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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Topical Study on COVID-19 and Worship As containment of COVID-19/novel coronavirus forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, we offer these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community. An Open Letter to the “COVID” Class of 2020 Article by Richard Lindroth Article by Richard Lindroth Topics: Climate change , Science , Faith , Lament Source: Biologos In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, a professor shares his perspective on science, faith, and the human condition. When there is no rational explanation for suffering, we lament. How the Church Can Respond to the Coronavirus Practical How-To by Phillip Bethancourt Practical How-To by Phillip Bethancourt Topics: Church , Prayer Source: The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention How should churches handle COVID-19? This article explains why churches should care about COVID-19 and offers practical guidelines that churches can use to respond to the pandemic. COVID-19: A Prayer of Solidarity Element of Worship Element of Worship Topics: Prayer Source: My Catholic Life A Catholic prayer of solidarity amid COVID-19 concerns for those who have contracted the virus, those who are especially vulnerable, those who are affriad, lawmakers, healthcare workers, and more. COVID-19 and Orthodox Liturgical Reform: What’s Possible? Practical How-To by Nicholas Denysenko Practical How-To by Nicholas Denysenko Topics: Liturgy Source: Pray Tell Nicholas Denysenko looks at the liturgical reforms made necessary in the Orthodox Church by COVID-19 restrictions, and suggests several alternatives going forward to community-wide liturgy. COVID-19 wilderness is a hard place to live, but Spirit will not abandon us Sermon Starter/Outline by Brett Fawcett Sermon Starter/Outline by Brett Fawcett Topics: Wilderness , God's Sovereignty , Hope , Exile Source: Grandin Media Comparing Covid-19 to wilderness, Brett Fawcett notes that this is probably how people in the Bible experienced the world. In this uncertainty, we turn to God who rules over plagues in awe and hope. COVID-19: Prayer to St Joseph Element of Worship by Pope Francis Element of Worship by Pope Francis Topics: Joseph, Saint , Prayer , Pope Source: My Catholic Life The following Prayer was prayed by Pope Francis on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, and is especially applicable amid COVID-19 concerns. COVID-19 Problems that Worsened for Pastors Article by Aaron Earls Article by Aaron Earls Topics: Pastoral leadership , Unity , Evangelism , Discipleship Source: Facts & Trends As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Aaron Earls outlines several problems that have worsened for pastors and churches. COVID-19 Shouldn't Stop Evangelism but May Change It Article by Matt Queen Article by Matt Queen Topics: Evangelism , Technology Source: LifeWay Because the gospel serves as the door for anyone to enter the family of faith, Matt Queen argues that churches must intentionally practice evangelism inside and outside their buildings--even during COVID-19. COVID-19: Virus or Vitamin? Article by Ken Braddy Article by Ken Braddy Topics: Church , Ministry , Pastoral leadership Source: Ken Braddy "COVID-19 is a vitamin for our church, not a virus." Ken Braddy offers reflections on the ways the coronavirus is a virus and a vitamin for the church. COVID-19 Children's Resources Article by Kevin Johnson Article by Kevin Johnson Topics: Children , Youth , Ministry Source: Discipleship Ministries In this article, Kevin Johnson offers advice and shares resources for children's ministries during the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Is Ravaging the Global Church Article by Matthew Soerens Article by Matthew Soerens Topics: Poverty , Medical care, access to Source: The Gospel Coalition In this article, Matthew Soerens reports on why the COVID-19 pandemic will hit already impoverished countries in Africa and South America the hardest and argues that the global church has a responsibility to support them. Tips for Managing Your Church Budget During the COVID-19 Crisis Article by Ken Sloane Article by Ken Sloane Topics: Church Source: Discipleship Ministries COVID-19 will have serious impacts on many church budgets. Ken Sloane offer tips for managing the budget during these times in unfamiliar territory. COVID-19 and Including Kids in Online Worship (Part 1) Practical How-To by Karen Deboer Practical How-To by Karen Deboer Topics: Worship , Children Source: The CRC Network Many congregations have begun to gather online for worship temporarily during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, Karen Deboer suggests ways to include children in meaningful ways during worship. COVID-19 can bring the Next Great Awakening Article by Patti Wright Article by Patti Wright Topics: Evangelism Source: Georgia Baptist Mission Board Patti Wright shows how the time we have spent apart due to the COVID-19 quarantine will have an eternal impact on churches as we move forward into the future. Opening Prayer in the COVID-19 Pandemic Element of Worship by Libby Grammer Element of Worship by Libby Grammer Topics: Worship Planning , Prayer Source: Re-Worship An opening prayer inspired by John 20:19-31, and written by Libby Grammer in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19, Resourcing ECO Churches Article by ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians Article by ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians Topics: Church , Prayer Source: ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians offers guidance and resources for churches in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 Learning Curve on Worship Audio/Video by Cynthia Wilson Audio/Video by Cynthia Wilson Topics: Worship , Worship Planning Source: Discipleship Ministries In this podcast, practitioners from across the US share wisdom gained from dealing with COVID-19 quarantine and online worship, and offer suggestions for where we go from here, worship in the "new normal." (Length: 1:17:58) Hymns of Hope to Sing During COVID-19 Song/Hymn by Keith Getty Song/Hymn by Keith Getty Topics: Hymn , Hope , Family Source: LifeWay COVID-19 has upended life for billions. Could this moment in history lead to a renewal of singing in Christian families? Here are 14 hymns of hope for your family to try. COVID-19 Has Helped Our Church to Pray More Fervently Article by Matthias Lohmann Article by Matthias Lohmann Topics: Prayer Source: 9Marks In this article, Matthias Lohmann shares how the prayer ministry at his church has grown and thrived under COVID-19 restrictions. COVID-19 and Including Kids in Online Worship (Part 2) Practical How-To by Karen Deboer Practical How-To by Karen Deboer Topics: Home , Worship , Children , Technology Source: The CRC Network How can we include children as we worship together online? In this article, Karen Deboer offers practical suggestions for parents as many stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.