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Topical Study on Charitable Giving Charitable giving is the generous donation of goods or services to organizations or people in need. A Fair Tax Article by Susan Pace Hamill Article by Susan Pace Hamill Topics: Justice , Charity , Fall , Economics Source: Religion Online Those who believe that voluntary charitable giving can be a substitute for adequate tax revenues deny the effects of the fall and our dependence on God’s grace to help us fight the sin of greed. charity challenges Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Generosity , Greed , Judgmentalism , Charity Source: Liturgy Outside Reflecting on a photo of an NYC police officer buying shoes for a poor veteran, Katherine HawkerSelf offers advice on charitable giving and the spiritual tools of generosity. Stupid giving: The offering as a complete sacrifice Article by F Willis Johnson Article by F Willis Johnson Topics: Poverty , Stewardship , Jesus Source: Ministry Matters F. Willis Johnson reflects on the realities of giving for churches with predominantly financially challenged members - where the situation of the "widow's mite" (Mark 12:41-44) is common. Start a Conversation About Giving Article by David P King Article by David P King Topics: Stewardship , Life , Work Source: Faith and Leadership Faith is the motivator for people's giving. David King shares his findings from research on religious giving, encouraging church leaders to broaden the conversation and talk to congregations about the meaning of their life and work.... The Grace of Giving Practical How-To by David A Vroege Practical How-To by David A Vroege Topics: Generosity , Money , Service , Tithing Source: The Banner David Vroege unpacks what it means to give graciously and offers practical suggestions for how we can practice graceful giving during the offering portion of our worship services. When Spouses Clash on Giving Article by Jeff Anderson Article by Jeff Anderson Topics: Blessing , Marriage , Generosity , Offering Source: Ministry Matters This article by Jeff Anderson discusses how couples can harmonize their views on financial giving by connecting with each other, adopting similar worship preferences, developing spiritually, addressing financial differences, and learning gratitude for God's blessings. Money and Mission Article by William H Willimon Article by William H Willimon Topics: Money , Stewardship , Tithing Source: Day1 In this essay, William Willimon argues that since mission is the largest factor in charitable giving, churches should focus less on how much money they need and instead focus on how they can fulfill their mission. David Giving Uriah the Letter Image by Joseph Mallord William Turner Image by Joseph Mallord William Turner Topics: Art , David Source: BMW Tate These 19th century sketches by Joseph Mallord William Turner are rough copies of several paintings, including Jacob Adriaensz Backer's 1960 depiction of 2 Samuel 11:13, "David Giving Uriah the Letter." The Widow’s Mite Article by Alfred Hanley Article by Alfred Hanley Topics: Church , Sanctification , Worship , Trust Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Reflecting on the widow's gift in Mark 12:41-44, Alfred Hanley advocates generous giving to the church, not just to meet expenses but as an act of worship, love, and spiritual growth. Rethinking Stewardship Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Topics: Pentecost , Stewardship , The Poor Source: Working Preacher In this sermon starter on the Widow's Coin, David Lose wrestles with whether stewardship means giving of our resources as we are able, taking care of those in our community...or both. Giving with a Heart That Sees Article by Naomi Kritzer Article by Naomi Kritzer Topics: Money , Charity , Judaism , Poverty Source: Commonweal An essay by Naomi Kritzer about Jewish and Christian approaches to giving. Kritzer recoutns moments when she resisted or refused generosity, and tells of learning to truly see the person asking for aid. Charitable Giving Increases Sermon Illustration by Karl Taro Greenfeld Sermon Illustration by Karl Taro Greenfeld Topics: Culture , Money , Tithing , Cultures Source: Preaching Today A sermon illustration by Karl Taro Greenfeld describing that American giving has increased, appropriate for Matthew 25:14-46. Full Text Hymns on Charitable Giving More blessed to give than to receivePD
The Blessings of the Pious and CharitablePD
The Reward of the liberal and charitable ManPD
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Basketball's Manute Bol Gives Back to Sudan Sermon Illustration by Steve Rushin Sermon Illustration by Steve Rushin Topics: Generosity , Goodness , Hospitality , Sports Source: Preaching Today Steve Rushin's story of charitable giving by NBA player Manute Bol despite being broke and physically ill himself, can illustrate scriptural teachings on generosity, illustrating Proverbs 21:13 and Proverbs 19:17. Love Alone Song/Hymn by Stephen Best Song/Hymn by Stephen Best Topics: Ordination , Charity , Generosity , Self-denial Source: Worship Words A hymn written by Stephen Best, echoing the words of 1 Corinthians 13, that identifies self-giving love as the highest calling. The Widow’s Mite Article by Mark D Roberts Article by Mark D Roberts Topics: Generosity , Tithing Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling No matter our means, we are all called to give generously, even sacrificially, to the work of God. God sees the true measure of our generosity, let us open our hearts and ours wallet to Him.... Should Congregations Tithe? Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Topics: Money , Tithing , Church , Missions Source: The Twelve A reflection on church giving to "missions" that suggests when the topic at hand is money, the conversation seems especially prone toward pious platitudes and self-justifying half-truths. Tithing: On Learning Contentment and Cheerful Givng Article by Patricia Hunter Article by Patricia Hunter Topics: Tithing , Stewardship Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Tithing is hard, especially during times of financial turmoil. But it's one way of showing that we recognize we are only stewards of what we have, and to give back part of it. The Limits of Philanthropy Article by Fran Quigley Article by Fran Quigley Topics: Wealth and poverty Source: Commonweal "Time to end the charitable tax deduction." The Current of Creation Article by Gary A Anderson Article by Gary A Anderson Topics: Creation , Charity , Christian , Gift Source: Commonweal Gary Anderson reviews the great importance of generosity to the poor in Jewish tradition, as a background for Christian giving. Homilies Giving Encouragement in the Faith Sermon (Complete) by Fadi Auro Sermon (Complete) by Fadi Auro Topics: Holiness , Greed , Poverty , Perseverance Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Encouragement in faith is necessary for our lives. These four homilies offer encouragement in the face of different kinds of trials: Greed, hopelessness, resistance to Christianity, and the difficulty of holiness.