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Topical Study on Gospel Gospel is "good news" and refers to the message of life and salvation through Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the New Testament. The English word derives from a Middle English riff ({{godspell}}) on a Latin derivative of the Greek {{evangelium}}, which means "good news." {{Godspell}} was the combination of {{god}}... Gospel Missions Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Gospel , Preaching , Missions , Power Source: The Spurgeon Center Charles Spurgeon's sermon on Acts 13:49 laments the failure of modern gospel missions and attributes it to a lack of apostolic ministers, apostolic ministry style, apostolic churches, and "the apostolic influence of the Holy Ghost." Gospel Beginnings: Mark Audio/Video by David Bast Audio/Video by David Bast Topics: Mark , Advent , Repentance , John the Baptist Source: Groundwork This audio commentary on Mark 1:1-15 considers the urgency with which Mark approaches his gospel, not wasting words. He begins with the message of John the Baptist that repentance is necessary. Gospel Relationships Sermon Starter/Outline by Mark Suslenko Sermon Starter/Outline by Mark Suslenko Topics: Love , Violence , Adoption , Election Source: Connect! Sunday Reflection Mark Suslenko discusses the fundamental fact of the gospel that every person has been chosen in Christ to be in a loving, intimate relationship as a child of God (Ephesians 1:3-14). Gospel Living Made Simple Sermon (Complete) by Charles R Morris Sermon (Complete) by Charles R Morris Topics: Gospel , God's Love , Witness , Hospitality Source: Day1 Charles Morris shares insights from Jesus' first sermon in Luke 4:14-21, encouraging us to choose to live into the simple truth that is the heart of the gospel: God’s love is for all people. Gospel Growth Commentary/Exegesis by Scott E Hoezee Commentary/Exegesis by Scott E Hoezee Topics: Holy Spirit , Persecution Source: Groundwork Scott Hoezee and David Bast walk through Acts 8, how the Gospel moves to Samaria through persecution in Jerusalem; how Simon the magician is seemingly converted, and the Spirit sending Philip to meet the Ethiopian eunuch. Gospel Glory Article by Cornelius Plantinga Jr Article by Cornelius Plantinga Jr Topics: Glory , Service , Suffering Source: The Banner Cornelius Plantinga contrasts the common perception of glory as making a splash with the gospel vision of glory as self-giving love that enables others to flourish. Gospel Beginnings: John Audio/Video by David Bast Audio/Video by David Bast Topics: John , Advent , Truth , Incarnation Source: Groundwork The opening chapter of John's gospel reveals some of the deepest truths about Jesus Christ and creates the foundation for beliefs at the root of our Christian faith. A podcast by Scott Hoezee and David Bast. Gospel-Based Discipleship and Indigenous Christians Article by Mark MacDonald Article by Mark MacDonald Topics: Cultures , Discipleship , Leadership , Leading Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Mark L. MacDonald speaks and writes about gospel inculturation in Indigenous ministries, especially among First Nations ... Canada. Churches everywhere can learn from the Indigenous Gospel-Based Discipleship model for worship, governance, and community ... Gospel Sharers Devotional by Leigh McLeroy Devotional by Leigh McLeroy Topics: Community , Church , Advent Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling in thus devotional from The High Calling, Leigh McLeroy reflects on Philippians 1:3-11. In this season of hope and remembrance, remember those with whom you have shared together in the gospel. “The Twelve Gospels Service” Sermon Starter/Outline by Bill Olnhausen Sermon Starter/Outline by Bill Olnhausen Topics: Passion , Holy Week Source: Ancient Faith Blog This worship planning resource from the Orthodox tradition introduces the Thursday Evening Matins, “The Twelve Gospels Service,” where the story of our Lord’s Passion is celebrated at length in an intense service. Holy Thursday Evening Twelve Gospels Service Audio/Video by Bill Olnhausen Audio/Video by Bill Olnhausen Topics: Liturgy Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Bill Olnhausen introduces the Holy Thursday evening Twelve Gospels service. Included are several video examples of the service. Gospel Choir as Spiritual Formation Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Culture , Singing , Music , Body of Christ Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article shares the story of how East End Fellowship in Richmond, Virginia started a gospel choir in order to appreciate everyone's gifts as one body of Christ. Full Text Hymns on Gospel The Gospel of Your GracePD
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Gospel Beginnings Article by Courtney Jacob Article by Courtney Jacob Topics: Matthew , Luke , Christmas , Nativity Source: Groundwork Explaining how the traditional Christmas story compiles events told in Matthew and Luke, this article by Courtney Jacob discusses the benefits of studying both the nuances in each gospel and the overarching unified Christmas narrative. Gospel Audio/Video by Dan Stevers Audio/Video by Dan Stevers Topics: Gospel , Easter , Evangelism , Salvation Source: The Skit Guys A 2-minute gospel-themed video with narration and animation: "The good news of the gospel is that we are no longer slaves to sin and death. Contains excerpts from the book "King's Cross" by Timothy Keller." Gospel Reflection: Mark 1: 14-20 Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Topics: Gospel , Epiphany , Liturgy , Discipleship Source: Re-Worship Christine Longhurst shares a Gospel reflection written by Anne Osdieck that is based on Mark 1:14-20 and the calling of disciples. Gospel in the Dirt Sermon Starter/Outline by Beth Felker Jones Sermon Starter/Outline by Beth Felker Jones Topics: Ash Wednesday , Healing , Forgiveness Source: Faith and Leadership Reflecting on Ash Wednesday, Beth Felker Jones sees ashes as testifying that we are God’s creatures (Genesis 2-3), that we are broken, and that God offers healing and forgiveness in the Gospel (1 Peter 1:23-25). gospel of judas Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Jesus , Atonement , Interpretation , Orthodoxy Source: Liturgy Outside Referring to the Gospel of Judas, Katherine HawkerSelf notes, "I am [not] terribly persuaded by the particular thesis. I am, however, incredibly empowered by the presence and significance of this text." Not Man’s Gospel Devotional by Barnabas Powell Devotional by Barnabas Powell Topics: The gospel , Jesus Christ, authority of Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this reflection on Galatians 1:11-19 from the Orthodox tradition, Barnabas Powell examines what it means to "stand on the firm foundation of the Apostles and Prophets, with Jesus as our chief authority." What Is the Gospel? Sermon (Complete) by George Arthur Buttrick Sermon (Complete) by George Arthur Buttrick Topics: Gospel , Preaching , Joy , Redemption Source: Theological Commons (Princeton Theological Seminary) The preaching of the gospel is a joyous response to a joyous event, not a theory. This audio-recorded lecture by George Arthur Buttrick seeks to equip preachers of the good news. A Gospel Worth Dying For Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Gospel , Grace , Paul , Death Source: The Spurgeon Center Charles Spurgeon addresses three questions in this sermon on Acts 20:24: What was this gospel which Paul considered worth dying for? If we cannot die for it, how can we live for it? Why should we?...