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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Topical Study on COVID-19 and Worship As containment of COVID-19/novel coronavirus forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, we offer these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community. The Altar in the Heart: Spiritual Communion and Covid-19 Article by Christopher Poore Article by Christopher Poore Topics: Sacraments , Eucharist , Piety Source: Earth and Altar ... ’s comfort and eucharistic piety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He acknowledges varied needs of parishes and ... How Early Christians Handled Their ‘COVID-19’ Article by Brian Stiller Article by Brian Stiller Topics: Church History , Sickness Source: Christianity Today This article examines the ways that early church Christians responded to two different pandemics, how their efforts increased the legitimacy of the Christian faith, and how we can follow their example during the COVID-19 Pandemic. COVID-19 Simulation Game Article by Dave Ferguson Article by Dave Ferguson Topics: Evangelism , Missions , Church , Pastoral leadership Source: Outreach Magazine Dave Ferguson shows how COVID-19 helped his church shift focus to the needs of the community and external care. Positive Trends, Social Realities, and the Future of the Post-COVID-19 Church Article by Thomas G Bandy Article by Thomas G Bandy Topics: Evangelism , Community , Pastoral leadership Source: Ministry Matters In order to anticipate post COVID-19 realities, Thomas Bandy argues that we should start with what will emerge in the community context and not the church context, as we consider outreach first. COVID-19: Living by Probabilities or Providence? Article by Mike Emlet Article by Mike Emlet Topics: Providence , Heidelberg Catechism Source: Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation The COVID-19 pandemic is making statisticians of us all. Mike Emlet argues that our Christian faith should focus less on probabilities and more on the providence of God. COVID-19 & Singing - An Update Based on Current Research Article by Brian Hehn Article by Brian Hehn Topics: Singing , Worship Planning Source: The Center for Congregational Song Brian Hehn shares scientific research about how COVID-19 spreads and considers its impact on congregational singing. Preaching Maundy Thursday amid COVID-19 Sermon Starter/Outline by James C Howell Sermon Starter/Outline by James C Howell Topics: Maundy Thursday , Eucharist , Foot-washing , Family Source: Ministry Matters In this sermon starter and commentary for Maundy Thursday, James Howell discusses Eucharist, foot-washing, family and Judas' kiss in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. What God’s Name Can Teach Us About Faith During COVID-19 Article by Matt Chandler Article by Matt Chandler Topics: God's Presence Source: Christianity Today In this article, Matt Chandler uses the promise of Yahweh in Exodus 3 to show that God's presence is the answer to our anxieties and fears amid the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. Key Ministry Modifications to Anticipate after COVID-19 Article by Ken Braddy Article by Ken Braddy Topics: Pastor , Pastoral leadership Source: LifeWay COVID-19 will leave a mark on our world, one way or another. Many things will change—for better or worse. And the way we do church is no exception. Ways To Pray for Your Pastor During the COVID-19 Outbreak Article by Mark A Croston Article by Mark A Croston Topics: Prayer , Pastor Source: LifeWay People often see pastors as strong and confident, yet none have seen anything like what the world is currently experiencing. And so, Mark Croston offers several ways to pray for pastors during COVID-19. Covid-19 has Killed Multiple Bishops and Pastors within the Nation’s Largest Black Pentecostal Denomination Article by Michelle Boorstein Article by Michelle Boorstein Topics: Death , Church Source: The Washington Post The Washington Post reports that The Church of God in Christ has taken a painful leadership hit with at least a dozen to up to 30 bishops and prominent clergy dying from COVID-19. Drive-thru Communion? Remote consecration? COVID-19 sparks Eucharistic experimentation – and theological debate Article by Egan Millard Article by Egan Millard Topics: Lord’s Supper , Eucharist , Theology , Technology Source: Episcopal News Service ... have been adapting their Eucharistic practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as delivering the consecrated elements to ... Why Yielding to Others is Critical During COVID-19 Article by Lynn H Pryor Article by Lynn H Pryor Topics: Unity , Reconciliation Source: Facts & Trends We’re going to get past COVID-19. And when this is all behind us, what will matter is how we loved and treated each other. Is God Behind COVID-19? Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Theodicy , Sin , Lent Source: Ancient Faith Ministries Is God behind COVID-19? Orthodox theologian, Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick, tackles this question arguing that the coronavirus is permitted by God precisely because of my sins. Could COVID-19 Usher in an era of Church Growth? Article by Ken Braddy Article by Ken Braddy Topics: Church , Spiritual Growth , Evangelism , Missions Source: Ken Braddy Using statistics from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu, Ken Braddy suggests that COVID-19 could usher in a whole new era of church innovation and growth. How Those Incarcerated Suffer Most in the COVID-19 Pandemic Article by Scott Larson Article by Scott Larson Topics: Incarceration , Poor , Social Justice Source: Christianity Today This article explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on one of the most vulnerable people groups: the incarcerated. Larson argues that whenever systems are broken and dysfunctional, it is the vulnerable who suffer the most. Litany for the One-Year Anniversary of Covid-19 Lockdowns Element of Worship by Edie Lenz Element of Worship by Edie Lenz Topics: Worship Planning , Lament , Grief Source: Faithward A litany for the one-year anniversary of lockdown measures due to Covid-19. It is imagined as a conversation between two people, with one reading the “We pause” and a second the rest. Preaching During the COVID-19 Pandemic Article by Darrell W Johnson Article by Darrell W Johnson Topics: Good , Preaching , Sermon , Worship Source: Preaching Today In this article, Darrell Johnson considers preaching in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and uses Romans 8:28 to reflect on the good God is doing despite the crisis. Will the church financially survive the COVID-19 pandemic? Article by Ken Garfield Article by Ken Garfield Topics: Money , Church Source: Faith and Leadership Twelve Christian leaders share their thoughts on how the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic might affect the financial health and sustainability of American churches. How Are You Responding to God's 'New Thing' During COVID-19? Article by Kyle Brooks Article by Kyle Brooks Topics: Church , God's Presence Source: The CRC Network Pastor Kyle Brooks shares five tips to help believers and churches continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath, even after churches can gather in-person again.