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Topical Study on Cruelty Cruelty refers to the actions of people who appear to lack all sense of empathy or mercy. Cruel persons may inflict terrible and relentless violence, or they may perform lesser acts that nonetheless cause harm or humiliation to others. In any scenario, cruelty is the result of an inability to... Stations of the Cross 7-8: The Cruel Repetitions of Our Cruelty Poetry by Carolyn Pirtle Poetry by Carolyn Pirtle Topics: Cruelty , Fall , Women , Crucifixion Source: Church Life Journal Two poems by Malcolm Guite, with commentary by Carolyn Pirtle, that reflect on the road Jesus must walk on the way to the cross. The poems focus on the "weakness [of Christ] that makes us strong." Intolerable Cruelty: Still Not Satisfied Audio/Video Audio/Video Topics: Divorce , Longing , Money , Contentment Source: WingClips A clip from Intolerable Cruelty dealing with the problem of dissatisfaction after winning a huge divorce settlement. Intolerable Cruelty: I'll Take The Case Sermon Illustration by WingClips Sermon Illustration by WingClips Topics: Divorce , Truthfulness , Lying , Ethics Source: WingClips In this clip from Intolerable Cruelty, divorce attorney, Miles Massey (George Clooney), misconstrues the facts to support his client’s case, perhaps providing mature sermon illustration material about perspective, dishonesty, and business. Inadequacy, hurt, and reconciliation Devotional by Ron Rolheiser Devotional by Ron Rolheiser Topics: Cruelty , Forgiveness , Reconciliation , Soren Kierkegaard Source: Grandin Media We hurt each other; sometimes through selfishness, sometimes through carelessness, sometimes through infidelity, sometimes through cruel intention - but also sometimes only through the cruelty of circumstance, inadequacy, and human limit. Holy Innocents Sermon Starter/Outline by Unknown Sermon Starter/Outline by Unknown Topics: Children , Herod , Abortion , Martyrdom Source: ePriest A devotional on Matthew 2:13-18 about the Holy Innocents, silently reminding us of another reality where tyranny does not reign and of a King who rules by love and whose kingdom cannot be defeated by cruelty. drug war and holy week Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Holy Week , Sermon , America , Prison Source: Liturgy Outside As we consider Jesus’ last days, we will remember him carted off to prison, treated to a mockery of a justice, facing the cruelty of execution for the sole crime of uppitiness, and shudder. Intolerable Cruelty: Love Is Good Audio/Video Audio/Video Topics: Cruelty , Divorce , Beauty , Fear Source: WingClips A clip from Intolerable Cruelty, a movie about divorce and longing. Miles, the leading man, gives an impromptu speech on the power and beauty of love. Peace with Our Own Two Hands Element of Worship by Carol Penner Element of Worship by Carol Penner Topics: Cruelty , Prayer , Confession , Peace Source: Carol Penner A prayer seeking accountability not only for grand atrocities but also for our own acts of cruelty and asking to hear and respond to God's call to peace in our time. Epiphany: A New Year’s Call to Resistance Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Epiphany , Power , Refugees , Herod Source: Liturgy Outside Katherine HawkerSelf reflects on our attempts to domesticate the epiphany story and the slaughter of the innocents: "If we don’t learn from Herod’s cruelty, we are destined to repeat it." A More Excellent Way Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Glory , John the Baptist , Jesus , Beauty Source: The Living Church Reflecting on several scriptures, this sermon starter compares the beauty and love of the army of Jesus (the Christian movement) with the cruelty and violence of the army of Antiochus (1 Maccabees 1:16-21). The Sins of Oppression and Cruelty Sermon Illustration by William Wilberforce Sermon Illustration by William Wilberforce Topics: Cruelty , Sin , Neglect , Scripture Source: Preaching Today William Wilberforce's quote notes the emphasis on justice in scripture when it relates to oppression and cruelty. This illustration is useful for preaching on Ezekiel 16:49 and Amos 2:6-7. Call to worship… Psalm 23 and beyond Element of Worship by Katherine HawkerSelf Element of Worship by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Cruelty , Promises , Psalms , Love Source: Liturgy Outside Katherine Hawkerself shares a call to worship based on Psalm 23, asking for a sense of abundance rather than scarcity, love rather than cruelty, and vulnerability rather than self-delusion. Full Text Hymns on Cruelty What stories of their crueltyPD
Whatever story of their crueltyPD
Nor did these savage crueltiesPD
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Lights in the Darkness Article by Justo L González Article by Justo L González Topics: Church History , Jesuit , Social Justice Source: Christian History Institute Justo L. González surveys a bleak moment in Christian history--the enslavement and near annihilation of indigenous Americans in the name of Christ. He highlights several voices of protest against this cruelty including Bartalomé de Las Casas. The Shame of Violence Image by W David O Taylor Image by W David O Taylor Topics: Cruelty , Shame , Violence , Prison Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture W. David O. Taylor comments on a series of paintings by Fernando Botero that “represent a visual cry against the cruelty of humanity” in their depiction of torture, thus evoking Psalm 137. Facemashing Christianity Article by Carol Howard Merritt Article by Carol Howard Merritt Topics: Leadership , Pastoral leadership , Technology , Gender Source: Day1 Carol Howard Merritt shares her experience of the Christian "Facemash," a social media site comparing pastors and church celebrities, and its cruelty in this blog entry. Perpetua’s Brief Life Came Between Two Plagues Article by Morgan Lee Article by Morgan Lee Topics: Faith , Sickness Source: Christianity Today This podcast shares how Perpetua's brother's death left an impression on her life, what strengthened her faith despite intense cruelty and hardship, and how the church can apply her experiences to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prophecy of Oded Image Image Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Oded prophecies against the Samarian hosts for their cruelty. Old men, women, and children walk in chains before the army. Engraved by Bauvais from the design of Bernard Picart (1673-1733) Kofi Annan Faces Evil Sermon Illustration by Joshua Cooper Ramo Sermon Illustration by Joshua Cooper Ramo Topics: Cruelty , Sin , Sin, evil , Violence Source: Preaching Today A sermon illustration that grapples with the presence of evil in the world and the cruelty of people toward each other. It includes quotes from United Nations leader Kofi Annan, who travels to places experiencing violence.... A Quote Illustrating Selfishness Sermon Illustration by Somerset Maugham Sermon Illustration by Somerset Maugham Topics: Cruelty , Selfishness , Hypocrisy , Pride Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching A short quotation from "Of Human Bondage" by Somerset Maugham that illustrates hypocrisy, selfishness, and cruelty. David’s Rage Sermon Illustration by James Calvin Schaap Sermon Illustration by James Calvin Schaap Topics: David , Anger , Emotion Source: The Twelve Reflecting on the Psalms particularly 28, 58, and 137 and the cruelty of ISIS, James Schaap honestly shares how he now understands the intensity of David’s hate in the terrible acts of evil