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Topical Study on Hatred In its classic form, hatred is the disposition deep inside one's will and emotions to destroy something or someone. The hater wants the object of his hatred to be negated, removed, gone. Hatred is morally ambiguous, depending on its object. Thus Christians have been biblically taught to hate evil, but... Hatred Without Cause Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Hatred , Love , Christ , The Love of Christ Source: The Spurgeon Center The fact that Jesus was unjustly hated should teach us that the world's corruption keeps it from recognizing God's grace. Therefore, we should not be surprised when this world does not easily accept his followers. Hatred in My Heart Sermon Starter/Outline by Laurel Mathewson Sermon Starter/Outline by Laurel Mathewson Topics: Hatred , Love your neighbor , Conflict Source: The Christian Century A reflection on Leviticus 19:15-18 that considers the healing reconciliation that can occur when we are honest about the emotions we deal with in relationship. Righteous Hatred Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Hatred , Sin , Evil , Heart Source: The Spurgeon Center Followers of Christ will demonstrate love for God and for their neighbors. In this sermon, Charles Spurgeon explains how we must also hate sin. Holy Hatred Article by Lawrence Farley Article by Lawrence Farley Topics: Hatred , Exegesis , Old Testament Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Fr. Lawrence Farley uses Psalm 139:21 to discuss a tendency in the Church to explain away some Old Testament texts. Peace Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Hatred , Advent , Atonement , Justice Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg Rachel Hackenberg's poetic prayer for peace, based on Isaiah 9:4-5, asks for various means of violence and hatred to be neutralized, for the sake of God's name and justice. Minnesota anger and the angry God Article by Jordan Hylden Article by Jordan Hylden Topics: Hatred , Death , Seven deadly sins , Sin Source: The Living Church In this essay, Jordan Hylden contrasts divine anger, which is perfectly righteous and just, with human anger, that inclines toward hatred and indiscriminate revenge. Prayers in the Face of Racism Element of Worship by Fran Pratt Element of Worship by Fran Pratt Topics: Hatred , Peace , Racism , Violence Source: Global Worship "God, we are sad to see the stark truth of demons that remain among us: Hatred, bigotry, racism, and white supremacy." Prayers written by Fran Pratt and Kenneth Tanner in response to racist demonstrators in Charlottesville. When the K.K.K. Came to Town, Catholics Prayed. Now What? Article by Nichole M Flores Article by Nichole M Flores Topics: Hatred , Sin , Racism , Church Source: America: The Jesuit Review The KKK's actions bring together Catholics to pray the rosary and admit to racial hatred. The non-white author experiences this as an act of mercy, but asks if she will hear racism so clearly denounced again. Church, We Have Work to Do Article by Nikki Toyama-Szeto Article by Nikki Toyama-Szeto Topics: Hatred , Racism , Church Source: Missio Alliance To do nothing is to passively absorb racist ideology. Reflecting on the racial hatred that happened in Charlottesville, Nikki Toyama-Szeto invites the church to speak up, to take action, and to be a prophetic witness. Stories of Fatih, Hope, and Love Element of Worship by Carol Penner Element of Worship by Carol Penner Topics: Hatred , Doubt , Fear Source: Carol Penner A call to worship based on 1 Corinthians 13:3 and authored by Carol Penner. The prayer invites God to counter the doubt, fear, and hatred that fills the world with stories of faith, hope, and love. The Danger of Self-hatred Sermon Illustration by Lee Eclov Sermon Illustration by Lee Eclov Topics: Hatred , Image of God , Identity , God's Will Source: Preaching Today The dangers of self-hatred are illustrated by a bird bloodying itself until it destroyed the mirror in which it saw its reflection. Use it for texts such as Romans 8:15-17, Genesis 1:26-27, and 1 Corinthians 3:21-23. The Toughest Psalm Sermon Starter/Outline by Timothy W Ross Sermon Starter/Outline by Timothy W Ross Topics: Hatred , Children , Darkness , Foreigner Source: Ekklesia Project Timothy Ross says that the honest expression of sorrow and hatred in Psalm 137 "helps us acknowledge the darkness around us … and the darkness within us." This honesty is a step toward positive change. Full Text Hymns on Hatred We Need Each Other, Brethren!PD
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Christianity’s First Hate Crime Sermon (Complete) by Wendy Farley Sermon (Complete) by Wendy Farley Topics: Hatred , Love , Compassion , Scripture Source: Day1 Claiming that Matthew's distorted passion narrative (Matthew 26-27) constitutes Christianity's "first hate crime" against the Jews, this reflection encourages Christians to follow the love and compassion expressed in Philippians 2:1-11 instead of hatred and violence. Munching from the Inside Out Sermon (Complete) by Debra Samuelson Sermon (Complete) by Debra Samuelson Topics: Hatred , Forgiveness , Love , Anger Source: Day1 A sermon on Leviticus 19:1-2 and Matthew 22:34-36 that calls us to the action of love: to let go of the hatred, the bitterness, the self-righteousness that we hold and that are eating us alive. Perfect Sacrifice Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Hatred , Goodness , Sacrifice Source: The Living Church Reflections on Isaiah 1:1, 10-20; Psalm 50:1-8, 23-24; Genesis 15:1-6; Psalm 33:12-22; Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16; Luke 12:32-40, and on coming to the altar with hatred toward your neighbor. Teens and Faith: The Bronze Bow Sermon Illustration by Elizabeth George Speare Sermon Illustration by Elizabeth George Speare Topics: Hatred , Jesus , Story , War Source: Storypath The reviewer sees three themes in this book's rendition of 1st century Palestine written for teens: the intense hatred of the boy David for the Romans; physical warfare and vengeance; and Jesus himself, who changes people. Fred Phelps Has Died Sermon (Complete) by Dwight McCormick Sermon (Complete) by Dwight McCormick Topics: Hatred , Death , Easter , Love Source: Day1 Dwight McCormick's sermon on Matthew 5:43-47 says that belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us the responsibility to love our enemies and empowers us to overcome natural feelings of hatred and judgment. Satan and the Powers Article by Susan R Garrett Article by Susan R Garrett Topics: Eschatology , Jesus , Freedom Source: The Christian Reflection Project Exploring how scripture presents antagonistic powers (e.g. Satan, demons, etc.), Susan R. Garrett's article discusses Jesus' victory over the powers of darkness. Jesus frees us and gives us the power to vanquish hatred. Is It Always Wrong to Hate? Devotional by Mark D Roberts Devotional by Mark D Roberts Topics: Hatred , Evil Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Mark D. Roberts reflects on the challenges presented by Psalm 97:10, which commands the hatred of evil. However, we must restrain our natural instinct to move from hating evil to hating the people who do it. The Struggle with Terrorism Article by Ronald Rolheiser Article by Ronald Rolheiser Topics: Hatred , Epiphany , Military , Poetry Source: The Sunday Website In this reflection, Ronald Rolheiser discusses the futility in fighting against hatred with weapons and argues that what is needed in defeating hatred is more poets and artists.