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Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship Topical Study on Psalms The psalms gift the believer and the believing community with a robust and no-holds-barred vocabulary in conversation with God. The psalms provide backing to Jewish Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel's claim, "With God anything can be said. Without God nothing is heard." A Psalm of Thanks and Praise Commentary/Exegesis by Mark Throntveit Commentary/Exegesis by Mark Throntveit Topics: Praise , Thanksgiving , Sabbath , Joy Source: Working Preacher Psalm 92, arranged in sevens and designated for the Sabbath, motivates our thanks and praise as arising from the sheer delight of recognizing what God has done and that God is indeed in control. Psalms of Praise Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson Topics: Praise , Relationship Source: Enter the Bible In this video, Rolf Jacobson explains the two functions of the praise psalms: first, as a form of testimony, and second, as a form of direct communication with God. Faith and Dependence on God Commentary/Exegesis by Jerome Creach Commentary/Exegesis by Jerome Creach Topics: Psalms , Faith , God's Faithfulness , Commentary Source: Working Preacher Psalm 25 is a model prayer, based on the cries of individuals to God in earlier psalms. It indicates how important it is regularly to recite words that call us to faith and dependence on God. Psalm 147:12-20 Resources Element of Worship by Joan Stott Element of Worship by Joan Stott Topics: Praise , Israel , Attributes of God , Obedience Source: The Timeless Psalms Psalm 147-based Call to Worship, Prayer of Praise with the response "Praise now the Lord, it’s good to raise our hearts and voices in his praise,” and Personal Meditation on Israel's role and relationship to God. 'Psalm 22' Song/Hymn Song/Hymn Topics: Psalms , Good Friday , Worship Planning Source: Global Worship "Psalm 22" is a psalm for reflection on Good Friday. Sung by Roland Smith of the Dutch group ‘Psalmen Voor Nu’ ('Psalms for Now’). Psalm 24—Who Article by Marcus Hong Article by Marcus Hong Topics: Forgiveness , Ethics , Kingdom of God , Earth Source: The Institute for Youth Ministry - Princeton Theological Seminary Every club we know has standards to determine who's in and who's out. Psalm 24 lays out God's standards... yet they aren't what we might think. Psalm 29 resources Element of Worship by Joan Stott[1]c_2016.htm Element of Worship by Joan Stott Topics: Praise , Creation , Community Source: The Timeless Psalms Psalm 29 provides the basis for a Call to Worship and a Prayer of Praise, both focused on coming together with creation to praise God, and a Personal Meditation that also includes Genesis 1. Psalm Article by Nathan Bierma Article by Nathan Bierma Topics: Psalms , Scripture , History , Prayer Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Psalms is a book to live by, pray by, and think carefully about. A word study on "psalm," calling out the deep historical tradition of not only reading, but also singing psalms. Psalms Study Guide by Unknown Study Guide by Unknown Topics: Psalms , David , Poetry Source: Blue Letter Bible A study guide for Psalms emphasizing their value and how they can serve in multiple levels of Christian growth. The guide also gives greater context to the genres and the history around the book. Psalm 122, contemporary versions Element of Worship by Duncan Wilson Element of Worship by Duncan Wilson Topics: Peace , Church , Congregation , Unity Source: Worship Words Four contemporary versions of Psalm 122. The first three were written collaboratively by groups of theology and ministry students at the United Church of Zambia University. The fourth version comes from the United Kingdom. Psalm 51 Audio/Video Audio/Video Topics: Psalms , Repentance , Sin , Confession Source: The Work of the People A visual liturgy video based on Psalm 51, a psalm of confession. Psalm 84 Audio/Video Audio/Video Topics: Scripture Reading , Stranger Source: The Work of the People This video features music by Matt Hammon and footage of people sleeping, eating, and walking outside while the words of Psalm 84 scroll across the screen. Full Text Hymns on Psalms Ninety-Third PsalmPD
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Psalm 138 – for 2 voices Drama by Ana Gobledale Drama by Ana Gobledale Topics: Love , Prayer , Praise , Thanksgiving Source: Worship Words Ana Gobledale has arranged Psalm 138 for two voices: one lifting prayers to God, and the other reflecting on the nature of God. Psalms for All Seasons Service Outline Service Outline Topics: Psalms , Singing , Music , Worship Planning Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A video recording, audio recording, and written program outline of a festival of singing that uses a collection of Psalms to explore how the spectrum of psalm singing can cross boundaries of time and tradition. Psalm 31 as the Prayer of Jesus Sermon Starter/Outline by Jerome Creach Sermon Starter/Outline by Jerome Creach Topics: Passion , Prayer Source: Working Preacher This commentary on Psalm 31:9-16 considers it in the context of Passion Sunday, suggesting it be read as the prayer of Jesus, the one who placed his spirit in the protective power of his God. Psalm 122 Element of Worship Element of Worship Topics: Worship , Church , Justice , Fellowship Source: Worship Words "I was filled with great happiness when I was called to go to church." Psalm 122 rewritten by a group of Ministerial Students at United Church of Zambia University. Psalm 23 and Lessons for Youth Service Outline Service Outline Topics: Lent , Ministry , Worship , Discipleship Source: Discipleship Ministries This resource includes a Bible study on Psalm 23 aimed at teaching youth the importance of trusting Christ as our Shepherd. Group activities and discussions reinforce the theme (cf., John 3:16 and Philippians 4:13). Psalm 130: Waiting for hope Poetry by Thom M Shuman Poetry by Thom M Shuman Topics: Hope , Heart , Waiting , Forgiveness Source: Re-Worship A poetic reflection on Psalm 130. It speaks of despair, sin, forgiveness, waiting, and hope. Psalm 32—Confession and Confidence Commentary/Exegesis by Marcus Hong Commentary/Exegesis by Marcus Hong Topics: Confession , Gender , Works , Grace Source: The Institute for Youth Ministry - Princeton Theological Seminary Reflecting on Psalm 32 in the context of youth ministry, the author counsels that confession comes from our confidence in God’s love and forgiveness instead of focusing on our own works and accomplishments. Includes song recommendations. Psalm 105 prayer Element of Worship Element of Worship Topics: Prayer , Glory , Wisdom , Miracles Source: Worship Words A prayer inspired by Psalm 105, praising God for wonderful works and for being "intimately involved in all we do, offering strength, wisdom, guidance, fortitude."