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Topical Study on Epiphany Often the content of our Christmas celebration is shaped by what we do with the weeks following Christmas. Churches that observe Christmas as a standalone event may find it difficult to get past the sentimentality of seeing a cute, mild-natured baby in the manger. But the incarnation involves much more... Arise, Shine Service Outline http://worship.calvin.edu/resources/resource-library/arise-shine-isaiah-60 Service Outline Topics: Epiphany , Worship Planning Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A service outline for Epiphany Sunday built around Isaiah 60:1-11, 19-22 and Revelation 21:22-22:5. Expect the Unexpected Sermon Illustration by Scott Hoezee http://cep.calvinseminary.edu/sermon-starters/epiphany-c/?type=the_lectionary_gospel Sermon Illustration by Scott Hoezee Topics: Epiphany , Church , Cultures , Diversity Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching Scott Hoezee, in this Epiphany sermon starter on Matthew 2:1-12, argues that a major theme of Matthew is an emphasis on reaching a diversity of people, including cultures and social statuses, as portrayed by the magi. Call to Worship for Epiphany Element of Worship by Joanna Harader https://re-worship.blogspot.com/2016/12/epiphany-call-to-worship-arise-shine.html Element of Worship by Joanna Harader Topics: Epiphany , Worship , Advent , Light Source: Re-Worship A call to worship inspired by Isaiah 60:1-3 for use during Epiphany, highlighting a joyful response to the coming of the Christ child. Epiphany Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw https://re-worship.blogspot.com/2011/12/opening-prayer-epiphany.html Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw Topics: Epiphany , Prayer Source: Re-Worship An opening prayer for Epiphany by Moira Laidlaw that is based on Isaiah 60:1-6 and Matthew 2:1-12. The Epiphany of the Lord Sermon Starter/Outline by Reginald H Fuller http://liturgy.slu.edu/EpiphanyB010718/theword_indepth.html Sermon Starter/Outline by Reginald H Fuller Topics: Epiphany , Revelation , Gentiles , Magi Source: The Sunday Website Reginald Fuller explains Isaiah 60:1-6, Psalm: 72, Ephesians 3:2-3a, 5-6, and Matthew 2:1-12, and attempts to regain the original emphasis of Epiphany, which is the revelation of God in Christ. Commentary on Readings for Epiphany Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H Fuller http://liturgy.slu.edu/EpiphanyA16/theword_indepth.html Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H Fuller Topics: Epiphany , Gentiles , David , Herod Source: The Sunday Website Reginald H. Fuller offers commentary and insights on Epiphany and the following readings: Psalm 72:1-13; Isaiah 60:1-6; Matthew 2:1-12; and Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6. Epiphany Insights Commentary/Exegesis by Edward Markquart https://www.workingpreacher.org/theology-and-interpretation/epiphany-insights Commentary/Exegesis by Edward Markquart Topics: Epiphany , Preparation , Sermon , Scripture Reading Source: Working Preacher This article is a collection of brief exegetical insights on the Scripture readings for the six Sundays of Epiphany. Mary, Magi, Samuel, and Nineveh Sermon (Complete) by Drew Hoffman https://www.hprweb.com/2017/12/homilies-for-january-2018/ Sermon (Complete) by Drew Hoffman Topics: Samuel , Mary , Magi Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This set of four Catholic homilies focuses on Mary's heart (Luke 2:16-21), the magi's change of mind (Matthew 2:1-12), Samuel's listening (1 Samuel 3:3-10), and Nineveh's fasting (Jonah 3:1-5). Conversion, Baptism, Evangelism, and the Peace of Christ Sermon (Complete) by David Rider http://www.hprweb.com/2013/12/homilies-for-january-2014/ Sermon (Complete) by David Rider Topics: Baptism , Evangelism , Peace , Christ Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Five homilies by David Rider focusing on the themes of conversion, baptism, mission of leading others to Christ, and finding true peace in Jesus. Have We Met the Magi? Commentary/Exegesis by Dennis Hamm http://liturgy.slu.edu/EpiphanyB010718/theword_hamm.html Commentary/Exegesis by Dennis Hamm Topics: Epiphany , Gentiles , Israel , Light Source: The Sunday Website "How are we to enable Christ to be a light to the nations today?" This is the question Dennis Hamm wants to raise in his exposition of Matthew 2:1-12. Second Sunday of Advent with Children Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2013/08/year-second-sunday-of-advent-december-8.html Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Advent , Hope , Peace , Children Source: Worshiping With Children Peace and hope are themes that run through all of the texts for the Second Sunday of Advent (Psalm 72; Isaiah 11:1-10; Matthew 3:1-12; Romans 15:4-13). Carolyn Brown offers practical suggestions for incorporating children in worship. Following the Star Sermon Starter/Outline by Joanna Harader https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2015-12/january-3-epiphany-sunday Sermon Starter/Outline by Joanna Harader Topics: Epiphany , Journey , Magi Source: The Christian Century Commentary by Joanna Harader on Matthew 2:1-12: What made the magi follow the star? What makes us take leaps of faith in our own lives? The answer: God. Full Text Hymns on Epiphany As with gladness men of oldPD
Epiphany Carol©
What Star Is ThisPD
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Hearts and Habits Sermon (Complete) by Drew Hoffman http://www.hprweb.com/2017/12/homilies-for-january-2018/ Sermon (Complete) by Drew Hoffman Topics: Fasting , Mary , Lent , Desire Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review A collection of homilies by Drew Hoffman on Luke 2:16-21; Matthew 2:1-12; 1 Samuel 3:3-10, 19; Jonah 3:1-5, 10, and 1 Corinthians 7:29-31; and Mark 1:21-28. Themes include treasuring our blessings and denying ourselves through fasting. Prodded to life Sermon Starter/Outline by James Alison https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2007-11/prodded-life Sermon Starter/Outline by James Alison Topics: Peace , Truth , Messiah Source: The Christian Century James Alison probes how the juxtaposition of Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19, Isaiah 11:1-10, Daniel 4:25-33, Romans 15:4-13, and Matthew 3:1-12 works to break down our misguided expectations concerning the coming Messiah. Ten Thirsty Camels Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2014/06/year-proper-9-14th-sunday-in-ordinary.html Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Evil , Water , Confession , Sin Source: Worshiping With Children A collection of resources by Carolyn Brown designed to help teach children about the story of Rebekah and Isaac, the need for repentance and confession of sin, and other biblical themes and passages. The Magi Commentary/Exegesis by Niveen Sarras https://www.workingpreacher.org/commentaries/revised-common-lectionary/epiphany-of-our-lord/commentary-on-matthew-21-12-8 Commentary/Exegesis by Niveen Sarras Topics: Jesus , Herod , King , Magi Source: Working Preacher This commentary on Matthew 2:1-12 suggests some historical details about the Zoroastrian priests whose worship is a foil to Herod's. A New Way Sermon (Complete) by Richard J Ounsworth https://english.op.org/torch/a-new-way Sermon (Complete) by Richard J Ounsworth Topics: Epiphany , Magi , Faith Source: Torch: Catholic Homilies from the Dominican Friars This homily for epiphany examines how the lives of the Magi must have been changed by their encounter with Jesus Christ. The Pilgrimage of the Magi Article by Melissa Earley https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2016-11/january-6-epiphany-lord Article by Melissa Earley Topics: Epiphany , Church , Writing Source: The Christian Century Would the Magi have been as interested in finding this newborn king if they had only to go around the corner? Humble King Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown http://worshipingwithchildren.blogspot.com/2011/06/year-proper-9-14th-sunday-in-ordinary.html Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Marriage , Children , Humility , Leadership Source: Worshiping With Children This blog by Carolyn Brown comments on and highlights children-friendly themes such as marriage, being a humble leader of God, the challenge of being good, confession, and work. Innocence in the Midst of Evil Devotional by John Foley http://liturgy.slu.edu/EpiphanyB010718/reflections_foley.html Devotional by John Foley Topics: Epiphany , Herod , Light , Magi Source: The Sunday Website John Foley calls the visit of the magi (Matthew 2:1-12) "a classic story about innocence in the midst of evil." It is also about hope because we can look to the light of the Christ child.