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Topical Study on Judgmentalism A prime example of sinful folly, judgmentalism is the tendency to judge the ideas, words, or deeds of others self-righteously, hastily, or presumptuously. Jesus Is for Losers Article by Shane Claiborne Article by Shane Claiborne Topics: Judgmentalism , Sermon on the mount , Grace , Love Source: The Christian Reflection Project In this essay, Shane Claiborne argues that "Folks are hungry for a Christianity that mirrors Jesus, not the judgmentalism that has done more to repel than to woo..." A Quote Illustrating Anger and Judgmentalism Book Quote by Robert C Roberts Book Quote by Robert C Roberts Topics: Judgmentalism , Anger Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching A short quotation from "You are Nasty and I am Nice: Angles on Anger" by Robert C. Roberts illustrating how anger becomes habitual and makes one judgmental. Judgment and Love Sermon (Complete) by Robert Barron Sermon (Complete) by Robert Barron Topics: Judgmentalism , Judgment , Love , Preaching Source: Word on Fire If there is one absolute in our secular culture today it is non-judgmentalism. How should we navigate the ways of judgement and love? A sermon from Bishop Robert Barron. Learning Discernment from the Desert Monastics Article by L Roger Owens Article by L Roger Owens Topics: Discernment , Wisdom , Leadership , Holy Spirit Source: Faith and Leadership An article by L. Roger Owens about applying desert monastics' wisdom and discernment in a modern context. Owens tells of a classroom exercise that revealed discernment as a "learned gift" that requires the absence of judgmentalism. The Arrogance of Our Religion Element of Worship by Bill Wessner Element of Worship by Bill Wessner Topics: Judgmentalism , Mercy , Pride , Forgiveness Source: Re-Worship "We pout in our prosperity when you distribute your generosity so 'unjustly.'" A prayer of confession based on Psalm 145, Matthew 20:1-16, and Philippians 1:21-30, that contrasts our judgmentalism with God's mercy. Prayer of Confession: Hoarding God's blessings Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Topics: Judgmentalism , Love , Confession , Manna Source: Re-Worship Christine Longhurst presents a prayer of confession inspired by Joshua 5:9-12. It asks mercy for our self-centeredness, self-righteousness, and judgmentalism. She Left Her Water Pot Audio/Video by Tamieka N. Moore Audio/Video by Tamieka N. Moore Topics: Judgmentalism , Water , Guilt , Shame Source: The Institute for Youth Ministry - Princeton Theological Seminary In this short video clip, Tamieka Moore uses the woman's leaving her water pot (John 4:28) as a metaphor for hindrances such as guilt, shame, fear, or judgmentalism that Jesus can help us leave behind.. Climbing the More with Less Ladder Poetry by Carol Penner Poetry by Carol Penner Topics: Judgmentalism , Grace , Parable , Poetry Source: Carol Penner Carol Penner's poem alludes to Jesus' parable of the prodigal (Luke 15:11-32), identifying with the self-righteousness and judgmentalism of the older son. In Defense of a Civil Tongue Article by Nathan Aaseng Article by Nathan Aaseng Topics: Judgmentalism , Injustice , Prophecy , Self Control Source: Working Preacher On one hand, sin and evil should not go unchallenged. On the other, to challenge evil can degenerate into judgmentalism. This article challenges us to civility in our prophetic role to call out injustice and self-centeredness. True Fasting Element of Worship by John van de Laar Element of Worship by John van de Laar Topics: Worship , Fasting , Compassion , Service Source: Sacredise Asking God to keep us from dry religion, legalism, judgmentalism, personal piety, selfishness, and lifeless worship, John van de Laar's prayer asks God to teach us "true fasting" that reflects God's love with compassion and service. Sacred Habits Audio/Video by John Ortberg Audio/Video by John Ortberg Topics: Discipline , Life, Spiritual , Science , Soul Source: Biologos In this 49 minute podcast (with transcript), Pastor John Ortberg discusses the forgotten practice of spiritual disciplines and how biological predispositions affect human character. You can run on for a long time… Sermon Illustration by Jody Howard Sermon Illustration by Jody Howard Topics: Judgment , Grace , Sin , Truthfulness Source: The Living Church In this essay, Jody Howard contemplates the interplay of God's grace and God's wrath in bringing human secrets and sin into the light. Full Text Hymns on Judgmentalism The Judgment DayPD
The Judgment DayPD
Where Shall I Be?PD
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Jesus Is For Losers Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Topics: Judgmentalism , Beatitudes , Sermon on the mount , Grace Source: The Christian Reflection Project Study Guide / Adult Sunday School Lesson drawn from the Sermon on the Mount, focusing on the ethic of embracing evildoers in joy. Includes reflection questions and liturgical elements. How We Should Deal With the Sins of Others...And How We Usually Get It Wrong Commentary/Exegesis by Mark D Roberts Commentary/Exegesis by Mark D Roberts Topics: Judgmentalism , Forgiveness , Jesus , Reconciliation Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Commenting on Luke 17:3-4, Mark Roberts discusses Jesus' approach to dealing with the sin of a fellow Christian: "the messy middle between judgmental criticism and passive acceptance." We are to confront with the goal of forgiveness. Tobacco Road Article by Dorothy Day Article by Dorothy Day Topics: Judgmentalism , Education , Art , Catholic Source: Commonweal Dorothy Day's story about attending the play "Tobacco Road" could be a source of illustrations on the subject of compassion and judgmentalism. Getting Serious Sermon (Complete) by David Galloway Sermon (Complete) by David Galloway Topics: Judgmentalism , Ecumenism , Unity , Divisions Source: Day1 In this written sermon, David Galloway preaches on Mark 9:38-50, emphasizing our need to find commonality within our various Christian denominations and practices. A Piece of Jesus' Mind Commentary/Exegesis by Alyce M McKenzie Commentary/Exegesis by Alyce M McKenzie Topics: Judgmentalism , Parables , Forgiveness , Peace Source: Patheos This reflection of Luke 7:36-50 by Alyce McKenzie explores how and why Jesus’s presence at Simon the Pharisee’s table brings peace to the sinful woman but turmoil to the judgmental Pharisees. Earthly Rewards, Blaming the Refs, Tim Tebow, and What to Do When the Root Beer is Gone Sermon Illustration by Matt Woodley Sermon Illustration by Matt Woodley Topics: Judgmentalism , Preaching , Illustration , Compassion Source: Preaching Today News items for sermon illustrations. Useful for discussing heroism and compassion, judgmentalism and blame, spiritual blindness and repentance, media bias, marriage and love, evangelism and gospel outreach. Policemen Display Kindness to a Homeless Man Sermon Illustration by Ernie Reno Sermon Illustration by Ernie Reno Topics: Judgmentalism , Compassion , Kindness , Mercy Source: Preaching Today Ernie Reno tells the story of witnessing a police officer show an act of kindness to a homeless man and being surprised by it. This story can illustrate themes such as judgmentalism, compassion, gentleness and service. The Ones We Long For Element of Worship by John van de Laar Element of Worship by John van de Laar Topics: Longing , Courage , World , Divisions Source: Sacredise Expressing our world's divisiveness, exclusion, and judgmentalism, John van de Laar's prayer asks that God give us the courage to be people who can fulfill society's longing for healing, restoration, unity, and inclusion.