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Explore more than 20 relevant online classes offered by Calvin University regarding the Christian response to COVID-19 A Prayer of Repentance from Racism Element of Worship by Mark Young Element of Worship by Mark Young Topics: Racism , Prayer , Repentance , Sin Source: Global Worship Mark Young offers a litany of repentance from racism. The Church and Racism Audio/Video by Christena Cleveland Audio/Video by Christena Cleveland Topics: Racism , Church , Video Source: The Work of the People In this video, Christena Cleveland shares her experience of racism in the church in order to help the church unify and become one. The Many Things I Do Not Know about Racism Article by Brett Younger Article by Brett Younger Topics: Racism , Church Source: Day1 Are you breathing the air of racism? Brett Younger reflects on the issue of racism and the church community, drawing on his own experience as a white man in an African congregation. Sin, Racism, and Privilege Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Article by Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell Topics: Racism , Sin , Persons Source: The Twelve Total depravity can make humans feel like worms, but somehow it always worms its way out of conversations around racism. Frequently we dismiss that theological grounding to a conversation which continues to dominate politics. How the Pandemic Helped Churches for Addressing Racism Article by Rebekah Simon-Peter Article by Rebekah Simon-Peter Topics: Racism , Church Source: Ministry Matters Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the church pivoted quickly to be able to serve people in a new way. Rebekah Simon-Peter says that same pivoting can help the church face the pandemic of racism. Responding to Racism Practical How-To by Bruce Reyes-Chow Practical How-To by Bruce Reyes-Chow Topics: Racism , Oppression , Conversation , Social Justice Source: Day1 In this article, Bruce Reyes-Chow responds to a letter by offering suggestions on how to respectfully engage in the issue of racism. The Real Answer to Racism Sermon Illustration by Anthony Evans Sermon Illustration by Anthony Evans Topics: Racism , Sin , Theology , Illustration Source: Preaching Today "Racism isn't a bad habit; it's not a mistake; it's a sin. The answer is not sociology; it's theology." A quotation from Anthony Evans, suggested as an illustration for Luke 9:43 and Acts 11:3. Racism is a Sickness of the Soul. Can Jesuit Spirituality Help Us Heal? Audio/Video by Bryan N. Massingale Audio/Video by Bryan N. Massingale Topics: Racism , Healing , Justice , Social class Source: America: The Jesuit Review Having an honest, adult conversation about race, people might need to feel uncomfortable—embarrassed, ashamed, fearful, angry, overwhelmed, helpless and/or paralyzed—because there are few issues that grip and affect us emotionally more than the issue of race. Why Ash Wednesday? Article by Laura Smit Article by Laura Smit Topics: Ash Wednesday Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Ash Wednesday became the day that marked the beginning of the Lenten renewal. Laura Smit explores the use of ash on Ash Wednesday and the implications for believers. The Sin of Structural Racism from White Christians Audio/Video by Erin Dufault-Hunter Audio/Video by Erin Dufault-Hunter Topics: Racism , Justice , Sin , Repentance Source: Fuller Studio Explaining that white Christians need to imitate Nehemiah in repenting for their racial sin, Erin Dufault-Hunter discusses the injustices of "structural racism" and the "bodies of those who suffer" its effects. Dufault-Hunter encourages prayer and action. Racism Makes a Criminal Justice System Reform Impossible Audio/Video by Ellen K. Boegel Audio/Video by Ellen K. Boegel Topics: Racism , Justice , Law , Crime Source: America: The Jesuit Review The intransigence of racial discrimination and the effects of white privilege in our criminal justice system mirrors its ubiquitousness in U.S. society, but we can make progress in exposing and rooting out overt and subconscious discrimination. Ferguson & the Social Sin of Racism Article by Luke Hill Article by Luke Hill Topics: Racism , Sin , Sin, evil , Society Source: Commonweal Focusing on the racism associated with Ferguson, Missouri, this article by Luke Hill discusses Roman Catholic positions both on the existence of "social sin" and the problem of racism. Ongoing Battle with Racism Sermon Illustration by John Ortberg Sermon Illustration by John Ortberg Topics: Racism , Slavery , Sin, evil , Divisions Source: Preaching Today John Ortberg names our sin of racism, laments the slow progress of our nation in facing and fighting our sin of racism, and wonders about how God would respond, and how the church would respond. A Letter to My Predominantly White Congregation Article by Anna Page Article by Anna Page Topics: Racism , Sin , Peace , Justice Source: Earth and Altar Racism is a sin. Oppression isn't of God. Injustice cannot be allowed to survive. Our entire belief system is predicated on worshipping a loving, liberating, life-giving God who came to Earth to reconcile humanity to himself. Prayers for Peace against Racism Article Article Topics: Racism , Family , Prayer , Reconciliation Source: Global Worship Global Christian Worship compiles a list and excerpts of prayers, books, and article excerpts on the topic of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial reconciliation. Avoiding Racism in Starting New Congregations Article by Damian Emetuche Article by Damian Emetuche Topics: Racism , Culture , Evangelism , Repentance Source: The Christian Reflection Project "How is unacknowledged ethnocentrism manifest in contemporary practices of church planting in the United States?" This article examines the history of racism in the institutions of the church, calling for reexamination and repentance. Prayer and the Shame from Racism Article by Sheila Wise Rowe Article by Sheila Wise Rowe Topics: Racism , Shame , Blackness , Trauma Source: Church Life Journal Sheila Wise Rowe compares the story of the woman at the well in John 4 to her husband's experience of racial trauma, shame, and imposter syndrome as a Black man in America. The State of Racism in America Sermon (Complete) by Katharine Jefferts Schori Sermon (Complete) by Katharine Jefferts Schori Topics: Racism , Sin , Church , Justice Source: Day1 An address by Katharine Jefferts Schori reflecting on the legacy of the civil rights movement. "Learn vigilance, teach and work for justice, that we might become the beloved community of God’s rainbow people." Why Christians Are Incapable of Racial Healing Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Element of Worship by Sean Palmer Topics: Racism , Healing , Repentance , Sin Source: Missio Alliance Reflecting on several scriptures, Sean Palmer discusses the stark reality of racism in the church. Also included is a litany of "Confession in response to violence in Charlottesville by Mike Yager and Andrew Hill. The Church, Racism and Our Future Article by Michael W. Waters Article by Michael W. Waters Topics: Racism , Hypocrisy , Race , Politics Source: Ministry Matters It is impossible to speak about the state of race relations in our nation in the past, or in the present, without speaking about the role of the church.

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