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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Jesus is in the Streets Article by Jennifer Harvey Article by Jennifer Harvey Topics: Racism , Faithfulness , Violence , Learning Source: ChurchAnewBlog This article by Jennifer Harvey responds to the question white people ask when they first meet racism: "What can I do?" with advice on places to start. She discusses themes of racism, violence, learning, and faithfulness. Healing the Racial Divide Article by Brenda Walsh Article by Brenda Walsh Topics: Racism , Culture , Ethics , Peace Source: preacherexchange In this article, Brenda Walsh urges her readers to work for racial harmony and healing and suggests several ways to address racism in churches and communities. When Local Churches Learn and Worship Together Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Racism , Community , Transition , Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article by Joan Huyser-Honig discusses how four congregations discovered that planning worship, learning, and reflecting together helped them be better witnesses to their neighborhood. This process included lamenting racism, loving neighbors, and patience. Racial Equity as Spiritual Healing Article by Naaima Khan Article by Naaima Khan Topics: Racism , Conversion , Healing , Community Source: ChurchAnewBlog To confront racism our problem is coming to terms with the need to scrutinize and counter the more subtle forms of racism — the problematic narratives we’ve internalized since we were children. Giving Up the Ghost, Part I: God Article by Kenneth J Pruitt Article by Kenneth J Pruitt Topics: Racism , Community , Blackness , Privilege Source: Ministry Matters Revealing how the beneficiaries of white privilege distract us from the margins that God desires to reveal to us, Kenneth J. Pruitt's article references #BlackLivesMatter in calling on Christians to participate in prayerful action against racism. I Could Not Know Article by Jessica A. Harren Article by Jessica A. Harren Topics: Racism , Shame , Guilt , Discipleship Source: Young Clergy Women Jessica A. Harren confronts her own racism in light of Christian discipleship. "Jesus demands that I own my complicity in the system and my impact in harming the humanity of others, regardless of my intentions." Racism Makes a Criminal Justice System Reform Impossible Audio/Video by Ellen K Boegel Audio/Video by Ellen K Boegel Topics: Racism , Justice , Law , Crime Source: America: The Jesuit Review The intransigence of racial discrimination and the effects of white privilege in our criminal justice system mirrors its ubiquitousness in U.S. society, but we can make progress in exposing and rooting out overt and subconscious discrimination. Prayer for Humankind Element of Worship by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook Element of Worship by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook Topics: Injustice , Race , Diversity , Healing Source: Gathered Prayers This resource has a prayer by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook. This prayer asks God to help us respond to injustice and celebrate diversity. The themes are justice, diversity, racism, and healing. Millennials and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Audio/Video by Dan Lothian Audio/Video by Dan Lothian Topics: Racism , Leadership , Social Justice , Video Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly This video interview examines the evolution of anti-racism efforts over the last fifty years, the role of faith in this process of change, and how young people experience social justice movements. Why Christians Are Incapable of Racial Healing Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Topics: Racism , Healing , Repentance , Sin Source: Missio Alliance Reflecting on several scriptures, Sean Palmer discusses the stark reality of racism in the church. Also included is a litany of "Confession in response to violence in Charlottesville by Mike Yager and Andrew Hill. Once You See Sermon Starter/Outline by Valerie Bridgeman Sermon Starter/Outline by Valerie Bridgeman Topics: Racism , Healing Source: ChurchAnewBlog This Mark 8:22-26 article notes that one cannot "unsee" what one has seen, and describes the awakening of whites to racism as a seeing of black people not as trees/part of the landscape, but as people. When the K.K.K. Came to Town, Catholics Prayed. Now What? Article by Nichole M Flores Article by Nichole M Flores Topics: Racism , Sin , Hatred , Church Source: America: The Jesuit Review The KKK's actions bring together Catholics to pray the rosary and admit to racial hatred. The non-white author experiences this as an act of mercy, but asks if she will hear racism so clearly denounced again. Liturgical Language Audio/Video by Anthony Bailey Audio/Video by Anthony Bailey Topics: Racism , Public Speaking , Language , Sermon Source: Working Preacher A video from an anti-racism and cultural competency trainer: Liturgical language can be misheard or misunderstood. Therefore, the community must seek to collectively consider the language we use to worship more fully. Evangelical Masculinity and Atlanta Article by Greg Carey Article by Greg Carey Topics: Racism , Faith , Sexism , Women Source: ChurchAnewBlog In this article Greg Carey talks about his own upbringing and experience, pointing out that a mass shooting of largely Asian women has its roots in Evangelical masculinity codes. He explores themes of racism and misogyny. What Shall We Do with Law and Order? Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Racism , Oppression , Tyranny , Gospel Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Sermon notes on Galatians 2:15-21 from the Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection. The oppression of racism confronts us with our failures. We must look to the gospel of justification by faith for hope. Personal Contact and Overcoming Anti-Muslim Prejudice Article by Maleiha Malik Article by Maleiha Malik Topics: Women , Islam (Concept) Source: Faith and Leadership Prejudice against Muslims has a long history in the West. Personal contact is the antidote, and churches have a crucial role to play in making those contacts. Black Theology and a Legacy of Oppression Sermon Illustration by M Shawn Copeland Sermon Illustration by M Shawn Copeland Topics: Racism , Culture , Cultures , Oppression Source: America: The Jesuit Review After the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., James H. Cone denounced mainline Protestant and Catholic Christians' lukewarm response; further critique is offered of "Elegant Racism," which is more subtle and even more difficult to address. Interview with Claudia Rankine and the Conversation about Race Audio/Video by Claudia Rankine Audio/Video by Claudia Rankine Topics: Racism , Blackness , Conversation , Race Source: On Being The poet, essayist, and playwright Claudia Rankine says every conversation about race doesn’t need to be about racism. (Podcast length: 51:27) Rachel's Weeping Must Cease! Sermon (Complete) by Robert M Zanicky Sermon (Complete) by Robert M Zanicky Topics: Racism , Hatred , Pride , History Source: Day1 Robert M. Zanicky preaches against anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism from Matthew 2:13-23. Pressing on to the Kindom of God Commentary/Exegesis by Stephanie Sorge Commentary/Exegesis by Stephanie Sorge Topics: Racism , Politics , Shalom , Sexism Source: Young Clergy Women An article by Stephanie Sorge reflecting on how Jeremiah 29:7 could inform our approach to politics. The target audience is white women, with themes of racism, sexism, and shalom.