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Seed of the Kingdom Sermon (Complete) by Beth Maynard Sermon (Complete) by Beth Maynard Topics: Kingdom of God , Sermon Source: Sermons That Work In this sermon on Mark 4:26-34, Beth Maynard reminds us that the real seed of the Kingdom is the mustard seed: tiny words, the most inefficient pieces of witness, and the little actions of every day. Preposterous seed stories Sermon Starter/Outline by Justo L González Sermon Starter/Outline by Justo L González Topics: Parables , Providence , Kingdom of God , Reign of God Source: The Christian Century Reflecting on the parable of the growing seed and the parable of the mustard seed in Mark 4, Justo González points to the reign of God that is not obvious to our eyes yet revolutionary. Plant the Seed Devotional Devotional Topics: Church , Kingdom of God , Discipleship , Parables Source: The Living Church God is on his way and uses the Church to announce mercy in an unmerciful world. As we obey Jesus, do the things he taught, and live in his abiding presence, the seed is planted. The Weakness in Virtue and the Virtue in Weakness Sermon (Complete) by J Warren Smith Sermon (Complete) by J Warren Smith Topics: Ministry , Weakness , Power , Virtue Source: Faith and Leadership In his sermon on 2 Corinthians 12:1-12 and Mark 4:26-32, J. Warren Smith writes that the hallmark of an apostle is found not in strength but in weakness, to point beyond ourselves to God. Prayer of Confession Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw Element of Worship by Moira Laidlaw Topics: Faith , Prayer , Confession , Friendship Source: Re-Worship Moira Laidlaw's prayer of confession based on Mark 4:26-34 speaks to themes of staying connected to Jesus and planting "seeds of faith in the lives of others." A Kingdom Big Enough Sermon (Complete) by Stephen McKinney-Whitaker Sermon (Complete) by Stephen McKinney-Whitaker Topics: Worship , Patience , Church , Kingdom of God Source: Day1 Reflecting on church attendance decline and the nature of God's Kingdom, Stephen McKinney-Whitaker's sermon on Mark 4:26-34 explains that the lowly Kingdom, which is marked by humble service, "starts off small and grows of itself." Secret of the Seed Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Topics: Poetry , Art , Blessing , Spiritual Growth Source: The Painted Prayerbook Jan Richardson shares a poem and original artwork loosely connected with Mark 4:26-34. In the poem, she explores how the hollow that pain makes in our lives can become a space where a seed can grow. God of Small Seeds and Mighty Plants Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Topics: Prayer , Parables Source: Re-Worship An opening prayer based on the parables about seeds in Mark 4:26-34. Growth of Seed Image by Ian Pollock Image by Ian Pollock Topics: Parables , Art Source: European Illustration Collection Hull This 2000 painting by Ian Pollock depicts Jesus' parable of the growing seed from Mark 4:26-29. Sermon Brainwave Audio/Video by Rolf Jacobson Audio/Video by Rolf Jacobson Topics: Lectionary , Pentecost , Mark, Book Of , Ezekiel Source: Working Preacher A podcast discussion around exegesis and preaching on Mark 4:26-34, Ezekiel 17:22-24, 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13, Psalm 92:1-4&12-15, and 2 Corinthians 5:6-17. Litany for The Seed Image by Fran Pratt Image by Fran Pratt Topics: Kingdom of God , Art , Community , Spiritual Growth Source: Global Worship This Litany of the Seed by Fran Pratt focuses on the seed of God's kingdom from Mark 4. Included also are the paintings, "Parable of the Sower" and “The Mustard Seed” by Nelly Bube of Kazakhstan. Noisy Spring Sermon (Complete) by Kimberleigh Buchanan Sermon (Complete) by Kimberleigh Buchanan Topics: Parables , Hope , Congregational Flourishing , Kingdom of God Source: Day1 A thought-provoking sermon on Christ's parable of the seeds, comparing it to a devastating storm, as well as a story from the popular bestseller Same Kind of Different as Me. Offering Prayer: Seeds Element of Worship by Katherine HawkerSelf Element of Worship by Katherine HawkerSelf Topics: Prayer , Humility , Offering , Faithfulness Source: Re-Worship A prayer of dedication based on Jesus' parables about seeds and plants in Mark 4:26-34. "Grant us the humility we need to plant and then tend your precious garden." Grace: Flung and Wasted Everywhere Sermon Starter/Outline by Brian Hiortdahl Sermon Starter/Outline by Brian Hiortdahl Topics: Parables , Grace , Ministry , Leadership Source: The Christian Century In this article on Isaiah 55:11, Matthew 5:45, 13:1-9, 18-23, and Mark 4:26-27, Brian Hiortdahl reflects on the wasteful grace that church leaders are called to in ministry. The Power of Small Deeds Sermon (Complete) by Richard Finn Sermon (Complete) by Richard Finn Topics: Parables , Power , Ezekiel , Humility Source: Torch: Catholic Homilies from the Dominican Friars Richard Finn reminds us that all the stories of God using small, humble things are not all in the past. Our own small, humble acts of obedience image the coming, glorious kingdom. The Ministry of Reconciliation Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Topics: Pentecost , Hope , Calling , Reconciliation Source: Lectionary Liturgies This liturgy with communion reminds us that God calls us to be ambassadors of reconciliation, forgiveness, and love. The Poor Are Not Lucky Devotional by Lillian Daniel Devotional by Lillian Daniel Topics: Poverty , Generosity , Jesus , Wealth and poverty Source: Day1 Lillian Daniel wrote this devotional on Mark 4:24-26. Jesus, in this passage, is promoting generosity so that more generosity will occur. The excuse to not give financial/materially, is often to give of self. Preaching Epiphany Sermon Starter/Outline by Rachel G Hackenberg Sermon Starter/Outline by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Epiphany , Transfiguration , Discipleship , Wisdom Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg Rachel G. Hackenberg offers sermon series ideas and Scripture from the Revised Common and the Narrative Lectionaries for Epiphany. Her themes are: Revelation in Community, A Child Shall Lead Them, The Wisdom of Praise, Practicing Discipleship. Worship Resources Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Element of Worship by Thom M Shuman Topics: Liturgy , Worship Planning , Prayer , Confession Source: Lectionary Liturgies This liturgy draws on 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13, Psalm 20, Mark 4:26-34, and 2 Corinthians 5:6-17 and includes a call to worship, prayer for forgiveness, assurance of pardon, communion, sending, and other worship elements. Humorous Gospel Commentary/Exegesis by Nadia Bolz-Weber Commentary/Exegesis by Nadia Bolz-Weber Topics: Parables , Image of God , Kingdom of God , God's Will Source: The Christian Century Contrasting the imagery of Israel as the cedar tree in Ezekiel 17:22-34 with Jesus' parable of the Kingdom of God resembling a mustard seed in Mark 4:26-34, Nadia Bolz-Weber explores the humor of the gospel.