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Topical Study on Rapture All by itself the word {{rapture}} and cognates like {{rapturous}} refer to intense emotions of joy and happiness that overtake a person, often taking the person by surprise. Theologically "the rapture" refers to Christian believers being caught up from the earth to meet Jesus in the air when he returns.... Trauma, Calling, Rapture Audio/Video by Scott E Hoezee Audio/Video by Scott E Hoezee Topics: Eschatology , Trauma , Calling/Vocation , New Life Source: Groundwork This audio discussion by Scott Hoezee and David Bast respond to questions asked by listeners on pastoral topics such as trauma in Christian identity, calling and vocation, and the eschatological rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). Jesus Is Not Coming Soon Article by Greg Garrett Article by Greg Garrett Topics: Eschatology , Daily Living , Second Coming Source: Day1 Greg Garrett speaks into the continual predictions of the rapture, encouraging Christians to put their energy into living prepared for Christ’s coming in glory rather than trying to figure out when that coming will be. The ecology of Revelation - God comes here Commentary/Exegesis by Barbara Rossing Commentary/Exegesis by Barbara Rossing Topics: Jerusalem , Renewal , Pain , Death Source: Working Preacher In contrast to the popular idea of a rapture, Barbara Rossing maintains that Revelation 21:1-6 depicts God's commitment to earth, as God comes down to dwell among people. Surviving the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord Commentary/Exegesis by Ben Witherington III Commentary/Exegesis by Ben Witherington III Topics: Judgment , Eschatology , Waiting , Advent Source: Working Preacher Rather than seeing a dispensational argument for "the rapture of the faithful" in Matthew 24:36-44, Ben Witherington's commentary claims that Jesus exhorted his followers to remain vigilant in hope that they may endure Christ's approaching judgment. In My Womb, He Leaped for Joy Sermon (Complete) by William Ray Murdock Sermon (Complete) by William Ray Murdock Topics: Joy , Birth , John the Baptist , Eschatology Source: Theological Commons (Princeton Theological Seminary) An audio sermon and worship service on Luke 1:39-44. "More than a leap, the unborn John danced the dance of ecstatic eschatological rapture in his mother's womb." A Christian Response to Coronavirus Audio/Video by Francis Collins Audio/Video by Francis Collins Topics: Responses , Theology , Science Source: Biologos In this 62 minute podcast, Bible scholar N.T. Wright and BioLogos founder Francis Collins ponder how Christians should respond to Coronavirus.  The Relation of Jew, Gentile, and Church to Each Other Image by Clarence Larkin Image by Clarence Larkin Topics: Prophecy , Judgment , Eschatology , Apocalypse Source: Blue Letter Bible Clarence Larkin's chart depicts a dispensational interpretation of Jewish and Gentile history and prophecy. It portrays the gathering of the church from Jew and Gentile, a pre-tribulational rapture, and the tribulation and judgment of the nations.... The End of It All Article by Brett Younger Article by Brett Younger Topics: Hope , Eschatology Source: The Christian Reflection Project An article by Brett Younger about the hope we find in the apocalypse, even when we don't fully understand it. "Believing that the end belongs to God breaks the power of the world." The Revelation of Jesus Christ Image Image Topics: Apocalypse , Second Coming , Judgment , Eschatology Source: Blue Letter Bible This eschatological chart presents a premillennial view of both Israel's restoration and events surrounding the Rapture. This image may be used to teach congregants this view on the end times. Christmas Homilies Focusing on Gifts from God Sermon (Complete) by Thomas McQuillen Sermon (Complete) by Thomas McQuillen Topics: Christmas , Theodicy , Good , David Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These homilies on Psalm 126; Luke 3:1-6; Philippians 1:4-6, 8-11; and Baruch 5 reflect on the ways that God worked evil towards good and the gift of Christ. Inconvenient Rapture? Sermon Illustration by James F Sennett Sermon Illustration by James F Sennett Topics: God's Will , Control , Power , Freedom Source: Preaching Today James Sennett speaks of the appeal of trying to control our own lives, rather than taking the risk of letting God work - illustrating Isaiah 28:12 and Ecclesiastes 2:11. Ready for the Rapture Sermon Illustration by Don Hussong Sermon Illustration by Don Hussong Topics: Church , Jesus , Second Coming , Humor Source: Preaching Today An illustration about a little girl quizzing her mother about believing in Jesus coming again. Upon hearing her mother's faith, the daughter asked for her hair to be combed to be ready for Jesus (Matthew 24:36). Full Text Hymns on Rapture Lord, When My Raptured Thought SurveysPD
When the Redeemed Are Gathering InPD
O the Bliss, the Holy Rapture!PD
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The Peace of God Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: EXPERIENCE , C. H. Spurgeon , Rejoicing , Joy Source: The Spurgeon Center A sermon on Philippians 4:7 by Charles Spurgeon, who says that the peace of God "which passes understanding" cannot be explained, but only experienced, and experienced only in Christ. Collect the Weeds First Sermon Starter/Outline Sermon Starter/Outline Topics: Evil , Parable , Temptation , Angels Source: The Living Church This sermon starter based on Jesus' parable of the weeds (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43) says that Jesus' interpretation of the allegory means that the parable "gives direct information about the end of the age." Under Constraint Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Paul , C. H. Spurgeon , Discipleship Source: The Spurgeon Center A sermon on 2 Corinthians 5:14 by Charles Spurgeon, who describes the love of Christ as a force that compels his followers, but it is a joy to submit to this force. Fellowship with the unorthodox? Article by Wesley Hill Article by Wesley Hill Topics: Marriage , Sexuality , Heresy , Orthodoxy Source: The Living Church In this essay, Wesley Hill refers to Galatians 2:11-14 as a basis for maintaining fellowship with other Christians who disagree vehemently about important — though not essential — matters of the faith. Waiting and Making Choices Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Children's Sermon by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Choice , Wisdom , Forgiveness Source: Worshiping With Children In this children's sermon resource, Carolyn Brown offers a drama, children's book, sermon notes, and image designed for worshiping with children through Joshua 24, Psalm 70; 78, Amos 5, 1 Thessalonians 4, and Matthew 25. The Death of Moses Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Death , Moses , Wisdom , Grace Source: The Spurgeon Center A sermon on Deuteronomy 34:% by Charles Spurgeon, who reflects on the way that even the death of Moses reflects the wisdom, providence, and grace of God that guides his entire life. Exodus, Cargo of Hidden Stories Audio/Video by Avivah Zornberg Audio/Video by Avivah Zornberg Topics: Passover , Exodus Source: On Being In this podcast, Torah and rabbinic literature scholar Avivah Zornberg explores the Exodus account, not as a story of heroes versus villains, but as a picture of the possibilities and ironies of human passion and freedom. Whole World in His Hands Song/Hymn by Victoria Emily Jones Song/Hymn by Victoria Emily Jones Topics: Art , Christ the King Sunday , Reign of God Source: Art & Theology In this devotional, Victoria Emily Jones uses Psalm 95:1-7 and an 11th century Ottonian miniature (c.1015) to reflect on the African American spiritual, "He's God the Whole World in his Hands."