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Resources on Anti‑Racism

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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Article Article Topics: Racism , Peace , Reconciliation , Lament Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A statement of lament and recommitment following the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Portions could be used for public worship. Included is a list of links to resources on anti-racism, reconciliation, and cultural competency. U.S. Bishops Adopt New Anti-racism Letter, First in Almost 40 Years Article by Olga Segura Article by Olga Segura Topics: Racism Source: America: The Jesuit Review This article reflects upon news that the U.S. Catholic bishops voted to accept the first pastoral letter against racism in almost 40 years. How Can White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism? Article by Carolyn B Helsel Article by Carolyn B Helsel Topics: Racism , Gratitude , Conversation , Guilt Source: Faith and Leadership White people may feel shame and guilt about racism, which often halts the conversation, says Carolyn B. Helsel. In this interview, Helsel talks about moving beyond the guilt and shame, to making those conversations more grace-filled. VBS Programs Address Racism, Pandemic in Virtual Setting Sermon Starter/Outline by Kevin Johnson Sermon Starter/Outline by Kevin Johnson Topics: Racism , Jonah , Ruth , Children Source: Discipleship Ministries During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, children's ministers have developed innovative ways to connect with children and grow disciples. This VBS resource offers a full curriculum and program to address both COVID-19 and racism. An Unexpected Encounter: Putting My Anti-Racism Training to Work Sermon Illustration by Peter Wallace Sermon Illustration by Peter Wallace Topics: Racism , Dying and Rising with Christ , Judgmentalism , Kingdom of God Source: Day1 A personal encounter with a stranger prompted the author of this blog to reflect on how God provides opportunities to put our faith into practice so that our confession is proven by our works. Being Unequivocal Article by Erin Jean Warde Article by Erin Jean Warde Topics: Racism , Ash Wednesday , Lent , Blackness Source: Earth and Altar This essay specifically addresses white Christians entering into anti-racism work (including the author). The essay is the result of interaction with Black people via social media, willing to share wisdom born out of their emotional labor. Minding Our Motives: Redemption Practical How-To by Rachel G Hackenberg Practical How-To by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Racism , Redemption , Blackness Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg This blog post is a call for white people to educate themselves and take action against the systemic racism, risking "our comfortable whiteness to join an interracial coalition in the work of anti-racism." A Letter to My Predominantly White Congregation Article by Anna Page Article by Anna Page Topics: Racism , Sin , Peace , Justice Source: Earth and Altar Racism is a sin. Oppression isn't of God. Injustice cannot be allowed to survive. Our entire belief system is predicated on worshipping a loving, liberating, life-giving God who came to Earth to reconcile humanity to himself. Christian Witness in a Time of Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Article by Kyuboem Lee Article by Kyuboem Lee Topics: Racism , Missions , Witness Source: Missio Alliance This article highlights themes of racism, witness, and unity by encouraging Christians to be effective gospel witnesses by working against ignorance, working for peace, supporting missionaries on the ground, and staying true to the gospel message. Christian Talk about the Sin of Racism Book Quote by William H Willimon Book Quote by William H Willimon Topics: Racism , Sin , Preaching , Injustice Source: Day1 In an excerpt from his book "Who Lynched Willie Earle," William Willimon shares the importance of continual preaching on the sin of racism. The Cancer of Racism amid COVID-19 Article by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra Article by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra Topics: Racism Source: The Gospel Coalition In response to data that shows 3 in 10 American blaming Chinese people for the COVID-19 pandemic, this article implores the Christian church to show gospel-centered love in the stand against racism and hate crimes. Taking Responsibility for Racism Article by Drew G I Hart Article by Drew G I Hart Topics: Racism , Race , Liberation theology , Slavery Source: Faith and Leadership An interview with Drew G. I. Hart about addressing racism in and through the Church. Christians need to adopt a more complex understanding of how race shapes our communities, and we need to "recover" Jesus. When Local Churches Learn and Worship Together Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Racism , Community , Transition , Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article by Joan Huyser-Honig discusses how four congregations discovered that planning worship, learning, and reflecting together helped them be better witnesses to their neighborhood. This process included lamenting racism, loving neighbors, and patience. Giving Up the Ghost, Part I: God Article by Kenneth J Pruitt Article by Kenneth J Pruitt Topics: Racism , Community , Blackness , Privilege Source: Ministry Matters Revealing how the beneficiaries of white privilege distract us from the margins that God desires to reveal to us, Kenneth J. Pruitt's article references #BlackLivesMatter in calling on Christians to participate in prayerful action against racism. Racism Makes a Criminal Justice System Reform Impossible Audio/Video by Ellen K Boegel Audio/Video by Ellen K Boegel Topics: Racism , Justice , Law , Crime Source: America: The Jesuit Review The intransigence of racial discrimination and the effects of white privilege in our criminal justice system mirrors its ubiquitousness in U.S. society, but we can make progress in exposing and rooting out overt and subconscious discrimination. ‘I Am Not Your Virus’: COVID-19 and Creation Care Audio/Video by Loida Martell Audio/Video by Loida Martell Topics: Racism , Stewardship , Creation Source: HTI Open Plaza In this podcast about creation care, Rev. Dr. Loida Martell and Alex Zareth break down emergent diseases and the viral nature of racism in a globalized world. (Length 48:04) Millennials and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Audio/Video by Dan Lothian Audio/Video by Dan Lothian Topics: Racism , Leadership , Social Justice , Video Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly This video interview examines the evolution of anti-racism efforts over the last fifty years, the role of faith in this process of change, and how young people experience social justice movements. Why Christians Are Incapable of Racial Healing Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Topics: Racism , Healing , Repentance , Sin Source: Missio Alliance Reflecting on several scriptures, Sean Palmer discusses the stark reality of racism in the church. Also included is a litany of "Confession in response to violence in Charlottesville by Mike Yager and Andrew Hill. When the K.K.K. Came to Town, Catholics Prayed. Now What? Article by Nichole M Flores Article by Nichole M Flores Topics: Racism , Sin , Hatred , Church Source: America: The Jesuit Review The KKK's actions bring together Catholics to pray the rosary and admit to racial hatred. The non-white author experiences this as an act of mercy, but asks if she will hear racism so clearly denounced again. The Genetics of Race (Part 2) Audio/Video by Joseph L. Graves Audio/Video by Joseph L. Graves Topics: Racism , Faith , Race , Science Source: Biologos In part two of this two-part podcast, evolutionary biologist Joseph Graves discusses the genetic science of race. Useful for a sermon series on race and racism.