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Topical Study on Heresy A transliteration of the Greek {{haíresis,}} from {{hairéō}} (to take, to choose), heresy in the New Testament originally meant a faction or sect: "Indeed, there have to be factions [{{haíresis}}] among you, for only so will it become clear who among you are genuine" (1 Cor. 11:19). By the second... Heresy and Creativity Article by David J Lose Article by David J Lose Topics: Heresy , Orthodoxy Source: Day1 David Lose reflects on orthodoxy and heresy, suggesting that only by pushing boundaries can we discern which boundaries are essential, and that only by risking the unorthodox can we be truly creative. It Only Takes a Spark (to keep a heresy going) Article by Jennifer Trafton Article by Jennifer Trafton Topics: Heresy , Culture Source: Christian History Institute "...ancient heresies are alive and well in modern culture." In this article, Jennifer shares her experience at a seminar in a secular university and raises the issue of prevailing Gnostic ideas in our culture. Heresy in the Early Church: A Gallery of Malcontents for Christ Article by Stephen Miller Article by Stephen Miller Topics: Heresy , Church History Source: Christian History Institute This article shares brief historical analysis of several heretics from the first centuries of the Christian church, including Valentinus, Novatian, Paul of Samosata and Pelagius. Preaching from a Manuscript is Not Heresy Article by Tom Teichmann Article by Tom Teichmann Topics: Preaching , Calling/Vocation , Exegesis , Sermon Source: Working Preacher This article by Tom Teichmann considers the value of manuscript preaching, urging preachers to be "true to themselves" and to use a manuscript without feeling guilty, if a manuscript will help them communicate better. People who Steal the Soul Article by David C Fink Article by David C Fink Topics: Heresy , Catholic , Church History , Capital Punishment Source: Christian History Institute Heresy was a capital offense in the sixteenth century. David C. Fink details prosecutions for heresy in Europe and England and shares statistics on executions based on religious beliefs. New Apostles or Old Heresy? An Orthodox Perspective on the New Apostolic Reformation Article by Robert Arakaki Article by Robert Arakaki Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Robert Arakaki offers a critique of the New Apostolic Reformation, noting is Gnostic influences and Montanist leanings. My First Heresy Article by Michael Jinkins Article by Michael Jinkins Topics: Heresy , Theology , Daily Living , Love Source: Ministry Matters In this reflection, Michael Jinkins finds it odd that Christianity places so much emphasis on holding metaphysical opinions about matters that cannot be known by mortals, suggesting a move past enforcing conformity to encouraging adventure. ancient promises and modern heresy Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Article by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Heresy , Promises , Nativity , God's Will Source: Liturgy Outside In giving caution to our putting God's name upon our deeds, victories, and accomplishments Katherine HawkerSelf opines that "Ridiculous becomes dangerous when we paint God’s name on our blessing." Bodies and Heresy Article by Heather Moffitt Article by Heather Moffitt Topics: Care , Health Source: Faith and Leadership This article argues for the centrality of physical health to our faith, suggesting that when we fail to care for our bodies, we are guilty of Gnosticism--the notion that bodies don’t matter as much as souls. Bodies and heresy Article by Heather Moffitt Article by Heather Moffitt Topics: Healing , Stewardship , Gluttony , Creation Source: Faith and Leadership Heather Moffitt offers three theological truths relevant to how we treat our bodies: we are called to be stewards of our bodies; salvation includes our bodies; and the eschatological restoration of all creation includes our bodies. The Importance of Knowing Heresy Sermon Illustration by Roger E Olson Sermon Illustration by Roger E Olson Topics: Heresy , Orthodoxy , Theology Source: Preaching Today Roger Olson, in this sermon illustration, explains that just as bank tellers are given counterfeit money to help them spot fake bills, Christians should also know heresy to understand orthodoxy. Bishop Advocates Heresy Over Division Sermon Illustration by Peter James Lee Sermon Illustration by Peter James Lee Topics: Heresy , Illustration , Conflict , Conflict/Disagreement Source: Preaching Today This sermon illustration for 2 Timothy 4:3, Acts 20:30, or 1 Timothy 1:9-11 is a quote highlighting themes of unity and conflict: "If you must make a choice between heresy and schism, always choose heresy." Full Text Hymns on Heresy The Church's one foundationPD
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Mitt the Heretic Article by Daniel Meeter Article by Daniel Meeter Topics: Heresy , Islam (Concept) , Church History Source: Reformed Journal Writing on Mormonism and Islam as historical Christian heresies, this article by Daniel Meeter explores interfaith dialogue between Christians and these groups as a natural progression from the extent to which heresy persists within Protestantism. Marathons as Grace or Heresy? Article by Jason Byassee Article by Jason Byassee Topics: Grace , Spirituality, piety, devotion , Good works Source: Faith and Leadership Does the desire to complete marathons have similar impulses as Pelagianism? Jason Byassee reflects upon his marathon experience. To run 26.2 miles is a massive achievement. But grace is always greater than our works. A God Without Wrath? Article by Lawrence Farley Article by Lawrence Farley Topics: Heresy , Culture , Wrath of God Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Fr. Lawrence Farley considers contemporary cultural teaching about tolerance, and uses it to challenge the growing "heresy" of a God without wrath. Finding the Truth Book Quote by Justo L González Book Quote by Justo L González Topics: Heresy , Church History Source: Christian History Institute In this article, Justo González discusses the two most powerful heresies of the earliest church (Gnosticism and Marcionism) and how it responded. Appreciating Anathemas Article by Lawrence Farley Article by Lawrence Farley Topics: Heresy , Relativism , Truth Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition on heresy and truth, Lawrence Farley explores the conciliar term "anathema." Blessed! Article by Charles Wiley III Article by Charles Wiley III Topics: Blessing , Faith , Prosperity , Wealth and poverty Source: Presbyterian Church Mission "The prosperity gospel is a dangerous heresy because it is so close to the truth." Charles Wiley reviews the allure and the dangers of this popular teaching. The Heresy that Wouldn’t Die Article by Philip Jenkins Article by Philip Jenkins Topics: History , Belief Source: Christian History Institute "Gnosticism has never gone away..." Philip writes about Gnostic perfective and belief, how Gnostic ideas were imported through history, and many forms of Gnosticism. The Power of Remembering Jesus Christ Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Memory , Kingdom of God Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this homily on 2 Timothy 2:1-10 from the Orthodox tradition, Andrew Stephen Damick examines the power of memory, suggesting that remembering Jesus Christ shapes us for the Kingdom of God.