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Topical Study on Church The church is the holy, catholic, and apostolic gathering of people whom God has called out from the world to form a worshipping community of love and service dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. How the Church Can Respond to the Coronavirus Practical How-To by Phillip Bethancourt Practical How-To by Phillip Bethancourt Topics: Church , Prayer Source: The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention How should churches handle COVID-19? This article explains why churches should care about COVID-19 and offers practical guidelines that churches can use to respond to the pandemic. Shreveport Church Hosts ‘Park and Pray’ to Help Stop the Spread of Coronavirus Article by Kenley Hargett Article by Kenley Hargett Topics: Church , Worship , Prayer Source: KSLA News Shreveport’s Mount Canaan Baptist Church in Louisiana has come up with an innovative way to host church service. Instead of filling up the pews, church members park and sit in their cars for service. Church: Equipped by Grace Article by Kory Plockmeyer Article by Kory Plockmeyer Topics: Church , Grace , Pastor , Grace of God Source: Reformed Journal Church life might not be simple, but it is good. Kory Plockmeyer suggests that in all of the messiness that can be church life, it is good because it is a space for incredible grace. Church Anniversary Commentary/Exegesis by Carl W Kenney II Commentary/Exegesis by Carl W Kenney II Topics: Church , Congregational Flourishing , Worship Planning Source: The African American Lectionary The celebration of a church anniversary is an opportunity to remember and reclaim the vision of the church. In this article, Carl Kenney II offers reflections on Ephesians 4:15-16 and helpful tips for planning the celebration. Churches Partner in Kalamazoo, Michigan Article Article Topics: Church , Healing , Love , Reconciliation Source: Reformed Church in America To combat an increase in crime, illiteracy, and homelessness, several churches in Kalamazoo, Michigan, host an event called Jesus Loves Kalamazoo - a free BBQ event to bring the neighborhood together. How Now, White Church? Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Church , Lament , God's Holiness , Theodicy Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg A responsive confessional prayer by Rachel G. Hackenberg that focuses on confessing our sins of apathy for the injustices that appear in our world. Church Anniversary Article by Amos Anderson Article by Amos Anderson Topics: Church , Congregational Flourishing , Community , Culture Source: The African American Lectionary In this article on celebrating church anniversaries, Amos Anderson challenges fellow African American Christians to be relevant to the needs and interests of those in their communities. Church is More than Just a Building - hymn Song/Hymn by Amanda Udis-Kessler Song/Hymn by Amanda Udis-Kessler Topics: Church , Faith , Worship , Love Source: Worship Words Amanda Udis-Kessler offers the text of a hymn, "Church is More than Just a Building," based on several scriptures. It can be sung to the tune HYFRYDOL. Church, Holy Spirit and Ascension Sermon (Complete) by Thomas Hoisington Sermon (Complete) by Thomas Hoisington Topics: Church , Ascension , Holy Spirit , Shepherd Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This set of Catholic homilies for John 10:27-30, John 14:23-29, John 21:1-14, Acts 1:1-11 and Acts 14:21-27 focus on reconciliation, the Good Shepherd, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and the ascension. Church Decline of Another Kind Article by Michael O Emerson Article by Michael O Emerson Topics: Birth , Children , Church Membership Source: Faith and Leadership Church membership and attendance declines are often blamed on increasing secularization. This article offers and another important factor: population decline. How to Avoid Bad Press as Your Church Reopens Practical How-To by David W Fouse Practical How-To by David W Fouse Topics: Pastoral leadership , Decision , The Press Source: Church Leaders Church leaders are facing a difficult decision as the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten. David Fouse offers six tips for church leaders to avoid bad press as they make those critical decisions. Churches are Gathering Again, But with Precautions Article by Aaron Earls Article by Aaron Earls Topics: Ministry Source: Facts & Trends Churches are gathering again as COVID-19 restrictions loosen, but services and programs remain drastically different from the beginning of the year, according to LifeWay Research. Full Text Hymns on Church The Church's one foundationPD
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The Church of Christ in Every AgePD
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Church Anniversary gathering words Element of Worship Element of Worship Topics: Church , God's Faithfulness , Hope Source: Worship Words This worship resource features a gathering words for church anniversary. We gather, to look back and look forward and to worship the God of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Churches Gather, That's Part of What They Do Article by Ed Stetzer Article by Ed Stetzer Topics: Ecclesiology , Worship Source: Christianity Today This article argues four reasons for why in-person worship is an essential component to New Testament ecclesiology, meaning that an element of the church itself has been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Grace Has Come Element of Worship Element of Worship Topics: Church , Grace , Wisdom , Gospel Source: Together in Worship This worship resource offers a call to worship reminding us of the good news that grace was given to us through Christ, so that through the church, the wisdom of God may be revealed. Church Turnover and the Work of Cultivating the Kingdom Practical How-To by David Fitch Practical How-To by David Fitch Topics: Community , Divisions , Congregational Flourishing , Pastoral leadership Source: Missio Alliance In this practical how-to, David Fitch encourages churches to be intentional about calling believers, be cautious when people leave over unmet needs, avoid turnover due to conflict, and use neediness to direct people towards the Kingdom. Church Architecture Affects Lord's Supper Element of Worship by Joan Huyser-Honig Element of Worship by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Lord’s Supper , Worship , Architecture , Eucharist Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship The author explains how church architecture and sanctuary design can inhibit or enhance a more full and communal Eucharist celebration. A feature story on how Church architecture affects Lord's Supper practices. Churches Overcome Social Distancing to Continue Outreach Article by Joey Butler Article by Joey Butler Topics: Church , Leadership , Ministry , Technology Source: Discipleship Ministries The continuing spread of COVID-19 is challenging churches to consider how to do outreach when reaching out in person is difficult. This news story shares how several churches are doing just that. Churches and Line Extension Article by Maurilio Amorim Article by Maurilio Amorim Topics: Church , Ministry , Spiritual Growth , Faith Source: Ministry Matters This article argues that churches stagnate when they become too focused on peripheral concerns and ministries. Churches should return to simply doing what they do best: "teaching the gospel and helping people grow in their faith."... Church Doesn't Come First? Audio/Video by Howard E Butt Jr Audio/Video by Howard E Butt Jr Topics: Church , Work , God's Will , Calling/Vocation Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Church doesn't come first. God's will comes first. Everything we do is church, in the high calling of our daily work.