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Topical Study on Divorce Divorce is never a good thing. It marks the breakup of a committed relationship and causes emotional pain, lasting regret, and often bitterness. Children of divorced parents, as well as extended family and friends, often suffer lasting scars from a divorce. Yet it happens -- too often, it seems. Nearly... Divorce Care Article by Judy Cook Article by Judy Cook Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Community Source: The Banner This article provides insights and guidance for church communities who want to be helpful rather than hurtful as they walk alongside members whose marriages are heading towards divorce. Divorce and Marriage Commentary/Exegesis by Mark D Roberts Commentary/Exegesis by Mark D Roberts Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Adultery , Faithfulness Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This devotional on Matthew 5:32 considers divorce ad marriage, suggesting that commitment to marriage both honours God and enriches our own lives. Divorce and Re-marriage Sermon (Complete) by James C Somerville Sermon (Complete) by James C Somerville Topics: Divorce , Adultery , Marriage , Re-marriage Source: A Sermon for Every Sunday In this video, Jim Somerville preaches from Mark 10:2-16 about divorce and re-marriage, and our reluctance to consider such a text. (Length: 16:06) The Sin of Divorce Article by Lawrence Farley Article by Lawrence Farley Topics: Divorce , Sin , Re-marriage , Penance Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Lawrence Farley explores divorce and remarriage in the context of defining sin, the call to repentance, and the exercise of penance. Marriage, Family, and Divorce Article by Elliot Dorff Article by Elliot Dorff Topics: Divorce , Family , Marriage , Judaism Source: On Being American ideals of marriage, family, and divorce are infused with biblical messages. But what does the Bible really say, and how has it been taught across the centuries? A rabbi and Christian theologian discuss. (Length: 53:07) Pope Francis on Divorce, Remarriage, and the Eucharist Article by Matthew J Ramage Article by Matthew J Ramage Topics: Divorce , Pope , Eucharist , Body of Christ Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This article evaluates Pope Francis' interpretation of 1 Cor. 11:29 "discerning the body" (Amoris Laetitia §185-86) wherein an emphasis on the social meaning of body suggests the divorced and remarried ought to receive the Eucharist. An Ethic of Love in Marriage and Divorce Practical How-To by Felicia M George Practical How-To by Felicia M George Topics: Divorce , Forgiveness , Love , Marriage Source: Ministry Matters Statistics reveal Christians are only 8 percent less likely to divorce than unchurched persons. This means the issue of divorce is significant enough that pastors should be teaching and preaching about its implications for Christian discipleship. God hates divorce. But God doesn't hate divorced people. Article by Patty Breen Article by Patty Breen Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Sexuality , Judgment Source: America: The Jesuit Review In this article, Patty Breen uses her own troubled marriage and divorce to reflect on how Catholics see and understand divorce; calling for compassion and advocacy. Marriage and Divorce Sermon (Complete) by Francis H Wade Sermon (Complete) by Francis H Wade Topics: Divorce , Forgiveness , Grief , Marriage Source: Day1 Frances Wade's sermon on Mark 10:1-12 takes seriously Jesus' teaching that God intends for marriage to be permanent, and the realities of human life that sometimes lead to troubled marriages and to divorce. Guilt, Grief, and Grace in Divorce Devotional by Dave Peterson Devotional by Dave Peterson Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Guilt , Grief Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling A devotional reflection on Matthew 5:31-32 by Dave Peterson. The author explores the gravity of divorce but also the grace God offers the divorced and outlines spiritual steps for dealing with divorce. Divorce, Annulment & Communion Article by David Bentley Hart Article by David Bentley Hart Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Re-marriage Source: Commonweal An Orthodox theologian weighs in on divorce, annulment and communion as taught in the Roman Catholic document, "Amoris laetitia." Readers' Theatre: Jesus Teaches about Divorce Drama by Christine Longhurst Drama by Christine Longhurst Topics: Divorce , Adultery , Worship Planning , Scripture Reading Source: Re-Worship This is a two-voice readers’ theatre setting of Mark 10:2-16, where Jesus teaches on divorce. Full Text Hymns on Divorce A Congregational Lament©
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Divorce Often Brings Poverty Sermon Illustration by Unknown Sermon Illustration by Unknown Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Poverty , Sin Source: Preaching Today Discussing the financial hardship of divorce, this sermon illustration reveals statistics on how divorce leads some people into poverty. This illustration suits Malachi 2:15-16, Deuteronomy 24:1, 1 Timothy 5:3, and Matthew 19:3-19. Divorce Is Bad for the Environment Sermon Illustration by Brandon J O'Brien Sermon Illustration by Brandon J O'Brien Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Persons , Creation Source: Preaching Today This is an illustration by Brandon O'Brien describing that divorce is having a bad effect on the environment, appropriate for Matthew 19:3-9, Malachi 2:13-16, and Mark 10:2-12. Why did Jesus take a strong stand against divorce? Audio/Video by Karoline M Lewis Audio/Video by Karoline M Lewis Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Children , Relationship Source: Working Preacher Reflecting on Mark 10:2-16, this podcast emphasizes that God is against divorce because it ruptures relationships intended to last; and God is concerned about the damage divorce does to vulnerable people. Divorce Statistics Debunked Sermon Illustration by Shaunti Feldhahn Sermon Illustration by Shaunti Feldhahn Topics: Divorce , Marriage , Study Source: Preaching Today An illustration appropriate for Ephesians 5:22-33, Colossians 3:18-19, and 1 Peter 3:1-7 that challenges the conventional wisdom about marriage and divorce. It estimates the divorce rate to be closer to 20-25 percent instead of 50 percent. An olive branch to divorced-and-remarried Catholics? Article by David Gibson Article by David Gibson Topics: Divorce , Cardinal , Re-marriage Source: Commonweal In this article, David Gibson shares the position of an Austrian cardinal who believes the treatment of divorced and remarried people in the Catholic church should be more compassionate. Sermon Illustrations on Divorce Sermon Illustration by Craig Groeschel Sermon Illustration by Craig Groeschel Topics: Divorce , Murder , Business , Freedom Source: The Pastor's Workshop Three sermon illustrations on divorce, one of which could also be an illustration of unfair judgment on the part of a church. The 'Noah' Movie isn't Nice, Gwyneth Paltrow's Divorce, and Beautiful Sermon Notes Sermon Illustration by Paul Pastor Sermon Illustration by Paul Pastor Topics: Divorce , Preaching , Illustration , Bible Source: Preaching Today Highlighting themes of biblical inaccuracy in media, divorce, selfishness, lukewarm Christianity, and warnings, this is a collection of sermon illustrations made from news stories about a celebrity divorce, a forgotten yacht, and more. Extreme Divorce, Underdogs Rule, Shifting Blame, and the Ugly Underbelly of Globalization Sermon Illustration by Paul Pastor Sermon Illustration by Paul Pastor Topics: Divorce , Unity , Poverty , Repentance Source: Preaching Today A series of illustrations on the cost of divorce, how globalization exploits the poor, how necessity is the mother of invention, the consequences of hidden sin being deadly, and forgiveness of sin.