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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Topical Study on COVID-19 and Worship As containment of COVID-19/novel coronavirus forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, we offer these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community. COVID-19 Has Helped Our Church to Pray More Fervently Article by Matthias Lohmann Article by Matthias Lohmann Topics: Prayer Source: 9Marks In this article, Matthias Lohmann shares how the prayer ministry at his church has grown and thrived under COVID-19 restrictions. F.A.M.I.L.Y Worship during COVID-19 Article by Josh Laxton Article by Josh Laxton Topics: Family , Worship , Worship Planning Source: Christianity Today In this article, Josh Laxton gives some practical advice about worshiping with one's family during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers six steps for unpacking scripture. COVID-19 and the Church's Religious Liberty Article by Andrew Walker Article by Andrew Walker Topics: Religious Liberty Source: LifeWay In this article, Andrew Walker considers the US federal government’s actions to dull the COVID-19 crisis and how its actions intersect with the church’s religious liberty. The Lord’s Supper and COVID-19 Practical How-To Practical How-To Topics: Sacraments , Lord’s Supper , Worship Planning Source: The CRC Network ... (CRCNA) discusses the celebration of the sacraments during COVID-19 restrictions. The insights are gleaned from scripture, church ... COVID-19, Wilderness and Humanity Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Wilderness Source: Ancient Faith Blog Things will settle out in this COVID-19 crisis and competing authorities will finally converge on a consensus, but our problem with the hostile wilderness will remain. COVID-19 and Prisons (Part 1) Article by Hannah Bowman Article by Hannah Bowman Topics: Ethics , Justice , Incarceration , Prison Source: The Living Church Hannah Bowman's article, the first in a two-part series, talks about the effect of COVID-19 on the US prison system and society at large. The pandemic is revealing the failings of both state and the Church. The Ministry of Preaching in the Time of COVID-19 Article by Matt Erickson Article by Matt Erickson Topics: Sermon , Gospel Source: Preaching Today In this article, Matt Erickson reflects on what to keep the same and what to change in one's preaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Resources for Churches and Individuals Article by The Evangelical Covenant Church Article by The Evangelical Covenant Church Topics: Church , Worship , Worship Planning Source: The Evangelical Covenant Church The Evangelical Covenant Church offers resources, including links to online worship services, for churches and families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To Speak of Thy Mystery: Communing Amid COVID-19 Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Mystery , Eucharist Source: Ancient Faith Ministries In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick looks at the question, "Can you get infected by a COVID-19 from communion?" Prayers for Healing and Hope (COVID-19) Element of Worship by My Catholic Life Element of Worship by My Catholic Life Topics: Prayer , Healing Source: My Catholic Life My Catholic Life lists Catholic prayers for healing and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. Preaching in the COVID-19 Moment Practical How-To by Scott E Hoezee Practical How-To by Scott E Hoezee Topics: Preaching , Resurrection Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching In this pastoral letter to pastors on preaching in a time of COVID-19, Scott Hoezee shows how the resurrection emerges from the real world of sorrow and uncertainty with a message for that same world. COVID-19 Resources - Moravian Church Article by Moravian Church Article by Moravian Church Topics: Church , Worship Source: The Moravian Church The Moravian Church offers resources for churches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. A Litany Amidst the Covid-19 Outbreak Element of Worship by Michael Kurth Element of Worship by Michael Kurth Topics: Sickness , Trinity , Healing Source: Earth and Altar This responsive corporate litany pertaining to COVID-19 was written by Michael Kurth. The trinitarian prayer addresses issues at individual, corporate, local, national, and international levels. COVID-19 & Singing - An Update Based on Current Research Article by Brian Hehn Article by Brian Hehn Topics: Singing , Worship Planning Source: The Center for Congregational Song Brian Hehn shares scientific research about how COVID-19 spreads and considers its impact on congregational singing. How Early Christians Handled Their ‘COVID-19’ Article by Brian Stiller Article by Brian Stiller Topics: Church History , Sickness Source: Christianity Today This article examines the ways that early church Christians responded to two different pandemics, how their efforts increased the legitimacy of the Christian faith, and how we can follow their example during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Pastoral Challenge of a Brooklyn Church and COVID-19 Article by Gary V Simpson Article by Gary V Simpson Topics: Church , Death , Life Source: Faith and Leadership From one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s epicenters, a minister describes his congregation’s experience through death and new life over the last four months. What God’s Name Can Teach Us About Faith During COVID-19 Article by Matt Chandler Article by Matt Chandler Topics: God's Presence Source: Christianity Today In this article, Matt Chandler uses the promise of Yahweh in Exodus 3 to show that God's presence is the answer to our anxieties and fears amid the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Simulation Game Article by Dave Ferguson Article by Dave Ferguson Topics: Evangelism , Missions , Church , Pastoral leadership Source: Outreach Magazine Dave Ferguson shows how COVID-19 helped his church shift focus to the needs of the community and external care. Preaching Maundy Thursday amid COVID-19 Sermon Starter/Outline by James C Howell Sermon Starter/Outline by James C Howell Topics: Maundy Thursday , Eucharist , Foot-washing , Family Source: Ministry Matters In this sermon starter and commentary for Maundy Thursday, James Howell discusses Eucharist, foot-washing, family and Judas' kiss in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid-19 has Killed Multiple Bishops and Pastors within the Nation’s Largest Black Pentecostal Denomination Article by Michelle Boorstein Article by Michelle Boorstein Topics: Death , Church Source: The Washington Post The Washington Post reports that The Church of God in Christ has taken a painful leadership hit with at least a dozen to up to 30 bishops and prominent clergy dying from COVID-19.