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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Coming Alongside Youth on New Pathways of Being Church Article about Worship by Sandra Maria Van Opstal Article about Worship by Sandra Maria Van Opstal Topics: Racism , Youth , Worship , Justice Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A video conversation about how COVID-19 and racial reckoning provided an opportunity for churches to allow youth to ask hard questions and explore a Biblical understanding of worship, justice, and collective flourishing in Christ. (Length: 57:24) Pressing on to the Kindom of God Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Stephanie Sorge Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Stephanie Sorge Topics: Racism , Politics , Shalom , Sexism Source: Young Clergy Women An article by Stephanie Sorge reflecting on how Jeremiah 29:7 could inform our approach to politics. The target audience is white women, with themes of racism, sexism, and shalom. Evangelical Masculinity and Atlanta Article by Greg Carey Article by Greg Carey Topics: Racism , Faith , Sexism , Women Source: ChurchAnewBlog In this article Greg Carey talks about his own upbringing and experience, pointing out that a mass shooting of largely Asian women has its roots in Evangelical masculinity codes. He explores themes of racism and misogyny. I’m a Conservative Latina. Is There a Place for Me in Trump’s Republican Party after Charlottesville? Article by Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo Article by Ashleen Menchaca-Bagnulo Topics: Racism , Immigration , Families , Labor Source: America: The Jesuit Review In the face of an emboldened White supremacy movement, conservatives must confront racism in its ranks and to question unsavory political alliances, rather than to minimize or deny the rise of racism under President Trump. I’m a Scholar of Religion. Here’s What I See in the Atlanta Shootings. Article by Mihee Kim-Kort Article by Mihee Kim-Kort Topics: Racism , Discrimination , Sexism , Gender Source: ChurchAnewBlog In this article Mihee Kim-Kort talks about the racist, theological, and gendered basis for the mass shooting of Asian women in Atlanta. She explores themes of discrimination, racism, imperialism, sexism, and violence. Disruptive Peacemaking Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Ethan Hughes Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Ethan Hughes Topics: Peace , Community , Consumerism Source: Plough The Hughes have formed an inspiring intentional Christian community whose members give up the trappings of modern life in order to disengage from the system of war and consumerism. Good sermon illustration for peacemaking or anti-consumerism. Recognizing Women's Ministries Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Michelle Riley Jones Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Michelle Riley Jones Topics: Worship Planning , Women , Music Source: The African American Lectionary A collection of resources for a Women's Day worship service that includes a video of the creation of a painting, practical worship planning ideas, a responsive reading, and music suggestions. By Any Means Necessary Article by Ted Olsen Article by Ted Olsen Topics: Racism , Slavery , History Source: Christian History Institute Ted Olsen describes the development of the tensions between white and black abolitionists. For whites, the end of slavery was the goal; for blacks, they were fighting the nation's larger problem of racism and discrimination. Invisibility Is No Longer an Option Article by Mary Foskett Article by Mary Foskett Topics: Racism , Violence , Diversity , Adoption Source: ChurchAnewBlog Dr. Mary Foskett shares here stories as an Asian adoptee who was raised by white parents to enlighten the readers to the often unseen reality of anti-Asian sentiment, rhetoric, and violence. Standing Shoulder to Shoulder Article by Catherine Orsborn Article by Catherine Orsborn Topics: Islam (Concept) , Religion , Discrimination , Justice Source: Fuller Studio An interfaith activist shares the story of how she deepened relationships with Muslim friends and started a national campaign of religious and interfaith organizations dedicated to standing against anti-Muslim bigotry. The Law’s Fracture Lines Article by Christopher T Holmes Article by Christopher T Holmes Topics: Racism , Sin , Law , Injustice Source: Day1 In this article with accompanying Bible study questions, Christopher Holmes reflects on Romans 7:15-25 and the importance of continued and constant effort against racism and social injustice. Everyday Faith (Part 2) Article about Worship by Christina Edmondson Article about Worship by Christina Edmondson Topics: Racism , Faith , Justice Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship In this video, Christina Edmondson shares insights from her work with the “Faithful Anti-Racism” course she teaches and shares core principles that participants have learned about how Christian faith relates to anti-racism efforts. Confessions of a Taiwanese-American White Supremacist in Recovery (Part 2) Article by Judy Wu Dominick Article by Judy Wu Dominick Topics: Racism , Injustice , Social Justice Source: Missio Alliance This article argues that fighting for racial unity within the Church requires us to diversify our relationships, practice humble listening and learning, re-evaluate our own identity, and recognize all forms of racism. 'We Are Not the Virus' Article by Gigie Sijera-Grant Article by Gigie Sijera-Grant Topics: Racism Source: Women of the ELCA Gigie Sijera-Grant reflects on racism against Asian-Americans amid COVID-19, and offers suggestions for those who experience discrimination against Asian-Americans. When Religion, Sex, and Race Breed Violence Article by Ekaputra Tupamahu Article by Ekaputra Tupamahu Topics: Racism , Sexuality , Church , Violence Source: ChurchAnewBlog In this article, Ekaputra Tupamahu explores the perception that American churches have become breeding grounds for racism and violence. Biblical Reconciliation through the Worship Arts Article by Angie Hong Article by Angie Hong Topics: Racism , Art , Reconciliation , Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship An interview with Angie Hong where she speaks about how God calls all Christians and congregations to the ministry of reconciliation. Sometimes this happens best through the worship arts. The Persistent Problem Article by Michael O Emerson Article by Michael O Emerson Topics: Racism , Society Source: The Christian Reflection Project The United States as a nation is racialized. Michael O. Emerson talks about different perspectives between white Americans and people of color on racism and how we can work together to undo the racialized society. What I learned on Spring Break, 1968 Article by James Calvin Schaap Article by James Calvin Schaap Topics: Racism , Pride Source: The Twelve Describing his encounters with racism amidst the life and death of Martin Luther King Jr., James Schaap's article discusses how national and racial pride can manifest in hateful forms. Mark of Cain Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Eva Mroczek Sermon Preparation or Illustration by Eva Mroczek Topics: Racism Source: Bible Odyssey Eva Mroczek surveys various interpretations of the mark that God placed on Cain (Genesis 4:15), from a sign of God's protection to anti-Semitic and racist characteristics. Science, Race, and the Bible: Coming to Terms with a Messy History Article by Brad Kramer Article by Brad Kramer Topics: Culture , Cultures , Slavery , History Source: BioLogos Simply blaming racism on science is a misrepresentation of history and a missed opportunity for Christian self-reflection.