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Topical Study on Hospitality A species of kindness and therefore of love, hospitality is the practice of making room for others and then helping them to flourish in the room you have made. Hospitality according to Luke Commentary/Exegesis by Marilyn Salmon Commentary/Exegesis by Marilyn Salmon Topics: Hospitality , Social class , Eating Source: Working Preacher Luke's approach to hospitality in Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 emphasises being a gracious recipient, overturning the normal boundaries of social class. Hospitality Audio/Video by Fuller Theological Seminary Audio/Video by Fuller Theological Seminary Topics: Hospitality , Memorial Source: Fuller Studio In this Story Table event hosted by Fuller seminary, guests gather around a table and share stories centered on the theme of the power of hospitality. Hospitality Commentary/Exegesis by Erik Heen Commentary/Exegesis by Erik Heen Topics: Hospitality , Commentary , Hebrews Source: Working Preacher In Hebrews 13, it is no accident that hospitality is in the emphatic position in the list of the marks of Christian identity incarnate in service. The other Christian virtues mentioned flow out of this practice. Hospitality: A Crucial Cup of Cold Water Sermon (Complete) by Dan De Leon Sermon (Complete) by Dan De Leon Topics: Hospitality , Ministry , Jesus , Discipleship Source: Day1 Jesus teaches his disciples to share the gospel message and heal the sick by relying on hospitality. Dan De Leon encourages us to engage in acts of hospitality to witness to Jesus and expand our faith. Untamed Hospitality Article by Elizabeth Newman Article by Elizabeth Newman Topics: Hospitality , Worship , Politics , Life Source: The Christian Reflection Project "Hospitality is rather a life we receive as we rely upon and respond to God and one another for the sake of God's Kingdom." Elizabeth Newman on understanding Christian hospitality as worship, economic, and political. Hospitality Commentary/Exegesis by Jacqueline E Lapsley Commentary/Exegesis by Jacqueline E Lapsley Topics: Hospitality , Promises , Visitors , Stranger Source: Working Preacher Jacqueline E. Lapsley’s commentary on Genesis 18:1-10a reflects on hospitality by contrasting the efforts shown in this text by Abraham with the utter lack of hospitality shown by the inhabitants of Sodom in Genesis 19. Hospitality Commentary/Exegesis by Jon C Laansma Commentary/Exegesis by Jon C Laansma Topics: Hospitality , Work Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This commentary on Hebrews 13:1-3 sees hospitality as an underrated form of work, typically uncompensated. However, it is an act of faith in God's provision and faith that people are worth taking care of. Hospitality in Worship Article by Cindy Holtrop Article by Cindy Holtrop Topics: Hospitality , Grace , Differing Abilities , Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Cindy Holtrop writes an essay about her passion for hospitality, rooted in grace. When we reflect God’s hospitality to us, the hospitality we extend to others becomes more than technique or task. Hospitality from the Heart Article by Erika Dekker Article by Erika Dekker Topics: Hospitality , Love your neighbor , Service , God's Love Source: The Banner True hospitality is a way of living that models God's love and welcome of us. This article explores the concept of true hospitality and invites Christians to practice it. Hospitality in the Shelter and the Shadow: Church as a Place of Radical Hospitality and Community Dialogue Article by Jane Gerdsen Article by Jane Gerdsen Topics: Hospitality , Church , Community Source: Earth and Altar Jane Gerdsen shares reflections from Noon Service members Mary, Patrick, Kyle, and Drew. Each offers a different perspective on what this new faith community means to them, touching on conversation, hospitality, and community. Hospitality as a Central Christian Practice Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Hospitality , Gratitude , Community Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship An article on hospitality as a way of life. "When we offer hospitality, especially to folks who are usually overlooked or undervalued...we make a strong statement about who is valuable and good to be with." Hospitality in Action Article by Jennifer Vander Molen Article by Jennifer Vander Molen Topics: Hospitality , Prayer , Responses , Stranger Source: Colossian Forum Blog The practice of hospitality is easy to overlook. This article highlights the work God did in Lydia, who upon being baptized, immediately began to welcome strangers into her community. Full Text Hymns on Hospitality In Christ There Is No East Nor WestPD
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Hospitality and the Other Book Quote by William H Willimon Book Quote by William H Willimon Topics: Hospitality , Fear , Inhospitality , Immigration Source: Day1 When facing the “other,” Christians are called to respond with hospitality, just as we have received the hospitality of Christ on the cross. An excerpt from William Willimon's book "Fear of the Other." Hospitality Image by David Martin Image by David Martin Topics: Hospitality , Stranger , Art Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive An image of a family showing hospitality to a stranger, providing him with food, drink in Matthew 25:43. Hospitality: How Wide is Your Welcome? Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Topics: Hospitality , Blessing , Persons Source: The Painted Prayerbook This devotional on Matthew 10:40-42 invites the reader to ask, 'How wide is your welcome?' Using art, poetry, personal experience and scripture reflection, the author draws us to reflect on hospitality. Hospitality as Paying Attention Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Hospitality , Lord’s Supper , Differing Abilities , Body of Christ Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Randy Smit sees the Lord’s Table as the “quintessential place for experiencing the hospitality of Christ. And so who’s at the table becomes pretty significant.” He focuses on opening it to those who may be left... Self-disclosure as Hospitality Article by Wesley Hill Article by Wesley Hill Topics: Hospitality , Love , Conversation , Listening Source: Faith and Leadership Hospitality is a delicate balance between listening and self- ... the other’s vulnerability. This way of practicing hospitality brings together different ways of loving. Hospitality Article by Michael Fick Article by Michael Fick Topics: Hospitality , Community , Discernment , Relationship Source: The Christian Century In both Genesis 18:1-10 and Luke 10:38-42, God’s experience of hospitality—in the mysterious travelers and in the person of Jesus Christ—inspires us to think beyond simplistic either/or divisions on what constitutes good hospitality. Christmas Blessing Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Christmas , Blessing , Kindness , Cynicism Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg A Christmas Blessing from Rachel G. Hackenberg that speaks on the good news of Christmas and praises God for God's faithfulness and hospitality to embolden our living. Hospitality Children's Sermon by Christine DeBoer Children's Sermon by Christine DeBoer Topics: Hospitality , Children , Home Source: Sermons 4 Kids Christine Boer's children's message on 1 Peter 4:9 introduces children to the concept of hospitality. Hospitality is a way we can show others that Jesus welcomes them into His family.