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Topical Study on Connivance Connivance is the act of allowing wrongdoing to be covered up or overlooked, whether actively or passively. "Connivance" derives from the Latin {{coniveo}}: "to close the eyes, to overlook." While often tied to the idea of conspiracy or collusion, connivance does not necessarily carry secretive overtones. In theological terms, connivance... Visions of the Future Commentary/Exegesis by Thomas O'Brien Commentary/Exegesis by Thomas O'Brien Topics: Exile , Paul Source: Scripture in Context Thomas O'Brien comments on Genesis 28:10-19a, Isaiah 44:6-8, and Romans 8:12-25, drawing out the unique visions of God's good future present in each text. How to (un)Cage a Girl Children's Sermon by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran Children's Sermon by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran Topics: Feminism , Sexuality , Divorce , Poetry Source: Storypath A book review, written by Nadine Ellsworth-Moran, of the poetry collection How to (Un)Cage a Girl. Ellsworth-Moran offers an overview of this book about growing up as a woman, adding theological connections and "faith talk" questions.... When God Takes the Lead Commentary/Exegesis by John C Holbert Commentary/Exegesis by John C Holbert Topics: Commentary , Exile , Ezekiel , Israel Source: Working Preacher Ezekiel 17:22-24 provides hard ground to dig a sermon from, but the context around helps. There are fertile fields surrounding which feed these trees, as the failures of humans bring God to the helm. Full Text Hymns on Connivance O Thou sweetest Source of Gladness!PD
The Alibi Agency Book Quote by Cullen Murphy Book Quote by Cullen Murphy Topics: Connivance , Betrayal , Deceitfulness , Adultery Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching This quotation from Cullen Murhpy describes the Alibi Agency, a British group that, for a fee, creates a perfect alibi to keep spouses from learning about affiars. Channeling the Sin-Eater Article by Thomas Lynch Article by Thomas Lynch Topics: Death , Funeral , Clergy , Religious Poems Source: Commonweal An essay by undertaker and poet Thomas Lynch about Argyle, a fictional "sin-eater" who features in some of his poems. Lynch describes the ways that Argyle reflects his own wrestling with the challenges of faith.
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