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Explore more than 20 relevant online classes offered by Calvin University regarding the Christian response to COVID-19 Prayers in the Face of Racism Element of Worship by Fran Pratt Element of Worship by Fran Pratt Topics: Racism , Peace , Hatred , Violence Source: Global Worship "God, we are sad to see the stark truth of demons that remain among us: Hatred, bigotry, racism, and white supremacy." Prayers written by Fran Pratt and Kenneth Tanner in response to racist demonstrators in Charlottesville. Service of Lamentation for Racism Element of Worship by SueAnn Shiah Element of Worship by SueAnn Shiah Topics: Racism , Lament , Injustice , Worship Planning Source: Global Worship This blog post features a Service of Lamentation for Racism that includes songs, readings, and a corporate confession. Listed also are several other resources about racism and injustice for congregational use. A Christian Response to Racism in the Year of Coronavirus Article by Allen Yeh Article by Allen Yeh Topics: Racism , Unity , Image of God Source: Christianity Today This article focuses on the increase of racism against people of Asian descent in the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, encouraging Christians to fight against irrational responses to fear by recognizing God's image in all people. Combating Racism Devotional by Roy Lloyd Devotional by Roy Lloyd Topics: Racism , Spirit , Spirituality , Healing Source: Day1 This brief reflection suggests that combating and ending racism is a sacred mission coming from our deepest and most profound values. To do so paves a path toward reclaiming the core of our human spirit. After Ferguson and Eric Garner Decisions, White Christians Say It’s Time to Stand With Blacks Sermon Illustration by Adelle M. Banks Sermon Illustration by Adelle M. Banks Topics: Racism , Justice , Blackness , America Source: Ministry Matters Describing a social trend favoring attitudes of gospel freedom on matters related to race, this article by Adelle M. Banks illustrates how white Evangelical Christians are choosing to stand in solidarity with oppressed African-Americans. A Colorful Feast Devotional Devotional Topics: Racism , Diversity , Body of Christ , Technology Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling A devotional reflection from the Theology of Work project on Psalm 86:9. The author tackles issues of diversity and segregation in the church, urging readers to find those who aren't "at the table" and invite them. The Most Segregated Hour Sermon Illustration by Chris Thomas Sermon Illustration by Chris Thomas Topics: Racism , Worship , Church Source: Day1 This sermon illustration is a petition to Christians to reexamine themselves and tear down all racial boundaries, so that we can catch a glimpse of the the fullness of God's kingdom that is to come. Love in Times of Hatred Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Racism , Lament , Prayer , Worship Source: Global Worship "We lament our history of racism and pray for love in the face of violence." A compilation of resources for the ongoing crisis of racism, including litanies, prayers, sermon starters, and artwork. Divine Human Connections Devotional Devotional Topics: Racism , Music , Injustice , Gospel Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Drawing from Ezekiel 11:19 to Tchaikovsky, a youth orchestra to the author's own identity, this reflection meditates on recent racial protests, justice, and the Gospel truth that leaves behind division and connects us all. The Church, Repentance, and Racial Reconciliation Devotional by Catherine Meeks Devotional by Catherine Meeks Topics: Racism , Unity , Reconciliation , Devotion Source: Day1 In this devotional on Galatians 3:28, Catherine Meeks discusses the continued struggle for racial reconciliation in the world by pointing directly to the change that needs to happen within the Church. Avoiding Racism in Starting New Congregations Study Guide by Robert B. Kruschwitz Study Guide by Robert B. Kruschwitz Topics: Racism , Integration , Justice , Reconciliation Source: The Christian Reflection Project "How is our ethnocentrism—expressed in the homogeneous unit principle ... infecting the practice of starting new congregations in the United States?" A study guide about racism in the church, including discussion questions and liturgical elements. “Justice and Mercy Kiss in the Precincts" Image Image Topics: Racism , Mercy , Justice , Violence Source: Global Worship Resources on racial injustice, assembled in response to the crisis in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Includes corporate prayers, a digital painting, and a poignant reflection post written by a priest. Communion, a Counter-Monument Sermon Starter/Outline by Kyuboem Lee Sermon Starter/Outline by Kyuboem Lee Topics: Racism , Kingdom of God , Gospel , Christ Source: Missio Alliance Reflecting on 1 Corinthians 11:17-33, Kyuboem Lee says that "communion is a witness to God’s kingdom and a witness against the kingdoms of this world," including classism, sexism, and racism. The Persistent Problem Study Guide by Robert B. Kruschwitz Study Guide by Robert B. Kruschwitz Topics: Racism , Justice , Reconciliation , Galatians Source: The Christian Reflection Project A bible study guide for adults on the topics of race, reconciliation, and justice based on Galatians 3:27-29. Discussion questions and liturgical elements included. Everything I Know About Racism I Learned in the Church Sermon Illustration by Christena Cleveland Sermon Illustration by Christena Cleveland Topics: Racism , Church , Angel , Blackness Source: Missio Alliance Christena Cleveland relates several anecdotes from her experience that could serve as illustrations of how "the church continues to be a powerful agent of racism in our world." They Met to Read the Bible Song/Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette Song/Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette Topics: Racism , Lament , Justice , Violence Source: Global Worship "God, may we keep on sowing the seeds of justice here, till guns are silent, people sing, and hope replaces fear." This resource introduces Carolyn Winfrey Gillette's hymn mourning the racial violence in Charleston. Banishing Bigotry With Christ Devotional Devotional Topics: Racism , Violence , Love , Grace of God Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling Remarking on tragic violence against black persons in America, this devotional draws on Jesus's all-inclusive grace in Mark 7:24-37 to show how we should fight bigotry with love by opening our hearts to all people. Church Dedicated to Fighting White Supremacy is Accused of It, the Power of Questions, and More Sermon Illustration Sermon Illustration Topics: Racism , Politics , Immigration Source: Faith and Leadership This collection of news stories are about leaders gathering to discuss the future of evangelicalism, accusations of white supremacy in a church fighting against it, the power of questions, playful machines, etc., useful as sermon illustrations. A Knock at Midnight Devotional by Kenneth L. Samuel Devotional by Kenneth L. Samuel Topics: Racism , Faith , Poverty , Injustice Source: Day1 A devotional on Luke 11:5-8. Kenneth Samuel explores the faith it takes to knock on a door at midnight. He encourages us to have the same audacious faith to keep knocking until everyone is fed. They Are Not Thieves, They Are Men Audio/Video by Lauralee Farrer Audio/Video by Lauralee Farrer Topics: Racism , Missions , Humility Source: Fuller Studio Lauralee Farrer, Nate Harrison, and Michael Moore tell the story of Shane McNary who works as a missionary in Slovakia with the Romany people, and confronts the sin of racism in that context.

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