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Topical Study on Image of God Being created "in the image of God" is a great glory of humanity -- a source of great dignity and of great human rights and responsibilities. The image of God consists of at least three things: responsible dominion within creation, communal love, and true righteousness. Gendered Images of God Article Article Topics: Image of God , God , Language , Gender Source: Together in Worship An article discussing gendered images of God and using expansive language for God. Includes reflection and discussion questions. Includes an appendix with scriptural ways to address God in worship. Image of God, God's Omnipotence, God's Faithfulness, and Christ's Return Commentary/Exegesis by Steven King Commentary/Exegesis by Steven King Topics: Preparation , God's Faithfulness , God's Love , Omnipotence Source: Sermons That Work With themes on the image of God, God's omnipotence, God's faithfulness, and Christ's return, this Bible study resource gives passages that include commentary and questions (Isaiah 1:1, 10-20, Psalm 50:1-8, 23-24, Hebrews 11:1-3, 8-16, Luke 12:32-40) Images of God Article by Kae Evensen Article by Kae Evensen Topics: Image of God , Dying and Rising with Christ , Grace , Preaching Source: Working Preacher This encouraging article reminds us that our image of God is tainted, but grace compensates. Who Has the Image of God? Sermon Starter/Outline by Scott E Hoezee Sermon Starter/Outline by Scott E Hoezee Topics: Image of God , Parables , Justice , Charity Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching Scott Hoezee suggests preaching Jesus’ parable in Matthew 25:31-46 as a call to justice, challenging Christians to treat all people as deserving simply because they are made in the image of God. Man as the Image of God in Reverse Article by Stephen De Young Article by Stephen De Young Topics: Image of God , Persons , Creation Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Stephen De Young examines the image of God in humanity--created and recreated. Images of God for Young Children Article by Virginia Thomas Article by Virginia Thomas Topics: Image of God , God , Language , Illustration Source: Storypath Virginia Thomas writes about faith topics found in the children's book "Images of God for Young Children," which contains forty biblical images matched with illustrations and text - a combination of concrete and abstract nouns. Audio: New Testament and the Image of God Commentary/Exegesis by Scott E Hoezee Commentary/Exegesis by Scott E Hoezee Topics: God , Image of God , Genesis , Colossians Source: Groundwork Dave Bast and Scott Hoezee talk about how Jesus is the perfect image of God and, as image bearers of Christ, how humankind is in charge of taking care of creation. Recognizing the Image of God Sermon (Complete) by Mark Stephenson Sermon (Complete) by Mark Stephenson Topics: Image of God , Hospitality , Meaning of Life , Differing Abilities Source: The CRC Network This sermon on recognizing the image of God was written for the 25th Anniversary of Christian Reformed Disability Concerns. It highlights the significance of being made in the image of God. A children's message is included.... Made in the Image of God Sermon (Complete) by Martha P Sterne Sermon (Complete) by Martha P Sterne Topics: Image of God , Love , Attributes of God , Creation Source: Day1 In this sermon on Luke 17:11-19, Martha Sterne reflects on the implications of our being made in the image of God. Image of God Audio/Video by Richard Middleton Audio/Video by Richard Middleton Topics: Worldview , Creationism , Science , Identity Source: Biologos In this podcast, Richard Middleton joins Jim Stump in an attempt to answer some questions about human identity through the lens of a biblical and ancient worldview. The Image of God and the Secret of Life Sermon (Complete) by David J Wood Sermon (Complete) by David J Wood Topics: Image of God , Faith , Creation , Scripture Source: Day1 This sermon preaches that having been created in the image of God we have a responsibility to care for God's creation. Thus, redemption rightly understood is the restoration of the image of God in human life.... Reasons We Must Preach on the Image of God Article by Taylor Combs Article by Taylor Combs Topics: Image of God , Preaching , Sanctification Source: Facts & Trends Taylor Combs discusses the image of God (imago Dei), and suggests three reasons that we should make the the image of God a priority in peaching. Full Text Hymns on Image of God Sing Praise to God, Who Reigns AbovePD
Immortal, invisible, God only wisePD
God of the Ages, Whose Almighty HandPD
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Disability and the Image of God Article by Peter Gordon Article by Peter Gordon Topics: Image of God , Community , Church , Body of Christ Source: The CRC Network All people, individually and collectively, are created in the image of God. This has implications for how we think and how we view other people. Kwanzaa and the Image of God Sermon Starter/Outline by Stacey M Floyd-Thomas Sermon Starter/Outline by Stacey M Floyd-Thomas Topics: Image of God , Creation , Creativity , Faith Source: The African American Lectionary This sermon outline, with other resources, on Genesis 1:27 integrates humanity's creation in the image of God with Kwanzaa, which "commemorates African people in all their humanity." The Kwanzaa principle of Kuumba (Creativity) is emphasized. Opossums and the Image of God Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Topics: Image of God , Incarnation , Creation Source: The Twelve In this essay, Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell observes how our theologies of the image of God and the incarnation have shaped our relationship with the rest of creation. The Image of God Article by James Bratt Article by James Bratt Topics: Image of God , Oppression , Social Justice , World Source: The Twelve This reflection about being "conformed to the image of God’s Son" asks what this means for groups and tribes and nations and peoples. The Trinity, the Image of God, and How Women Have Been Left Out of the Picture Article by Steve Dancause Article by Steve Dancause Topics: Image of God , Church , Trinity , Women Source: Missio Alliance In this interview, Deb Gregory explains the primary historical views of the image of God and how women have been left out of the picture. She encourages the church to use and grow in their gifts.... More Than Skin Deep: The Image of God in People with Disabilities Article by Kathy McReynolds Article by Kathy McReynolds Topics: Image of God , Materialism , Spiritualism , Differing Abilities Source: Biologos In this article, Kathy McReynolds addresses the issue of disability and challenges us to think about the Image of God as something far greater than our outward appearance or physical abilities. The dust of possibility Poetry by Rachel G Hackenberg Poetry by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Ash Wednesday , Imagination , Creation , Hope Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg This poem by Rachel G. Hackenberg meditates on the chaos and potential at the beginning of creation, finding in the "dust of possibility" a source for hope. The Face of God Devotional by Preston Yancey Devotional by Preston Yancey Topics: Image of God , Love your neighbor , God's Presence Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling God has given us a strange invitation: when God seems silent, look to the person beside. Perhaps there God is to be found reflected. Preston Yancey reflects on the image of God in Genesis 1:26.