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Anonymous Greatness Sermon Illustration by John R. Gunn Sermon Illustration by John R. Gunn Topics: Service , Daily Living Source: Day1 Though the Bible names many heroes of the faith, it also celebrates anonymous greatness, writes John Gunn. Most of us must learn to be context to have our names written in heaven, not in history books.... The bare essentials Element of Worship by Ana Gobledale Element of Worship by Ana Gobledale Topics: Patience , Homelessness , Addiction Source: Worship Words A prayer for "hope, patience, thoughtfulness, and neighborliness, for the homeless and those without means to stay clean... for members of Twelve Step Groups—such as Alcoholics Anonymous—who are finding new ways to hold their essential meetings." Anonymous Saint Poetry by J. Janda Poetry by J. Janda Topics: Marginalization , Life , Poetry , Homelessness Source: The Sunday Website This brief poem by J. Janda, inspired by John 12:20-33, gives a moving perspective on homelessness and hints at the value of every creature in the eyes of God. Conditor Alme Siderum (Creator of the Stars of Night) Song/Hymn by Anonymous Song/Hymn by Anonymous Topics: Advent , Hymn , Jesus , Grace Source: Global Worship Lyrics video of the anonymous 7th century Advent text "Conditor Alme Siderum" (Creator of the Stars of Night), sung in Latin alternated with English. Assumed and Healed Commentary/Exegesis by Brian Volck Commentary/Exegesis by Brian Volck Topics: Baptism , Healing , Sin , Incarnation Source: Ekklesia Project Imagine an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where Jesus steps to the podium and says, “Hello. I’m Jesus, and I’m an alcoholic.” Brian Volck reflects on Mark 1:4-11 and the baptism of Christ. Embracing Faith, Accepting Ambiguity Article by Anonymous Article by Anonymous Topics: Faith , Creationism , Evolution , Science Source: Biologos An anonymous author reflects on her struggles with the fundamentalism she was raised in and focuses on issues of creationism and evolution. Utopia – Paradise or Pariah? Commentary/Exegesis by Katherine HawkerSelf Commentary/Exegesis by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Promises , Justice , Illustration , Women Source: Liturgy Outside Katherine HawkerSelf meditates on Isaiah 65, with help from an anonymous Chilean prayer (full prayer found in comments), to urge us beyond proof-texting and to consider for whom—those with privilege or those without—Isaiah's promise is true. How Ritual Works Article by Robert K. Hudnut Article by Robert K. Hudnut Topics: Grace , Work , Life , All of Grace Source: Ministry Matters This article names activities such as prayer, worship, reading the Bible, and Alcoholics Anonymous, as rituals, emphasizing our need for ritual to "be fully alive" in our faith. "It is rituals...that fit the sacred and secular... Spirituality and the Twelve Steps Article by Rebekah Jordan Gienapp Article by Rebekah Jordan Gienapp Topics: Confession , Addiction , Spirituality , Community Source: Ministry Matters This article reflects on Alcoholics Anonymous and its twelve action steps, sharing a brief history of the organization and emphasizing the spiritual relationship at the heart of the model. The Spirituality of Addiction and Recovery Audio/Video by Susan Cheever and Kevin Griffin Audio/Video by Susan Cheever and Kevin Griffin Topics: Addiction , Spirituality , Healing Source: On Being In this podcast, two authors reflect on the Alcoholics Anonymous program's "Twelve Steps" and how they resonate in their personal stories, in Christian teachings, and in the larger concept of spirituality. Anonymous Donor Pays Off Students' Debts Sermon Illustration by John Ortberg Sermon Illustration by John Ortberg Topics: Atonement , Grace , Forgiveness , Generosity Source: Preaching Today John Ortberg tells the story of an anonymous donor who paid off students' debt. An illustration appropriate for 1 Timothy 1:15, Romans 3:21-26, and Ephesians 1:3-14. Small Town Embittered by Anonymous Gossip Sermon Illustration by A. G. Sulzberger Sermon Illustration by A. G. Sulzberger Topics: Gossip , Social Media Source: Preaching Today In this sermon illustration, A. G. Sulzberger shares a story of a small town suffering the consequences of anonymous gossip and slander. Full Text Hymns on Anonymous Fairest Lord Jesus©
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Anonymous Online Confessions Trend Up in Popularity Sermon Illustration by Jill Carattini Sermon Illustration by Jill Carattini Topics: Guilt , Sin , Confession , Illustration Source: Preaching Today This sermon illustration discusses online confession websites, on which stories of human sin are shared through writers' deepest confessions. Use this in a sermon focusing on sin or the redemption from sin found in Christ. Criticism Avoiders Anonymous Sermon Illustration Sermon Illustration Topics: Truthfulness , Honesty , Conflict Source: Preaching Today At "Criticism Avoiders Anonymous," Clark confesses his tendency to avoid conflicts at the expense of speaking the truth. A sermon illustration appropriate for Psalms 56:11, 118:6, Proverbs 28:23, Galatians 2:11-14, Ephesians 4:15, and 1 Thessalonians 2:4. Tavener: ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ Song/Hymn by John Tavener Song/Hymn by John Tavener Topics: Lord’s Prayer , Art , Music , Father Source: Global Worship Two audio recordings of the contemporary choral setting of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ by John Tavener: one by The King's Singers and one by Anonymous 4. Also included is artwork "The Lord's Prayer" by Amy Lee Weeks. Pilgrim’s Progress: You Can’t Make it Alone Article by John M. Mulder Article by John M. Mulder Topics: Change , Journey , Grace , Sanctification Source: Perspectives Journal Personality change, the transformation of character, the conversion of the self is a process, a journey, a pilgrimage and faith becomes real by becoming internalized. John Mulder and "Pilgrims Progress" explain. A Temple Destroyed Image by Sam Wells Image by Sam Wells Topics: Blood , Mary , Temple , Evil Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture Sam Wells comments on a four-part anonymous illumination, in which Mary's conquest of Satan is shown with three other women - Jael, Judith, and Tomyris - who defeated their enemies. "Because Worthless" Image by Eric C. Smith Image by Eric C. Smith Topics: Identity , Immigration , Refugees , Economics Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture Like the literary corpus of Paul, this work from Banksy is palimpsestuous, having been annotated, overwritten, reinscribed. The ‘because worthless’ of an anonymous artist provokes a question: what is worth, and where does it come from?... What Christ Meant Article by Frederick Buechner Article by Frederick Buechner Topics: Church , Community , Body of Christ Source: Day1 The church often bears an uncomfortable resemblance to the dysfunctional family. Frederick Buechner's reflection on what Christ meant by the church suggests that groups like Alcoholics Anonymous have much to teach the church about the community. The Flight into Egypt Image Image Topics: Art , Jesus , Mary , Joseph, Saint Source: National Gallery of Art This 16th century oil painting by an anonymous follower of Joachim Patinir depicts Matthew 2:13-15, in which Joseph, Mary, and Jesus flee to Egypt.

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