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Topical Study on Envy I Want What They Have Audio/Video by Howard E Butt Jr Audio/Video by Howard E Butt Jr Topics: Envy , Work Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling It’s human to want rewards—even to envy them—as others collect their prizes. But when others succeed while you are not, don't resent, but watch, learn, and sharpen your own game. Very Much a Lady Book Quote by Shana Alexander Book Quote by Shana Alexander Topics: Envy , Selfishness , Quotations , Arrogance Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching This quote from Shana Alexander's "Very Much a Lady: The Untold Story of Jean Harris and Dr. Herman Tarnower" describes a character that encapsulates arrogance, rudeness, and envy. God's Generosity, Our Jealousy Sermon (Complete) by Charlene Kammerer Sermon (Complete) by Charlene Kammerer Topics: Envy , Parables , Gratitude , Generosity Source: Duke University Chapel Archives Charlene Kammerer's sermon on Matthew 20:1-16 notes that the householder's "righteousness and generosity are rejected because [of the workers'] jealousy." We either accept "God's gift of grace or sit in envy, thus missing the gift." Son Mistakenly Envies Another Boy’s Father Sermon Illustration by Craig Brian Larson Sermon Illustration by Craig Brian Larson Topics: Envy , Father , Parenting , God Source: Preaching Today Craig Brian Larson remembers how as a child he foolishly envied a playful father, overlooking his own dependable father. The lesson he learned illustrates how often the qualities of fatherhood exceed appearances (cf., Isaiah 46:5). Sharing the Wealth Book Quote by Joseph A Komonchak Book Quote by Joseph A Komonchak Topics: Envy , Love , Pilgrimage , Body of Christ Source: Commonweal Joseph A. Komonchak shares a brief quote from Augustine that illustrates faithful pilgrimage and living without envy. Weasel Poetry by Michael Cadnum Poetry by Michael Cadnum Topics: Envy , Poetry , Story Source: Commonweal "in the early hours of his glory when he lived on what he thought he was." A poem on envy. A Quote Illustrating Envy Sermon Illustration by James Clive Sermon Illustration by James Clive Topics: Envy , Hatred , Scorn , Vengefulness Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching In this poem by James Clive, the narrator admits how he loves seeing that a book written by one of his enemies is not selling. Katie Couric Envies Those with Faith Sermon Illustration by Cable Neuhaus Sermon Illustration by Cable Neuhaus Topics: Envy , Death , Faith , Comfort Source: Preaching Today Cable Neuhaus relates a quote from TV host Katie Couric, expressing envy of "those who have a steadfast, unwavering faith . . . so comforting and helpful during difficult times" - illustrating Romans 8:35-39. Antidote to Overachievement Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Envy , Children , Selfishness , Prayer Source: Worshiping With Children Worship planning tips for making Psalms 1, 54; Proverbs 31:10-31; Jeremiah 11:18-20; Mark 9:30-37; James 3:7-8, 13-18, 4:1-3; and Wisdom of Solomon 1:12-16, 2:1, 17-20 relevant for children using books, songs, litanies, and more. Rest in the Lord Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Envy , Trust , Rest , Hope Source: The Spurgeon Center In this sermon on Psalm 37:7, Charles Spurgeon tells his hearers that God "can bring you by the operation of his grace this day upward from doubt to assurance, from fretfulness to rest." The Hope of Future Bliss Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Envy , Hope , Heaven , Resurrection of the dead Source: The Spurgeon Center This sermon by Charles H. Spurgeon on Psalm 17:15 encourages those who have faith to trust in their future satisfaction in heaven. Those who trust in Jesus will behold God and be made in Christ's likeness. Real Identity Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Envy , Discipleship , Identity , Herod Source: Discipleship Ministries Preaching notes on Mark 6:13-16 that consider the effects of "being known" on the ministry of Jesus and John the Baptist, and what it means for our own discipleship. Responsible Stewardship Commentary/Exegesis by Wallace Charles Smith Commentary/Exegesis by Wallace Charles Smith Topics: Envy , Money , Stewardship , Justice Source: The African American Lectionary Commenting on Proverbs 12:11-12 in connection with Economic Justice/Financial Literacy Sunday, Wallace Charles Smith invites reflection on financial wisdom and responsible stewardship. Classic Case of Envy Sermon Illustration by Wayne Brouwer Sermon Illustration by Wayne Brouwer Topics: Envy , Suffering , Writing , EXPERIENCE Source: Preaching Today Wayne Brouwer's sermon illustration describes two authors of books on suffering. The more successful author wrote from experience while the less successful author wrote from research. The later author's reaction demonstrates envy's ugliness (Proverbs 14:30). The Parable of the Dignity-busting Landowner Commentary/Exegesis by Stanley Saunders Commentary/Exegesis by Stanley Saunders Topics: Envy , Parables , Justice , Grace Source: Working Preacher Commenting on Matthew 20:1-16, Stanley Saunders questions the frequent identification of the landowner with God. The method of paying the workers is not grace but injustice because it divides people and takes away their dignity. That's Not Fair! Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Topics: Envy , Parables , Blessing , Grudge-bearing Source: Working Preacher We notice depravity in ourselves when we feel resentful toward those who've received grace. This article argues we cannot be grateful and envious at the same time, and invites us to choose the better way. Embittered Moralizing—An Occupational Hazard Devotional by Ronald Rolheiser Devotional by Ronald Rolheiser Topics: Envy , Parables , Grace Source: The Sunday Website Ronald Rolheiser invites us to reflect on our reactions to the Parable of the Vineyard Workers in Matthew 20:1-16 and cautions against the "occupational hazard" of the good and faithful in becoming bitter and jealous moralizers. Echoing Grace: Practices of Thankfulness Devotional by Lori Wilson Devotional by Lori Wilson Topics: Envy , Grace , Gratitude , Poverty Source: Colossian Forum Blog Darrin Compagner's devotional on 2 Corinthians 8:1-9 discusses the importance of gratitude in the Christian community. "God’s actions and gifts through Christ and the Holy Spirit inspire and enable grateful living." Struggling inside our own skin Devotional by Ron Rolheiser Devotional by Ron Rolheiser Topics: Envy , Fear , Life , Soul Source: Grandin Media In our culture’s current perception, we look at the beautiful bodies, celebrity status, and wealth of our athletes, movie stars, television hosts, and successful entrepreneurs and believe that they have the good life and we don’t. Envying Mozart Sermon Illustration by Wayne Brouwer Sermon Illustration by Wayne Brouwer Topics: Envy , Blessing , Heaven , Music Source: Preaching Today In this sermon illustration for Genesis 4:5-6, 37:11, or 1 Samuel 18:5-16, a scene from the film "Amadeus" demonstrates that success and talent doesn't make a person any less of a sinner.