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The Certainty of Love Article by Randy Beumer Article by Randy Beumer Topics: Peter , God's Love , Forgiveness , Easter Source: The Banner In John 21 Jesus meets Peter in the middle of his uncertainty with forgiveness that has the power to restore Peter and reaffirm his calling. More Than a Sabbath: My Fast from Consuming Article Article Topics: Sheep , Peter , Jesus Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This anonymous article makes the point that consumers who enjoy an abundance of good things are called to show love to others by "feeding the sheep" (John 21:17). Living in the Postscript Sermon (Complete) by Barbara K. Lundblad Sermon (Complete) by Barbara K. Lundblad Topics: Easter , Daily Living , Resurrection Source: Day1 A sermon on John 21:1-14. Lundblad reminds us that Jesus is present in the postscript when the story seems to be over. When we see Jesus in our postscript lives, we say, "It is the Lord!" Breakfast after the Miraculous Catch of Fish Image by Christoph Weigel Image by Christoph Weigel Topics: Art , Jesus Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive This etching by Christoph Weigel depicts John 21:10-14, where Jesus has breakfast with his disciples. Commentary on John 21:1-19 Commentary/Exegesis by Karyn Wiseman Commentary/Exegesis by Karyn Wiseman Topics: John , Disciple , Peter , Perseverance Source: Working Preacher Karyn Wiseman’s commentary on John 21:1-19 explores how this resurrection story acts as a recommissioning for the disciples, a reinstatement of Peter, and reflects on perseverance. The Resurrection: The Whole Story Article by Bill Olnhausen Article by Bill Olnhausen Topics: Resurrection Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Bill Olnhausen offers commentary on some of the lesser known Pascha stories. God of Seaside Breakfasts Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Topics: Joy , Grace of God , Time , Temptation Source: Lectionary Liturgies Thom Shuman offers a complete order of worship, weaving in passages from Psalm 30, Revelation 5:11-14, and John 21:1-19, including calls to worship and reconciliation, prayers, a liturgy for communion, an offertory, sending, etc. Jesus Forgives Peter and Paul Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Easter , Joy , Jesus , Children Source: Worshiping With Children A guide for children's participation in congregational worship, including children's books, songs, dramatic readings, activities, and more. Based on Psalm 30, John 21:1-19, Acts 9:1-20, and Revelation 5:11-14. An Order of Service Template for Celebrating the Lord's Supper Service Outline by Thom M Shuman Service Outline by Thom M Shuman Topics: Easter , Prayer , Liturgy , Eucharist Source: Lectionary Liturgies This resource provides a template designed to assist worship leaders in planning a worship service celebrating the Lord's Supper based on Psalm 30, John 21:1-19, Acts 9:1-6, and Revelation 5:11-14. The Miracle of the Resurrection Transforms Us Sermon (Complete) by Rob Kroll Sermon (Complete) by Rob Kroll Topics: Love , Obedience , Listening to God , Humility Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Four homilies for the Sundays after Easter on John 20:19-31, John 21:1-19, John 10:27-30, and John 13:31-35. Themes include transformation in Christ, humble obedience, recognizing the shepherd's voice, and loving like Christ. The Resurrection: The Whole Story Commentary/Exegesis by Bill Olnhausen Commentary/Exegesis by Bill Olnhausen Topics: Resurrection Source: Ancient Faith Blog Mixing biblical reflection, Paschal theology, and Orthodox tradition, Bill Olnhausen introduces the resurrection accounts that most people seldom hear. The Disciples Had Breakfast with Him Service Outline Service Outline Topics: Easter , Resurrection , Trust , Disciple Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A worship service plan based on Jesus' breakfast with the disciples on the beach (John 21:1-14), offering the disciples a renewed call to follow and serve him. Full Text Hymns on John 21:10 Two Were Bound for Emmaus©
Peter Said, "I'm Going Fishing"©
Jesus Calls Us! O'er the TumultPD
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The Question Cannot be Avoided Sermon (Complete) by Stanley Hauerwas Sermon (Complete) by Stanley Hauerwas Topics: Love , Ministry , Jesus , Peter Source: Faith and Leadership The Lord's question, "Do you love me?" is not just for Peter but for all of us, says Stanley Hauerwas in this sermon on John 21:1-29. What does our love of Jesus mean for ministry? Marked by the Light Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Glory , Light , Theophany Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this sermon starter and commentary from the Orthodox tradition on Psalm 67/68:18, Matthew 4:12-17, John 21:1-14, and Ephesians 4:7-13, Edith Humphrey reflects on "Theophany" as God upon us in the light of his glory. What Does the Story Do to Us? Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Life , Church , Faith , Discipleship Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Jesus' ethical teaching is not the heart of the Christian faith; instead, the heart of faith is a personal living relationship with God through the living, risen Lord who grants us forgiveness and new life. Commissioned Yet Again Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Commentary/Exegesis by David J Lose Topics: Forgiveness , Preaching , Daily Living , Commissioning Source: Working Preacher David Lose applies to us the re-commissioning of the disciples in John 21. Though we fail, Jesus forgives, invites us to share what we have and are, and gives us meaningful work to do. “Do You Love Me more than … These?” Article by R Thomas Richard Article by R Thomas Richard Topics: Love , Peter , Elijah (Biblical prophet) Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This Catholic essay explores the 153 fish caught in John 21 and the 153 soldiers sent to retrieve Elijah in 2 Kings 1, suggesting that Jesus is preparing Peter for the task to come. Participating in Heaven Article by Dixon Kinser Article by Dixon Kinser Topics: Heaven , Discipleship , Kingdom of God Source: Caminando with Jesus Commenting on John 21:1-19, Dixon Kinser explains that Jesus, during his post-resurrection appearances, was less interested in detailing the afterlife and more interested in commissioning disciples to carry on his kingdom work. Recognizing Jesus Sermon Starter/Outline by Annie Lockhart-Gilroy Sermon Starter/Outline by Annie Lockhart-Gilroy Topics: Love , Ministry , Discipleship , Peter Source: Discipleship Ministries In these sermon notes on Jesus' post-resurrection appearance to the disciples who were fishing (John 21:1-19), Annie Lockhart-Gilroy observes that we, like Jesus' followers, may fail to recognize Jesus. Becoming Ambassadors for Christ Sermon (Complete) by Donald Fishburne Sermon (Complete) by Donald Fishburne Topics: Reconciliation , Betrayal , Sermon Source: Day1 In this sermon on Acts 9:1-6 and John 21:1-19, Donald Fishburne compares two appearances of the resurrected Jesus to show how betrayal was overcome with grace.