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Topical Study on Anti-Intellectualism Anti-intellectualism is opposition to or dismissal of the healthy life of the mind. Twenty minutes with Robert MacSwain Article by Robert MacSwain Article by Robert MacSwain Topics: Anti-Intellectualism , Church History , Holiness Source: The Living Church In this interview, Richard Mammana invites Robert MacSwain to discuss Austin Farrer, Scripture, and academic and priestly vocation, while commenting on the history and theology of modern Anglicanism. The Wardrobe of Easter: Learning God’s Word Devotional by Dale J Cooper Devotional by Dale J Cooper Topics: Anti-Intellectualism , Easter , Education , Scripture Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship An essential aspect of the Christian life is listening to and obeying God's word. As part of a series on "The Wardrobe of Easter," Dale Cooper reflects on the learning and teaching of truth in the... Worship, Law, and “My Personal Jesus” Article by Craig Uffman Article by Craig Uffman Topics: Grace , Jesus , Law , Torah Source: The Living Church Craig Uffman draws on N.T. Wright's book, "Paul and the Faithfulness of God," and writes that, "The idea of a personal relationship with Jesus that lacks the experience of grace as command is just plain silly." Graduation Sunday Article by Juan M Floyd-Thomas Article by Juan M Floyd-Thomas Topics: Anti-Intellectualism , Children/youth , Education , Worship Planning Source: The African American Lectionary In this article, Juan Floyd-Thomas reflects on how education is often viewed in the African American community and provides suggestions for planning a Graduation Sunday service. Educating for the Kingdom Sermon (Complete) by Richard J Mouw Sermon (Complete) by Richard J Mouw Topics: Theology , Gentleness , Patience , Evangelism Source: Fuller Studio Richard Mouw's message presents a vision for theological education emphasizing restlessness, patience, academic quality, theological integrity, and gentleness. Postmodernism and Community Memory Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Worship , Worship Planning , Memory , Tradition Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article explores the relationship between Postmodernism and community memory, specifically discussing how it is possible to honor memory while still keeping worship relevant to postmodern people. Who Needs Catechesis? Article by Alex Fogleman Article by Alex Fogleman Topics: Teaching , Catechesis , Christian , Identity Source: The Living Church In this article, Alex Fogleman emphasizes the importance of teaching or catechesis in Christianity. He writes that catechesis is needed for alternative communities, catholic communities, communities of Word and Spirit, essentially to grow in our identity. The Philosopher’s Reflections on the Rosary Article by Raymond Dennehy Article by Raymond Dennehy Topics: Prayer , God's Presence Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review In this Catholic essay, philosopher Raymond Dennehy reflects on the rosary, suggesting that the mystery of the rosary explicitly shows, in a concrete and human way, the hand of God in our daily lives. Evangelical Identity Article by Judy Valente Article by Judy Valente Topics: Contextualization , Church History Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly In this interview, Mark Noll explores the role of evangelicalism within larger Christianity, the two historical definitions of evangelicals, and demonstrates that evangelicalism is "the American brand of Protestant Christianity." Youth Day: Youth and Health Sermon Starter/Outline by Brandon McCormack Sermon Starter/Outline by Brandon McCormack Topics: Youth , Worship Planning , Health , Mental health Source: The African American Lectionary This sermon starter and commentary on 1 Corinthians 3:16-17 offers worship resources from an African American perspective for a Youth Day service, addressing issues that affect the health of young people. Contra Sola Scriptura - Hermeneutical Chaos Article by Robert Arakaki Article by Robert Arakaki Topics: Scripture , Theology Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this extended essay from the Orthodox tradition, Robert Arakaki offers critique of the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura, noting especially the "hermeneutical chaos" it has produced. Ministry is Not Easier than Theology Audio/Video by Sarah Coakley Audio/Video by Sarah Coakley Topics: Ministry , Theology , Systematic Theology Source: Faith and Leadership This video argues that divinity schools should integrate practical and systematic theology to benefit both disciplines and better prepare students for ministry. A Lesson in Maturity Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Gifts of the Spirit , Tongues , 1 Corinthians Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection In this sermon on 1 Corinthians 14:12b-20, Arthur Landwehr uses the examples of several new American religious movements (Scientology, e.g.) to discuss the importance of spiritual maturity. Stupid is Repairable: Growing as Thoughtful Followers of Jesus Article by Derek Vreeland Article by Derek Vreeland Topics: Evangelism , Renewal , Discipleship , Spiritual Growth Source: Missio Alliance You can't fix stupid. Or can you? Derek Vreeland offers a hopeful perspective on the process of discipleship that reminds us that the Holy Spirit can renew us to be the best version of ourselves. Christian Conscience and Nuclear Escapism Article by Robert Bachelder Article by Robert Bachelder Topics: War , Vocation , Ethics , Peace Source: Religion Online In this 1985 article, Robert Bachelder considers the Christian ethics of participating in the production of nuclear weapons, concluding that it may be a necessary evil if it does not contribute to destabilization. Affirming the Old, Inaugurating the New: A Sermon Starter for Mark 12:28-34 Sermon Starter/Outline by Leonard J Vander Zee Sermon Starter/Outline by Leonard J Vander Zee Topics: Love , Obedience , Law , Shema Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching The big idea of Mark 12:28-34 is the kingdom of God is about following Jesus who is fulfillment of the law. He personifies the love of God and neighbor by his sacrificial death for the world.... Christians Are Not Immune to Conspiracy Theories Article by Joe Carter Article by Joe Carter Topics: Social Media , Witness Source: The Gospel Coalition In this article Joe Carter responds to the spread of COVID-19 conspiracy theories within social media and argues that as Christians, we have a responsibility to stop the spread of slanderous messages that originate from Satan. Liberals in Search of a Bigger Theology Article by Carol Cook Article by Carol Cook Topics: Politics , Religion Source: Reformed Journal By referencing two recent books, "Theology for Liberal Presbyterians" And "Other Endangered Species and Big Christianity", this article sketches a definition of "liberal Christianity." How Did the Reformation Reform the Study of Nature? Article by Mark Noll Article by Mark Noll Topics: Scripture , Reformation , Science , Church History Source: Biologos The Reformation isn’t solely responsible for modern science, but Protestantism and modern science developed simultaneously. This article suggests that is not a coincidence, arguing the reformation as one of the keys that brought on modern science. Thinking as a Christian Article by Matthew Anger Article by Matthew Anger Topics: Philosophy , Catholic , Belief , Virtue Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Matthew Anger reflects on the legacy of Catholic philosopher Josef Pieper, summarizing his thoughts on thinking and leisure, the definition of a philosopher, belief, virtue and vice, language and power, and true dialogue.