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Topical Study on Religion Religion refers to a set of organized beliefs and practices around the basic meaning of life and existence. Christianity is one its many expressions. Some have tried to separate Christianity from religion, claiming it is a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. While Christianity embraces this personal aspect of... Stop Using “Religion” to Mean Bad Religion Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Article by Andrew Stephen Damick Topics: Religion , Relationship Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Andrew Stephen Damick shows that religion is about a lot of things, including a relationship with the one worshiped. Religion- A Reality! Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Religion , Folly , Christ , C. H. Spurgeon Source: The Spurgeon Center Speaking from Deuteronomy 32:47 against the spirit of the age and the vanity of formless religion, C.H. Spurgeon explains that "the religion of Christ Jesus...when truly received into the heart, is no vain thing." Religion in the Way of Faith Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Religion , Amos , Faith , Relationship Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Arthur Landwehr's sermon notes speak of the prophet Amos' (5:18-25) concern that the religion of the people of Israel was getting in the way of their living faith in God. Religion is Dead Devotional by Abbot Tryphon Devotional by Abbot Tryphon Topics: Religion , Christ Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this reflection from the Orthodox tradition, Abbot Tryphon says that "religion is dead, but Christ in me is alive!" Religion and Violence Audio/Video by Miroslav Volf Audio/Video by Miroslav Volf Topics: Religion , Forgiveness , Justice , Violence Source: On Being This podcast explores what goes wrong when religion turns violent, and why the cure for religious zealotry is not less religion but more religion — or rather stronger and more intelligent practices of faith. (Length: 52:29) Religion and America’s Role in the World Audio/Video by Kim Lawton Audio/Video by Kim Lawton Topics: Religion , Cultures , Government , Video Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly In this video interview, various political and religious figures weigh in on how there’s a strong connection between religion and America's views about its role in the world at both the private and the national level. Religion-free Texts: Getting An Illiberal Education Article by Warren A Nord Article by Warren A Nord Topics: Religion , Education , Separation of Church and State Source: Religion Online In this article, Warren A. Nord argues that religion is being unfairly shut out in public education not due to banning religious exercise such as prayer but due to the suppressing of religious viewpoints. Religion: Because Thinking Is Hard? Article by Debra Darvick Article by Debra Darvick Topics: Religion , Knowledge Source: Day1 In this article, Debra Darvick highlights themes of knowledge, ignorance, and religion by reflecting on how faith requires the deep engagement of our hearts and minds. Religion, Violence, Nonsense, and Power Article by William T Cavanaugh Article by William T Cavanaugh Topics: Religion , Violence , World Source: The Christian Reflection Project In this article, William T. Cavanaugh argues against the idea that religion tends to promote violence by presenting how this argument is created by the sharp distinction between religion and secular in the modern world. Religion and Imagination Image by Naomi Billingsley Image by Naomi Billingsley Topics: Imagination , Job , Piety , Art Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture Naomi Billingsley describes William Blakes’ series of engravings on the Book of Job, writing that Blake rejects organized religion in favor of engaging the divine life with imagination/spirit. Image included. Religion, Politics, and the Supreme Court Sermon Illustration by Allison Vander Broek Sermon Illustration by Allison Vander Broek Topics: Religion , Politics , History Source: The Twelve In her blog post, Allison Vander Broek invites readers to consider the interaction between religion and politics in their lives. Religion in a Complicated World Sermon Illustration by C S Lewis Sermon Illustration by C S Lewis Topics: Religion , C. S. Lewis , Quotations Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching A quotation from C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity" on the need for a religion that is not simple in the face of the complex nature of the modern world. Full Text Hymns on Religion Religion Is the Chief ConcernPD
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Religion and Spirituality: No Longer Forgotten Factors in Clinical Practice Article by Edward Shafranske Article by Edward Shafranske Topics: Theology , Psychology Source: Fuller Studio In this in-depth article, Edward Shafranske provides an overview of the current relationship between religion and psychology. Shafranske also identifies research and practices that are underdeveloped in the field. Religion, Science, and the Journey of the Magi Audio/Video by Robert Barron Audio/Video by Robert Barron Topics: Religion , Magi , Epiphany , Science Source: Word on Fire Robert Barron's audio homily on Matthew 2:1-12 sees no need for conflict between religion and science, as wise people of every age are drawn, not only to investigate the wonders of creation, but to encounter Christ. Religion and the Arts: Wheelbarrows, Boots, and the Breath of Life Article by Thomas Graff Article by Thomas Graff Topics: Art , Prayer , Sign , Creativity Source: Church Life Journal Reflecting on a poem by William Carlos Williams and a testimony by Tom Dooley, Thomas Graff explores the relationship between religion and the arts. Terrorism and Religions Article by Henry S Wilson Article by Henry S Wilson Topics: Religion , War and peace , Islam (Concept) , Judaism Source: Religion Online In this article, Henry S. Wilson considers the role of religion in the terrorist attack of September 11th and examines the teachings of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity about responding to their enemies. The Form and Spirit of Religion Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Religion , Trust , Heaven , Spirit Source: The Spurgeon Center This sermon by Charles Haddon Spurgeon on 1 Samuel 4:3 is about how religion has a body. Spurgeon speaks on how the religion is reverently observed, the belief in superstitions, and the danger of trusting ceremony.... Religion and Science: Finding Their Kindred Spirits Article by Krista Tippett Article by Krista Tippett Topics: Religion , Science , Grace Source: On Being In this article on religion and science, Krista Tippett urges us to focus less on the competing answers of science and religion, and more on their kindred questions. The Samaritan Woman and the End of Idolatrous Religion Sermon (Complete) by Philip LeMasters Sermon (Complete) by Philip LeMasters Topics: Religion , Kingdom of God , Samaritans Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this homily on Acts 11:19-30 and John 4:5-42 from the Orthodox tradition, Fr. Philip LeMasters challenges corrupt forms of religion that would identify Christ's Kingdom with any nation, people, or worldly agenda. Religion as Entertainment Book Quote by Neil Postman Book Quote by Neil Postman Topics: Religion , Consumerism , Technology , Worship Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching Neil Postman's comments on how religion relates to television are worth considering by those who would televise church services.