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Topical Study on Eschatology When we know where we're headed, we have the best possible chance of fashioning our journey in that direction. Eschatology is the study of last things, a way of defining a destination for the world, for human history, and for our own bodies and souls. After confusing experiences with Christian... Eschatology: Our hope for a new heaven and new earth Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Eschatology , Hope , Heaven , Daily Living Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship In this reflection on eschatology, Joan Huyser-Honig contrasts a small-gospel perspective (individual salvation and commitment to Christ) and a big-gospel perspective (God's restoring not just individuals but "all creation, including nature, culture, and relationships"). An Eschatology that Integrates Ecological Concerns and Economic Flourishing Article by Charles Self Article by Charles Self Topics: Eschatology , Prosperity , Justice , God's Will Source: Missio Alliance Highlighting themes of justice and peacemaking, this article argues that a biblical eschatology calls us to both a reimagined vision for management and prosperity in our current world and a vision for a fully redeemed future. We Need Eschatology Right Now Article by Michael J Kruger Article by Michael J Kruger Topics: Eschatology , Evil , Hope Source: The Gospel Coalition In this article, Michael Kruger makes the case that Eschatology, or how one deals with the sad and evil things of the world, is needed daily in a world haunted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Peace as a Realized Eschatology Article by Paul Seebeck Article by Paul Seebeck Topics: Eschatology , Peace , Language , Singing Source: Presbyterian Church Mission Paul Seebeck presents Adam Tice's description of peace as a "realized an understanding that God is bringing about God’s reign here and now.” Apocalyptic Eschatology Service Outline by John S Woods Service Outline by John S Woods Topics: Eschatology , Hope , Apocalypse Source: The Christian Reflection Project A complete worship service outline by John S. Woods that highlights the present hope found in apocalyptic eschatology. Includes scriptures, songs, meditations, litanies, etc. Land, John the Baptist, New Creation, and Eschatology Study Guide by Jessie Gutgsell Study Guide by Jessie Gutgsell Topics: Eschatology , Advent , John the Baptist , Recreation Source: Sermons That Work In this Bible study guide, Jessie Gutgsell offers thoughts and reflection questions on land (Psalm 85:1-2, 8-13); new creation (Isaiah 40:1-11); paving the way (Mark 1:1-8); and eschatology (2 Peter 3:8-15). Migration, Power, the Second Coming, and Eschatology Study Guide by Sunshine Dulnuan Study Guide by Sunshine Dulnuan Topics: Advent , Salvation , Power , Coming of Christ Source: Episcopal Church In this Bible study, Sunshine Dulnuan offer thoughts and reflection questions on migration (Psalm 122); power (Isaiah 2:1-5); the second coming (Matthew 24:36-44); and eschatology (Romans 13:11-14). Contested Letters and Contested Eschatology Commentary/Exegesis by Daniel G Deffenbaugh Commentary/Exegesis by Daniel G Deffenbaugh Topics: Eschatology , Grace , Goodness Source: Working Preacher Ephesians 2:1-10 is from one of the so-called "contested letters" of Paul. It also represents a turn from the imminent eschaton found in some letters, and the on-going eschaton listed here. Ecclesiology Grounded in Eschatology Commentary/Exegesis by Amy L B Peeler Commentary/Exegesis by Amy L B Peeler Topics: Preaching , Jesus , Sacrifice , Commentary Source: Working Preacher Hebrews 10:11-14, [15-18], 19-25 culminates in an argument concerning how church ought to run. It should effect the heart, not the posture, of the person participating. Rote actions are religious, not faithful. Advent Eschatology Article by Renée D Roden Article by Renée D Roden Topics: Eschatology , Advent , Silence , Coming of Christ Source: Church Life Journal Renee Roden looks at how the Eucharist whets our appetite for Christ’s final coming, informing and enhancing how we experience the season of advent by looking foward to the coming of the Kingdom of God. Churches Are Reopening. That Doesn’t Mean Singing's Back. Audio/Video by Morgan Lee Audio/Video by Morgan Lee Topics: Eschatology , Worship Planning , Worship Source: Christianity Today In this podcast, speakers discuss how the church has handled the pandemic from a worship perspective, what makes corporate singing special, and what it means that eschatology is missing from our worship music. The Mass for Millennials: The Our Father Article by Grace Agolia Article by Grace Agolia Topics: Eschatology , Forgiveness , Kingdom of God , Eucharist Source: Church Life Journal The original sense of the "Our Father" is one of future eschatology: it is a prayer for the last day, and we are praying for God’s kingdom to come through the sanctification of God’s name. What Matters Now and Then Commentary/Exegesis by Dale Allison Commentary/Exegesis by Dale Allison Topics: Eschatology , Parables , Judgment , Morality Source: Working Preacher This commentary on Matthew 13 compares the parallel structure and meaning of the parable of the tares and the parable of the sower. It reveals and clarifies the importance of Judgement Day and eschatology with accountability.... Christ’s Resurrection and Theological Relevance Article by Glenn B Siniscalchi Article by Glenn B Siniscalchi Topics: Eschatology , Resurrection , Theology , Catholic Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Glenn Siniscalchi's article discusses how Jesus' resurrection is related to various aspects of Christian faith and practice, including apologetics, eschatology, missions, the Holy Spirit, sin, creation, ecumenism, hope, and sanctification. What COVID-19 Has to do With the 'End Times' Commentary/Exegesis by Michael Cooper Commentary/Exegesis by Michael Cooper Topics: Eschatology , Daily Living Source: LifeWay While COVID-19 may mimic “end times” scenarios, Michael Cooper uses 1 Peter 4:7-11 to show how we should be living out our eschatology in our daily lives. Middle East Christians Grapple with Apocalyptic Pandemic Article by Jayson Casper Article by Jayson Casper Topics: Eschatology , Apocalypse , Revelation Source: Christianity Today In this article, Jayson Casper reports on how the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced eschatology experts to explore how a pandemic informs our biblical understanding of Revelation. Just Wait Article by Andrew Root Article by Andrew Root Topics: Eschatology , Advent , Youth , Waiting Source: Faith and Leadership In this article, Andrew Root reflects on advent, eschatology, and youth, suggesting that youth ministry isn’t about helping young people create a successful future, but about standing with them, waiting for the fullness of God’s action. 5 Tips for Preaching and Teaching on the End Times Article by Shane Raynor Article by Shane Raynor Topics: Eschatology , Preaching , Second Coming Source: Ministry Matters This article affirms that Christian eschatology is built around the return of Jesus Christ, a new heaven, and a new earth, and goes on to offer five tips for preaching the end times. Grammar of Faith: The New Adam Article by George Sumner Article by George Sumner Topics: Eschatology , Faith , Hope , Salvation Source: The Living Church Will God save some or all? Is the gate narrow or wide? George Sumner's article wrestles with these questions. In it, Sumner offers a "twofold eschatology" based on humanity's "twofold nature" as a possible answer. God Comes to Us Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Eschatology , Death , God's Presence , Jerusalem Source: A Plain Account This commentary on Revelation 21:1-6 rejects escapist eschatology: the point is not people being taken somewhere else, but God coming to dwell with people as their God.