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Explore more than 20 relevant online classes offered by Calvin University regarding the Christian response to COVID-19 Topical Study on COVID-19 and Worship As containment of COVID-19/novel coronavirus forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, we offer these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community. The Altar in the Heart: Spiritual Communion and Covid-19 Article by Christopher Poore Article by Christopher Poore Topics: Sacraments , Eucharist , Piety Source: Earth and Altar ... ’s comfort and eucharistic piety, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He acknowledges varied needs of parishes and ... COVID-19 Resources for Churches and Individuals Article by The Evangelical Covenant Church Article by The Evangelical Covenant Church Topics: Church , Worship , Worship Planning Source: The Evangelical Covenant Church The Evangelical Covenant Church offers resources, including links to online worship services, for churches and families in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Shutdowns Are Shifting Seminary Education Article by Kate Shellnutt Article by Kate Shellnutt Topics: Education Source: Christianity Today In this article, Kate Shellnutt reports on how the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are creating an even greater urgency for seminaries to adapt to financial constraints, reduced campus sizes, and budget cuts. Tips for Managing Your Church Budget During the COVID-19 Crisis Practical How-To by Ken Sloane Practical How-To by Ken Sloane Topics: Church Source: Discipleship Ministries COVID-19 will have serious impacts on many church budgets. Ken Sloane offer tips for managing the budget during these times in unfamiliar territory. COVID-19 Makes It Crucial to Be More Thoughtful with Your Words Article by Mitch Carnell Article by Mitch Carnell Topics: Language , Comfort , Hope Source: Day1 During this unwanted COVID-19 pause in our lives, we need to take care that our words are comforting and healing. Worship and Faithfulness in the Age of COVID-19 Service Outline by Daniel Benedict Service Outline by Daniel Benedict Topics: Worship Planning , Liturgy , Holy Week , Faithfulness Source: United Methodist Insight Amid COVID-19 concerns, Daniel Benedict urges faithful worship while we are physically separated, offering tips and suggested liturgies, including those for planning Holy Week worship. The Lord’s Supper and COVID-19 Practical How-To Practical How-To Topics: Sacraments , Lord’s Supper , Worship Planning Source: The CRC Network ... (CRCNA) discusses the celebration of the sacraments during COVID-19 restrictions. The insights are gleaned from scripture, church ... F.A.M.I.L.Y Worship during COVID-19 Article by Josh Laxton Article by Josh Laxton Topics: Family , Worship , Worship Planning Source: Christianity Today In this article, Josh Laxton gives some practical advice about worshiping with one's family during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers six steps for unpacking scripture. COVID-19 and the Church's Religious Liberty Article by Andrew T. Walker Article by Andrew T. Walker Topics: Religious Liberty Source: LifeWay In this article, Andrew Walker considers the US federal government’s actions to dull the COVID-19 crisis and how its actions intersect with the church’s religious liberty. COVID-19 Learning Curve on Worship Audio/Video by Cynthia Wilson Audio/Video by Cynthia Wilson Topics: Worship , Worship Planning Source: Discipleship Ministries In this podcast, practitioners from across the US share wisdom gained from dealing with COVID-19 quarantine and online worship, and offer suggestions for where we go from here, worship in the "new normal." (Length: 1:17:58) The Ministry of Preaching in the Time of COVID-19 Article by Matt Erickson Article by Matt Erickson Topics: Sermon , Gospel Source: Preaching Today In this article, Matt Erickson reflects on what to keep the same and what to change in one's preaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. To Speak of Thy Mystery: Communing Amid COVID-19 Article by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick Article by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Mystery , Eucharist Source: Ancient Faith Ministries In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick looks at the question, "Can you get infected by a COVID-19 from communion?" Prayers for Healing and Hope (COVID-19) Element of Worship by My Catholic Life Element of Worship by My Catholic Life Topics: Prayer , Healing Source: My Catholic Life My Catholic Life lists Catholic prayers for healing and comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. Preaching in the COVID-19 Moment Practical How-To by Scott E. Hoezee Practical How-To by Scott E. Hoezee Topics: Preaching , Resurrection Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching In this pastoral letter to pastors on preaching in a time of COVID-19, Scott Hoezee shows how the resurrection emerges from the real world of sorrow and uncertainty with a message for that same world. 10 Ways Christians Can Exemplify Faith and Peace during COVID-19 Article by Joel Ryan Article by Joel Ryan Topics: Compassion , Prayer , Faith , Charity Source: Cross Walk In this article, Joel Ryan offers ways that Christians can reflect their faith during the COVID-19 pandemic that include compassion, responsibility, charity, and prayer. COVID-19 Resources - Moravian Church Article by Moravian Church. Article by Moravian Church. Topics: Church , Worship Source: The Moravian Church The Moravian Church offers resources for churches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Three Strategies for College Outreach During COVID-19 Practical How-To by Paul Worcester Practical How-To by Paul Worcester Topics: Ministry , Creativity , Evangelism Source: The Gospel Coalition In this practical how-to, Paul Worcester reflects on how COVID-19 has, in his experience, opened up many people to the truth of the gospel and offers strategies for outreach ministry to young adults during the pandemic. Ways To Pray for Your Pastor During the COVID-19 Outbreak Article by Mark A. Croston Article by Mark A. Croston Topics: Prayer , Pastor Source: LifeWay People often see pastors as strong and confident, yet none have seen anything like what the world is currently experiencing. And so, Mark Croston offers several ways to pray for pastors during COVID-19. Churches and the Vulnerable in the Time of COVID-19 Article by Rochelle Scheuermann Article by Rochelle Scheuermann Topics: Differing Abilities , Worship Planning , Worship space , Love your neighbor Source: Christianity Today This article reflects on how COVID-19 shut-downs have resulted in inclusive worship for those with disabilities and how the return to in-person worship is an opportunity to serve disabled communities in ways not previously possible. The Pastoral Challenge of a Brooklyn Church and COVID-19 Article by Gary V. Simpson Article by Gary V. Simpson Topics: Church , Death , Life Source: Faith and Leadership From one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s epicenters, a minister describes his congregation’s experience through death and new life over the last four months.

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