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Topical Study on COVID-19 and Worship As containment of COVID-19/novel coronavirus forces your worshiping community to implement 'shelter in place' worship and practice social isolation, we offer these resources to help you plan and cope in ways that encourage and support your community. Funeral Practices during COVID-19 Article by John D Witvliet Article by John D Witvliet Topics: Funeral , Death , Prayer Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship During the COVID-19 pandemic, pastors and churches preparing to conduct funerals face unique challenges, particularly restrictions on public gatherings even for those who grieve. This article reflects on those challenges. The Pastoral Challenge of a Brooklyn Church and COVID-19 Article by Gary V Simpson Article by Gary V Simpson Topics: Church , Death , Life Source: Faith and Leadership From one of the COVID-19 pandemic’s epicenters, a minister describes his congregation’s experience through death and new life over the last four months. Positive Trends, Social Realities, and the Future of the Post-COVID-19 Church Article by Thomas G Bandy Article by Thomas G Bandy Topics: Evangelism , Community , Pastoral leadership Source: Ministry Matters In order to anticipate post COVID-19 realities, Thomas Bandy argues that we should start with what will emerge in the community context and not the church context, as we consider outreach first. Will the church financially survive the COVID-19 pandemic? Article by Ken Garfield Article by Ken Garfield Topics: Money , Church Source: Faith and Leadership Twelve Christian leaders share their thoughts on how the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic might affect the financial health and sustainability of American churches. Covid-19 has Killed Multiple Bishops and Pastors within the Nation’s Largest Black Pentecostal Denomination Article by Michelle Boorstein Article by Michelle Boorstein Topics: Death , Church Source: The Washington Post The Washington Post reports that The Church of God in Christ has taken a painful leadership hit with at least a dozen to up to 30 bishops and prominent clergy dying from COVID-19. Grief, Interrupted by COVID-19 Article by Marjean Brooks Article by Marjean Brooks Topics: Grief , Death , Family Source: The Gospel Coalition In this article, Marjean Brooks writes about how the COVID-19 pandemic has created experiences of interrupted grief, or what happens when circumstances separate family members from the dying and from the normal processes of grief. Surviving COVID-19 in Spain Changed My Faith Article by Marcos Zapata Article by Marcos Zapata Topics: Love your neighbor , Love to God Source: Christianity Today In this article, president of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance and recovered COVID-19 patient Marcos Zapata shares six ways that the global church can love God and neighbor well amid a pandemic. Easter and COVID-19: 3 Reasons the Message Fits the Moment Article by Daniel Darling Article by Daniel Darling Topics: Easter , Resurrection , Death , Gospel Source: LifeWay Commenting on Easter and COVID-19, Daniel Darling says, "Let’s stop viewing this week as a terrible disruption and recognize that the message we gather to celebrate is the exact message the world needs right now." How Do You Keep a Small Church Going During COVID-19? Article by Phil A Newton Article by Phil A Newton Topics: Church , Fellowship , Pastor , Congregation Source: The Gospel Coalition In this article, Phil A. Newton offers practical advice aimed at smaller churches for keeping a church functioning and a congregation connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pastoring the Bereaved During COVID-19 Article by Eric Brown Article by Eric Brown Topics: Grief , Pastoral leadership Source: Christianity Today This article discusses the added challenges that COVID-19 social distancing guidelines have placed on pastors who are ministering to the bereaved and emphasizes the importance of lament, grief, and emotional care when physical proximity is limited. Biggest Concerns Pastor Have Amid COVID-19 Article by Aaron Earls Article by Aaron Earls Topics: Pastoral leadership Source: Facts & Trends Aaron Earls shares the results of a survey of pastors about their biggest concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. USA churches offer “A Time to Mourn" as COVID-19 deaths near 100,000 Article Article Topics: America , Death Source: World Council of Churches On 24 May, the National Council of Churches (USA) hosted “A Time to Mourn,” an online ecumenical memorial service for lives lost to COVID-19. Paralyzed Procrastinator or Proactive Pioneer? How will your COVID-19 Response be Remembered? Article by Ken Braddy Article by Ken Braddy Topics: Pastoral leadership Source: Ken Braddy In this article, Ken Braddy uses Nehemiah 3:1-5 to encourages pastors to become a "Proactive Pioneer" in their ministries in the COVID-19 pandemic. Guide for Christian Funerals During COVID-19 Article Article Topics: Funeral , Worship Planning Source: Massachusetts Council of Churches The Massachusetts Council of Churches offers an extensive guide for Christian funerals during COVID-19. Intergenerational Youth Ministry During COVID-19 Practical How-To by Lynn Barger Elliott Practical How-To by Lynn Barger Elliott Topics: Worship , Community , Youth , Intergenerational issues Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Lynn Barger Elliott describes how congregations looking to keep their members connected as the body of Christ could organize a “mail buddy” system, pairing children and youth with other church members homebound because of COVID-19. Domestic Violence and COVID-19: What You and your Church Need to Know Article by Lynn Min Article by Lynn Min Topics: Family , Church , Violence , Love your neighbor Source: Faithward Addressing the growth of domestic violence that accompanies the COVID-19 pandemic, this article by Lynn Min and Pamela Pater-Ennis discusses how Christians can love their neighbors by developing relationships with people who are victims of abuse. The Scattered Church and COVID-19: Why Sound Ecclesiology is Crucial in a Pandemic Article by Joy Allmond Article by Joy Allmond Topics: Ecclesiology Source: LifeWay Ecclesiology is the study of the church, including the purpose, leadership structure, and practices. In this interview, Trevin Wax explains why this matters—particularly now, during COVID-19 when the church is scattered. Decision-making During COVID-19 Requires Courage and Humility Article by Cecil Van Niejenhuis Article by Cecil Van Niejenhuis Topics: Courage , Humility , Pastoral leadership Source: The CRC Network Church leaders have decisions to make during COVID-19. Cecil Van Niejenhuis suggests that decision-making requires courage and humility—both, and at the same time. Months into COVID-19, Funeral Directors and Clergy Continue to Innovate Death Care Article by Alejandra Molina Article by Alejandra Molina Topics: Funeral , Clergy , Creativity , Grief Source: Religion News Service This article reports on the many ways that funeral directors and clergy have creatively adapted their funeral services during COIVD-19 in order to follow state safety guidelines and still provide grieving families with what they need. Being Church As We Live With COVID19 – Challenges and Demands Practical How-To by Claudio Carvalhaes Practical How-To by Claudio Carvalhaes Topics: Funeral , Worship , Prayer Source: Re-imagining Worship In response to COVID-19, Cláudio Carvalhaes offers a wealth of reflection on how we can be the church. Includes many creative suggestions for how communities might worship together across distance, including communion, funerals, and prayer services.