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Topical Study on Psalms The psalms gift the believer and the believing community with a robust and no-holds-barred vocabulary in conversation with God. The psalms provide backing to Jewish Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's claim, "With God anything can be said. Without God nothing is heard." We Shall Rise with Christ Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy Koester Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy Koester Topics: Death , Easter , Resurrection Source: Working Preacher Just as the Psalmist was delivered by God in Psalm 118, so now Christ empowers us, comforts us, and snatches us out of the realm of death. Habakkuk & Zechariah Image by Nicholas Papas Image by Nicholas Papas Topics: Art , Zechariah , Habakkuk Source: Journey with Jesus This contemporary icon by Nicholas Papas depicts the prophets Habakkuk and Zechariah. (Scroll down for image.) God's Provision and Anger Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy deClaissé-Walford Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy deClaissé-Walford Topics: Manna , God's Provision , God's Faithfulness , Trust Source: Working Preacher Nancy deClaissé-Walford's commentary on Psalm 78:23-31, Exodus 16, and Numbers 11 explores both how God demonstrates God's goodness and rule over creation by providing food and how God is angered when we do not trust God. Who Do You Say I Am? Sermon Starter/Outline by Kenneth D. Koeman Sermon Starter/Outline by Kenneth D. Koeman Topics: Jesus , Confession , Identity Source: Reformed Worship "Who do you say I am?" Kenneth Koeman explores this question in Luke 9:18-27 and our potential responses to it. Included are also a call to worship, a prayer of confession and hymn suggestions. Seeking Refuge in Trouble Commentary/Exegesis by J. Clinton McCann Commentary/Exegesis by J. Clinton McCann Topics: Trust , Resurrection , Crucifixion , Lament Source: Working Preacher In this commentary on Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16, J. Clinton McCann explains what it means to seek refuge. The psalm invites us to trust and find hope in God in the midst of our trouble. Promise of Restoration Commentary/Exegesis by James K. Mead Commentary/Exegesis by James K. Mead Topics: Eschatology , Exile Source: Working Preacher Psalm 85 provides language for trusting that heaven and earth will someday meet and kiss, uniting God with creation finally remedying “the ongoing brokenness of the world and the sinfulness of persons and of our society.” Nathaniel Hawthorne's Encouraging Wife Sermon Illustration by David Jeremiah Sermon Illustration by David Jeremiah Topics: Marriage , Money , Faith , Hope Source: Preaching Today Never estimate the power of a supportive wife! This story illustrates how Nathaniel Hawthorne's frugality enabled him to write his most famous work. An illustration on marriage, stewardship, hope, and love. Betrothed and Married to Christ Sermon Illustration Sermon Illustration Topics: Faithfulness , Church , Second Coming Source: Preaching Today This illustration borrowed from Jewish marriage tradition sheds light on how our betrothal to Christ takes place at the point of salvation. But the wedding ceremony occurs when Christ, the Bridegroom, comes to take the bride. Participation in Suffering Image by Junius Johnson Image by Junius Johnson Topics: Sufferings of Christ , Union With Christ , Good Friday , Crucifixion Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture Junius Johnson provides commentary on James Tissot's painting, "What our Lord Saw from the Cross" (1886-94), writing that "Tissot gives us Christ’s eyes; asks us to enter in to the experience of the Lord." The Raising of Lazarus Image by Roger Wagner Image by Roger Wagner Topics: Resurrection , Art , John , Death Source: ArtWay This painting by Roger Wagner depicts Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead from John 11 and is accompanied by a description from Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker. The Oil of Blessing Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy Koester Commentary/Exegesis by Nancy Koester Topics: Easter , Unity , Resurrection Source: Working Preacher Nancy Koester's commentary on Psalm 133 looks at the psalm through the lens of Easter and finds a message of unity and abundance that transcends all time. Like the Pupa of a Butterfly Image by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker Image by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker Topics: Lent , Jesus , Resurrection , Freedom Source: ArtWay Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker offers an analysis of Roger Wagner's painting titled "Lazarus (Psalm 49)." She reflects on how this image offers us a beautiful image of how God is at work with us, giving us new life. Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs for Weddings Song/Hymn by Bert Polman Song/Hymn by Bert Polman Topics: Wedding , Love , Marriage , Sexuality Source: Reformed Worship Singing “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs” at a wedding provides a corporate opportunity to express praise for God’s love to us and to offer prayers for the wedding couple. Embodying the Word Article by Tobias Winright Article by Tobias Winright Topics: Faith , Grace , Faithfulness , Community Source: Ekklesia Project Christianity is not only about spirituality, but discipleship; a way of life, of being and behaving in this world in all spheres of life, from family to work, politics to recreation, and education to economics. Eagerly I Seek You Element of Worship by Laurence C. Sibley Element of Worship by Laurence C. Sibley Topics: Prayer , Worship Planning , Psalms Source: Reformed Worship This article by Larry Sibley offers examples and suggestions for including the Psalms in the form of a prayer in Sunday worship and throughout the week. Psalm 34 Realities Sermon Starter/Outline by James K. Mead Sermon Starter/Outline by James K. Mead Topics: Suffering , Evil , God's Deliverance Source: Working Preacher This commentary on Psalm 34 breaks the psalm into three themes: the reality of suffering for the righteous, the reality of evil in the world, and the reality of divine rescue. Christ's Love, the Eucharist, the Assumption, Persecution and Taking Up the Cross Sermon (Complete) by David Powers Sermon (Complete) by David Powers Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Homilies on Romans 8: What will separate us from the love of Christ?; Matthew 14: the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist; Luke 2: the Assumption of Mary; Matthew 16: Peter and Persecution; Matthew 16: Self-Sacrifice. Praying through the Psalms Practical How-To by Cindy de Jong Practical How-To by Cindy de Jong Topics: Worship Planning , Prayer , Psalms Source: Reformed Worship The idea was proposed at Calvin (College) University to have a night of praying through all 150 Psalms. Cindy de Jong explains how they did it. Hunger, Storms, and a Church Who Remains Sermon (Complete) by Donald J. Planty, Jr. Sermon (Complete) by Donald J. Planty, Jr. Topics: Catholic , Courage , Transfiguration Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Here are six homilies based on 1 Kings 19:9-13, Psalm 85, Matthew 14:22-33, Luke 1:29-56, and Matthew 16:21-27. Topics include: weathering storms, God satisfying our hunger, Mary's exemplary virtue, and the importance of the Catholic Church. A Song of Praise Commentary/Exegesis by Jerome Creach Commentary/Exegesis by Jerome Creach Topics: Praise , God's Faithfulness , God, the King , King David Source: Working Preacher The main subject of Psalm 145 is the eternal kingship of the Lord. God as heavenly king is faithful in a way that no king of Israel ever was, and God’s kingdom of righteousness endures forever.

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