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Mission Possible Sermon Starter/Outline by David J Lose Sermon Starter/Outline by David J Lose Topics: Parables , Awareness of God , Evangelism , Kingdom of God Source: Working Preacher This sermon starter on Mark 4:26-34, suggests a more subversive reading of the parable of the mustard seed, describing the Kingdom of God as unruly, unsafe, and a haven for undesirables. Tending to Seeds and Soil Article by Kasey Hitt Article by Kasey Hitt Topics: Silence , Prayer Source: Ministry Matters This article offers a silent retreat guide on the theme of seeds and soil from Mark 4:1-20, 26-32, giving time to tend to the seeds God has planted in the soil of our hearts. Labor Day and the Kingdom Sermon (Complete) by Stephen McKinney-Whitaker Sermon (Complete) by Stephen McKinney-Whitaker Topics: Parables , Work , Kingdom of God Source: Day1 The parables of Mark 4:26-32 make it clear that God does the work of bringing the kingdom and, when taken seriously, what Jesus says has the potential to be become dangerous--and life-changing. Living with Christ Devotional Devotional Topics: Parables , Missions , Calling , Time Source: ePriest This reflection on Mark 4:26-34 compares the spiritual life of believers to a mustard seed and promises that God will grow it to full and sheltering plant in God's own time. Large Things in Small Parishes Commentary/Exegesis by Kyle Childress Commentary/Exegesis by Kyle Childress Topics: Power , Kingdom of God , Humility Source: Ekklesia Project In Mark 4:26-34, Kyle Childress discusses the nature of the Kingdom of God, in which God redeems the world through mustard seed churches and ordinary people, using the humble, weak, and small for important purposes. The Fruit of the Kingdom Devotional Devotional Topics: Grace , Faith , Kingdom of God Source: ePriest This devotional on Mark 4:26-34 sees grace as the fruit of God's kingdom, creating faith within our lives and sustaining our faith throughout our lives. Available also in Spanish. A New Perspective Sermon (Complete) by Hugh L Eichelberger Sermon (Complete) by Hugh L Eichelberger Topics: Parables , Despair , Hope Source: Day1 Many people are crippled by cynicism, despair, and depression. This sermon on Mark 4:26-34 proclaims the power of the gospel to liberate people into a perspective of possibility. Faith in a Seed Sermon (Complete) by Christopher A Henry Sermon (Complete) by Christopher A Henry Topics: Faith , Kingdom of God Source: Day1 A sermon on Jesus' parables in Mark 4:26-34. To those who have the courage to sow the seeds they've been given, the parables offer a powerful promise that growth will come. Litany for The Seed Image by Fran Pratt Image by Fran Pratt Topics: Kingdom of God , Art , Community , Spiritual Growth Source: Global Worship This Litany of the Seed by Fran Pratt focuses on the seed of God's kingdom from Mark 4. Included also are the paintings, "Parable of the Sower" and “The Mustard Seed” by Nelly Bube of Kazakhstan. Seed of the Kingdom Sermon (Complete) by Beth Maynard Sermon (Complete) by Beth Maynard Topics: Kingdom of God , Sermon Source: Sermons That Work In this sermon on Mark 4:26-34, Beth Maynard reminds us that the real seed of the Kingdom is the mustard seed: tiny words, the most inefficient pieces of witness, and the little actions of every day. Crazy Sparrows Sermon (Complete) by Richard Conrad Sermon (Complete) by Richard Conrad Topics: Sin , Church , Humor , Parables Source: Torch: Catholic Homilies from the Dominican Friars This homily on Mark 4:26-34 gives reason to laugh at ourselves - and at Jesus. One of the greatest antidotes to many sins is a sense of humour, the readiness not to take ourselves too seriously. Prayer of Confession Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw Topics: Faith , Prayer , Confession , Friendship Source: Re-Worship Moira Laidlaw's prayer of confession based on Mark 4:26-34 speaks to themes of staying connected to Jesus and planting "seeds of faith in the lives of others." Full Text Hymns on Mark 4:26-34 Come, You Thankful People, ComePD
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The Power of Small Deeds Sermon (Complete) by Richard Finn Sermon (Complete) by Richard Finn Topics: Parables , Power , Ezekiel , Humility Source: Torch: Catholic Homilies from the Dominican Friars Richard Finn reminds us that all the stories of God using small, humble things are not all in the past. Our own small, humble acts of obedience image the coming, glorious kingdom. A Day of Small Things Sermon (Complete) by Martha P Sterne Sermon (Complete) by Martha P Sterne Topics: Parables , Ten Commandments , God's Will , Sermon Source: Day1 In this sermon on Mark 4:26-34, Martha Sterne compares Jesus’ seed parables with the Ten Commandments to conclude that God does big things through our small actions. Secret of the Seed Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Topics: Poetry , Art , Blessing , Spiritual Growth Source: The Painted Prayerbook Jan Richardson shares a poem and original artwork loosely connected with Mark 4:26-34. In the poem, she explores how the hollow that pain makes in our lives can become a space where a seed can grow. The Word Grows by Grace Devotional by Carey Boyzuck Devotional by Carey Boyzuck Topics: Grace , Words , Parable , Bible Source: ePriest A reflection on Mark 4:26-34 about the parable of the mustard seed and seeing grace at work. This meditation speaks on God's word being like seed, faith growing through grace, and the word bringing life. God of Small Seeds and Mighty Plants Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Topics: Prayer , Parables Source: Re-Worship An opening prayer based on the parables about seeds in Mark 4:26-34. Humorous Gospel Commentary/Exegesis by Nadia Bolz-Weber Commentary/Exegesis by Nadia Bolz-Weber Topics: Parables , Image of God , Kingdom of God , God's Will Source: The Christian Century Contrasting the imagery of Israel as the cedar tree in Ezekiel 17:22-34 with Jesus' parable of the Kingdom of God resembling a mustard seed in Mark 4:26-34, Nadia Bolz-Weber explores the humor of the gospel. Seeds of the Kingdom Sermon Illustration by Greg Kandra Sermon Illustration by Greg Kandra Topics: Kingdom of God , Parables Source: Connect! Sunday Reflection In the parable of the mustard seed, Jesus described a kingdom that started small but grew to a point where no one could contain it. It is a place of great, limitless possibility—one that welcomes all. Eyes to See Devotional by Jessie Larkins Devotional by Jessie Larkins Topics: Parable , Kingdom of God , Faith Source: Ekklesia Project In this reflection, Jessie Larkins considers David being anointed king from 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 and the parable of the mustard seed from Mark 4:26-34 to think about how the Kingdom of God works through the insignificant.