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Topical Study on Ministry It's humbling and life-changing to understand that the biblical word for ministry ({{diakonia}}) ultimately comes from the Greek word for "slave." Ministry is always, first and foremost, service to God and to others. Why Do We Do Ministry Without God? Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Ministry , Prayer , Priesthood Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this homily on Luke 13:10-17 and Ephesians 6:10-17 from the Orthodox tradition, Andrew Stephen Damick reminds us that it is God’s mission and ministry...and we get to be part of it, Ministry WITH the Poor: Doing For; Doing With; Being With Article by Paul Slentz Article by Paul Slentz Topics: Ministry , Poor , The Poor , Service Source: Ministry Matters Reminding that the "poor are in ministry," Paul Slentz's article distinguishes three levels of participating in ministry with the poor: doing a service for others, doing a service with others, and being in fellowship without barriers. Tending to the Financial Strain of Ministry Article by Richard Foss Article by Richard Foss Topics: Ministry , Money , Pastor , Vocation Source: Faith and Leadership Ministry is diminished when new pastors suffer with large student debt. In this interview, Richard Foss speaks about efforts to illuminate and alleviate the financial strain of ministry. Ministry Team Leadership: Go Deeper Article by Kimberly MacNeill Article by Kimberly MacNeill Topics: Ministry , Leadership , Gifts, spiritual , Service Source: Ministry Matters ... fulfillment through service, Kimberly MacNeill's article encourages ministry leaders to commit to their volunteers' spiritual growth ... Ministry in Practice Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H Fuller Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H Fuller Topics: Ministry , Teaching , Gospel , Calling Source: The Sunday Website These four texts attend to the nature of ministry including ministry succession, tending to God's Word, relationships, and the calling to ministry. Reginald Fuller discusses each. Ministry is Not Easier than Theology Audio/Video by Sarah Coakley Audio/Video by Sarah Coakley Topics: Ministry , Theology , Systematic Theology Source: Faith and Leadership This video argues that divinity schools should integrate practical and systematic theology to benefit both disciplines and better prepare students for ministry. Ministry Inspired by Home- and the Spirit Commentary/Exegesis by John Frederick Commentary/Exegesis by John Frederick Topics: Ministry , Family , Power , Home Source: Working Preacher This commentary on 2 Timothy 1:1-14 addresses two themes of this exhortation to Timothy: the home/family as a root and sanctuary of Gospel ministry, and the power of the Spirit for engaging in that Gospel ministry. Ministry of Reconciliation Among the Poor Article by Cheryl Sanders Article by Cheryl Sanders Topics: Reconciliation , Poverty , Equality , Power Source: The Project on Lived Theology In this academic paper, Cheryl J. Sanders reflects on her ministry of reconciliation among the poor at Third Street Church in Washington DC and the important principles of mutuality and empowerment. Connecting Ministry to Jesus Sermon Starter/Outline by Heather Heinzman Lear Sermon Starter/Outline by Heather Heinzman Lear Topics: Discipleship , Missions , Spirituality , Joy Source: Discipleship Ministries Heather Heinzman Lear's sermon notes on Hebrews 9:11-14, 24-28 emphasize the importance, for church programs, of "connecting the ministry to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus." Ministry Idols Being Exposed by COVID-19 Article by Joy Allmond Article by Joy Allmond Topics: Ministry , Idolatry , Church Source: LifeWay The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing churches to do ministry differently and find new ways to reach people. But, Joy Allmond shows how it is also exposing weaknesses in our ministries. Ministry in the Margins: The Good, the Bad, and the Awesome Article by Wayne Meisel Article by Wayne Meisel Topics: Ministry , Leadership , Hope , Pastoral leadership Source: Day1 In this reflection on the economic uncertainty facing today’s seminary graduates, Wayne Meisel also cites some of the many benefits to being in ministry and offers encouragement to those whose ministry takes new or different forms. Ministry and social media: Leaving a congregation Article by Erica Schemper Article by Erica Schemper Topics: Ministry , Social Media , Youth , Pastoral leadership Source: Day1 A youth minister writes about challenges she faced and the wisdom she gained transitioning from one congregation to another on social media. Part two of an eight-week series on Youth ministry and social media. Full Text Hymns on Ministry We Have This Ministry©
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Ministry Involves Our Support Sermon (Complete) by Chris Andreas Sermon (Complete) by Chris Andreas Topics: Ministry , Gratitude , Generosity , God's Provision Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America This sermon for Hebrews 6:10 says that through giving to the ministries of the church, we are helping the church flourish and grow. Prophetic Ministry Article by Michael Gillis Article by Michael Gillis Topics: Sin , Prophets , Jeremiah Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Michael Gillis examines "prophetic ministry" as one that sees sin, in others and in the self. Ministry Helps Struggling Veterans Heal from the Wounds of War Article by Eileen Flynn Article by Eileen Flynn Topics: Guilt , Healing , Military , Forgiveness Source: Faith and Leadership Eileen Flynn's article describes ministries helping veterans deal with moral injury - "the turmoil people experience when they violate their core values" on the battlefield. Preaching Notes for a Sermon on Awakening to Ministry Sermon (Complete) by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries Sermon (Complete) by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries Topics: Ministry , Discipleship , Education , Preaching Source: Discipleship Ministries This sermon about “Awakening in Ministry” emphasizes awakening to the nourishment we receive for this ongoing work through the sacrament of Holy Communion, and what it means to live fully as baptized members of Christian community. Order of Worship for Awakening to Ministry Element of Worship by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries Element of Worship by United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries Topics: Ministry , Fear , Worship , Discipleship Source: Discipleship Ministries This order of worship is for a service built upon the theme "Awakening to Ministry" is based on John 20 and includes responses, thanksgiving, communion, and sending forth in Jesus' name. Values for Discerning Worship Music for Youth Ministry Article by John McNeill, Jr. Article by John McNeill, Jr. Topics: Faith , Music , Discernment , Spirit Source: The Institute for Youth Ministry - Princeton Theological Seminary John McNeill, Jr., proposes several criteria (values) "for discerning worship music that pleases God and edifies believers in Jesus Christ." His context is youth ministry but his values would be applicable to worship generally. The First Fruits of Achaia: Setting Ourselves for the Ministry of the Saints Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Sermon (Complete) by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Saints Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this sermon from the Orthodox tradition, Andrew Stephen Damick uses Matthew 21:33-42 and 1 Corinthians 16:13-24 to encourage the "ministry of the saints." No Tech/Low Tech Ministry Ideas for Local Churches Practical How-To by Susan Arnold Practical How-To by Susan Arnold Topics: Ministry , Technology , Community Source: Ministry Matters COVID-19 has leveraged the use of technology in ministry, but not everyone has technology available to them. And so, Susan Arnold looks back to low tech ideas for ministry connection.