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Explore more than 20 relevant online classes offered by Calvin University regarding the Christian response to COVID-19 'O God of Creation, We See All Around Us' Song/Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette Song/Hymn by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette Topics: Racism , Creation , Justice , Hymn Source: Global Worship This 2010 hymn text is by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette is set to the tune of ASH GROVE. Entitled, "O God of Creation, We See All Around Us," it is a hymn for racial justice. Racism, Police Killings, and the Way Forward: A Pastoral Letter from a Black Man of Faith Article by Earl James Article by Earl James Topics: Racism , Murder , Justice , Blackness Source: Faithward Earl James, a Black man of faith, shares a pastoral letter on the way forward through racism. He reflects on the experience of being African-American, being an ally, police killings and use-of-force, and practical steps. Racism and the Dying American Church Article by Joy Craun Article by Joy Craun Topics: Racism , Sin , Church Source: Missio Alliance The American church should confront, repent, and actively pursue ending racism. Joy Craun explains how unaddressed, pervasive racism is one of the reasons why American church is dying. I've Got Your Back Devotional by Ron Buford Devotional by Ron Buford Topics: Racism , Promises of God, The , Hebrews Source: Day1 Jesus is our advocate and we should do likewise. Ron Buford's reflection on Hebrews 6:13-20 reminds us of the assurance of God's promise to bless us and how Jesus advocates for us with God. How Can White Christians Talk Faithfully about Racism? Article by Carolyn B. Helsel Article by Carolyn B. Helsel Topics: Racism , Gratitude , Conversation , Guilt Source: Faith and Leadership White people may feel shame and guilt about racism, which often halts the conversation, says Carolyn B. Helsel. In this interview, Helsel talks about moving beyond the guilt and shame, to making those conversations more grace-filled. ‘We Are Family’ Song/Hymn by Doxa Theo Song/Hymn by Doxa Theo Topics: Racism , Family , Lament , Love Source: Global Worship A video of the liturgical band Doxa Theo singing the song "We Are Family," a lament for racial division and violence and a prayerful song of hope. Trouble I’ve Seen: Changing the Way the Church Views Racism Book Quote by Drew Hart Book Quote by Drew Hart Topics: Racism , Justice , Sin, evil , Change Source: Day1 This excerpt of Drew Hart's book shares his clearly articulated perspective and experience of what it means to be a black man in a white culture. The Work of the People in Racial Tension Service Outline by Urban Doxology Service Outline by Urban Doxology Topics: Lament , Reconciliation , Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship We cannot escape the grasp of sin and death. In this vespers service, Urban Doxology responds to events of hate and racism, death and tragedy through song, with words of both lament and hope. Teens and Faith: Three Final Reviews Study Guide Study Guide Topics: Racism , Faith , Family , Father Source: Storypath These three short reviews for works of adolescent fiction. A story of an awakening to conflicts of science and religion, of the youngest person executed for treason by the Third Reich, of serving God amidst racism. A Song in a Weary Throat Devotional by Talitha Arnold Devotional by Talitha Arnold Topics: Racism , Hope , Singing , Justice Source: Day1 This devotional reflects on Psalm 137:4 and the need to keep on singing songs of hope, even when our throats are weary. A White Response to "Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America" Sermon (Complete) by MaryKate Morse Sermon (Complete) by MaryKate Morse Topics: Racism , Confession , Blackness , Privilege Source: Missio Alliance Drawing numerous quotes from Michael Eric Dyson's book "Tears We Cannot Stop," MaryKate Morse presents a sermon on the perpetuating privilege of "whiteness" and how white people can make "reparation" for their systematic racism. Anti-Racism in the Renewing of Christian Worship, 2020 Article Article Topics: Racism , Peace , Reconciliation , Lament Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship A statement of lament and recommitment following the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. Portions could be used for public worship. Included is a list of links to resources on anti-racism, reconciliation and cultural competency. A Prayer of Repentance from Racism Element of Worship by Mark Young Element of Worship by Mark Young Topics: Racism , Prayer , Repentance , Sin Source: Global Worship Mark Young offers a litany of repentance from racism. Race and Justice Service Outline by Stan Wilson Service Outline by Stan Wilson Topics: Racism , Justice , Reconciliation , Race Source: The Christian Reflection Project A worship service with focus on race and reconciliation. It features, hymns, a prayer of confession, scripture texts, communion liturgy, and space for a homily. VBS Programs Address Racism, Pandemic in Virtual Setting Sermon Starter/Outline by Kevin Johnson Sermon Starter/Outline by Kevin Johnson Topics: Racism , Jonah , Ruth , Children Source: Discipleship Ministries During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, children's ministers have developed innovative ways to connect with children and grow disciples. This VBS resource offers a full curriculum and program to address both COVID-19 and racism. U.S. Bishops Adopt New Anti-racism Letter, First in Almost 40 Years Article by Olga Segura Article by Olga Segura Topics: Racism Source: America: The Jesuit Review This article reflects upon news that the U.S. Catholic bishops voted to accept the first pastoral letter against racism in almost 40 years. The Cancer of Racism amid COVID-19 Article by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra Article by Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra Topics: Racism Source: The Gospel Coalition In response to data that shows 3 in 10 American blaming Chinese people for the COVID-19 pandemic, this article implores the Christian church to show gospel-centered love in the stand against racism and hate crimes. The State of Racism in America Sermon (Complete) by Katharine Jefferts Schori Sermon (Complete) by Katharine Jefferts Schori Topics: Racism , Justice , Diversity , Discipline Source: Day1 Starting with Revelation's vision (7:9, 13-17) of a diverse multitude of people, restored and at peace in God's presence, Katharine Jefferts Schori reflects on the continual challenge of vigilance in overcoming racism. 12 Lessons from the Race Conversation Practical How-To by Jonathan Leeman Practical How-To by Jonathan Leeman Topics: Racism , Conversion , Church , Race Source: Global Worship "To have a multicultural church … you’ll need to talk about race." This post introduces an article (link included) with "12 Lessons" for racial dialogue. It also includes comments from a pastor who critiques the article. Citizenship in the Kingdom of God is the End of Racism Article by Efrem Smith Article by Efrem Smith Topics: Racism , Church , Reconciliation , Calling Source: Missio Alliance Reflecting on the Charlottesville attack and 2 Corinthians 5:14-21, Efrem Smith reminds us of our call to live as ambassadors of reconciliation declaring how racism is in no way representative of God's kingdom.

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