Wilkins-Crowder Topics: Advent , Prayer , Devotion Source: Worship Words Prayers written by members of Cairn Christian Church, Lafayette, Colorado USA for daily Advent devotions. Advent: A season of blessings Devotional by Jim Hawkins https://www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry/6500/advent-a-season-of-blessings Devotional by Jim Hawkins Topics: Advent , Christmas , Blessing , Family Source: Ministry Matters In the midst of the rush, Advent beckons us to remember the blessings of this often overlooked season; namely the blessings of patience, perspective, hope, service, and opportunity. Thomas Merton on Advent & A Poem About Mary Book Quote http://globalworship.tumblr.com/post/168378315685/thomas-merton-on-advent-a-poem-about-mary Book Quote Topics: Advent , Mary , Thomas Merton , Jesus Source: Global Worship This resource presents an article about Thomas Merton, a quote by Merton on Jesus' identification with marginalized persons, Merton's poem "The Blessed Virgin Mary Compared to a Window," and a prayer for Thomas Merton's feast day. Advent Candle Readings Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg https://rachelhackenberg.com/monday-muse-advent-candle-liturgies/ Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Advent , Christmas , Silence , Liturgy Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg Four sets of Advent candle liturgies. Two are based on several scripture passages and the other two are based on themes of silence and light. One liturgy is designed to be used as a sending. Advent Candle Liturgies Element of Worship by Jacqui King https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/articles/upper-room-2019-advent-worship-litanies Element of Worship by Jacqui King Topics: Advent , Peace , Hope , Joy Source: Discipleship Ministries This is a set of Advent candle lighting litanies based on hope, peace, joy, and love. Advent: Close Encounters of a Liturgical Kind Article by Chris Armstrong https://christianhistoryinstitute.org/magazine/article/advent-close-encounters-of-a-liturgical-kind Article by Chris Armstrong Topics: Advent , Church History , Liturgy Source: Christian History Institute This article explores how Christians throughout history have celebrated the season of Advent and emphasizes the sustaining power of liturgical observance. Advent, baptism and blow-dryers Article by Edgar Moore https://www.faithandleadership.com/ed-moore-advent-baptism-and-blow-dryers Article by Edgar Moore Topics: Advent , Baptism , Sacraments , Language Source: Faith and Leadership To counter the "culture of consumption" which for many takes over the weeks prior to Christmas, Edgar Moore advocates focusing on baptismal renewal throughout Advent, immersing our liturgical language in baptismal imagery. Advent Peace Prayer for our Gun-filled World Element of Worship by Carol Penner https://leadinginworship.com/2018/12/advent-peace-prayer-for-our-gun-filled-world/ Element of Worship by Carol Penner Topics: Prayer , Peace , Guns , Violence Source: Carol Penner Advent prayer for "all who will hold a gun today" and for those killed and injured by gun violence (and by practicing it), ends with a petition for the systemic problem of our gun culture.