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Topical Study on Reverence Reverence is not a word that can be easily applied to our society or even our churches. "Irreverent" is a term often used to make novels and movies seem more attractive. Churches tend to tout their informality of dress and demeanor in worship and emphasize their intimacy with God rather... David; Reverence; God's Character; Stewardship and Purity Study Guide by Ryan Jordan Study Guide by Ryan Jordan Topics: Reverence , Friendship , Attributes of God , Stewardship Source: Sermons That Work Bible study examines reverence & friendship in 2 Samuel 1; God's character and promises in Psalm 130; stewardship and economic justice in 2 Corinthians 8:7-15; and purity and spiritual power in Mark 5:21-43. Balancing Act of Reverence Sermon Illustration by Doug Bratt Sermon Illustration by Doug Bratt Topics: Reverence , Ten Commandments , Fear , Preaching Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching A sermon starter on Exodus 20. Doug Bratt looks at the familiar verses of the Ten Commandments through the lens of having proper reverence for God. Includes an illustration from the film, "To Kill a Mockingbird." Cultivating Reverence in Worship Practical How-To by Phil Majorins Practical How-To by Phil Majorins Topics: Reverence , Liturgy , Worship , Worship space Source: Reformed Worship Phil Majorins emphasizes the importance of cultivating reverence in worship and outlines practical steps worship leaders can take to encourage and embed habits of reverence in corporate worship. How Reverence for God Leads to Honest Business Practices Article by Mark D Roberts Article by Mark D Roberts Topics: Reverence , Work , Business , Fear of God Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling We're to treat each other fairly in our financial dealings because we fear God--a connection between our reverence for God and business practices. This resource from Mark Roberts explores the link between faith and work. Submitting out of Reverence Devotional by Mark D Roberts Devotional by Mark D Roberts Topics: Reverence , Submission , Humility , Fear of God Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling A devotional reflection by Mark D. Roberts on Ephesians 5:21. Roberts explores the principles of mutual submission, emphasizing the second part of the verse: our reverence for Christ is what enables us to submit in humility. Reverence for Truth in Ecumenical Prayer Article by Peter Kahn Article by Peter Kahn Topics: Ecumenism , Maximus the Confessor , Prayer , Honesty Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Following the activity of St. Maximus the Confessor during the monothelite controversy, Peter Kahn argues that Christians engaged in ecumenical work, especially prayer, requires frank honesty about the issues that divide them. Reverence for God Commentary/Exegesis by Henry Langknecht Commentary/Exegesis by Henry Langknecht Topics: Prosperity , Commentary , Fear of God , Psalms Source: Working Preacher One of the theological assumptions of Scripture is the connection of spiritual cause with material effect—in Psalm 34:9-14 the implication is that "fearing God" leads to "lacking nothing." The Conditions of Power in Prayer Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Reverence , Love , Prayer , Sin Source: The Spurgeon Center Charles Spurgeon's sermon on 1 John 3:22-24 says that God always hears a sinner's prayer for mercy, but a Christian's efficacy in prayer depends on obedience, reverence, trust, faith, love, and a childlike spirit. Observances Under the New Covenant Sermon (Complete) by Joseph Koterski Sermon (Complete) by Joseph Koterski Topics: Reverence , Eucharist , Pentecost , Satisfaction Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These five homilies by Joseph Koterski on Acts 15:1-29, Luke 24:46-53, Acts 2:1-11, Proverbs 8:22-31 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-26, respectively discuss new covenant rules, Jesus' last words, the Holy Spirit, the Nicene Creed and reverence. Physically Saying Our Prayers Element of Worship by Joan Stott Element of Worship by Joan Stott Topics: Reverence , Praise , Singing , King Source: The Timeless Psalms Joan Stott offers a call to worship, prayers of praise, and a personal meditation on Psalm 47 and 93, reflecting on the whole-body-involvement of showing reverence and singing praises to God. Worship with Reverence and Awe Article by Vincent Murphy Article by Vincent Murphy Topics: Reverence , Worship , Gratitude , Love Source: Reformed Worship Vincent Murphy examines how the book of Hebrews teaches us to worship with reverence and awe and how this is a response of gratitude rooted in Christian love that is pleasing and acceptable to God. Hallowed--Or Hollowed--Be Thy Name? Sermon (Complete) by Victor D Pentz Sermon (Complete) by Victor D Pentz Topics: Reverence , Awareness of God , Worship , Praise Source: Day1 Victor Pentz's sermon on Revelation 4:1-11 seeks to recover the "hallowed" quality of God's name in worship: the sense of reverence and awe that is appropriate for God alone. Full Text Hymns on Reverence In Holy Reverence, LordPD
Oh, with due reverence let us allPD
With reverence and with godly fearPD
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Acceptable Service Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Kingdom of God , Service , Fear of God , Grace of God Source: The Spurgeon Center in this sermon, Charles Spurgeon preaches on Hebrews 12:28-29 considers that one must serve God under the obligation of fearing him, by God's grace, and with reverence. The Word a Sword Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Sermon (Complete) by Charles H Spurgeon Topics: Word of God , Scripture , Discernment , Revelation Source: The Spurgeon Center In this sermon on Hebrews 4:12, Charles Spurgeon preaches on power and effectiveness of the Word of God, exhorting listeners to read and reverence the Word. The Necessity of Rituals Article by Carolyn Humphreys Article by Carolyn Humphreys Topics: Sacraments , Prayer , Worship Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Rituals promote our faith formation, add reverence to our daily existence, keep us aware of what is eternal, and strengthen our belief in heaven and our bond with God. An article by Carolyn Humphreys. A Light in the Abyss of Error Sermon (Complete) by Leo the Great Sermon (Complete) by Leo the Great Topics: Reverence , Epiphany , Heart , Grace of God Source: The Sunday Website Drawing on the wise men's reverence in Matthew 2:1-12, this sermon by Leo the Great (c. 400-461) reflects on the miraculous dawning of God's light on both the Gentiles and the "darkened hearts" of unbelievers. You Live Among Us Element of Worship by Paul Sauer Element of Worship by Paul Sauer Topics: Reverence , Love , Prayer , Wisdom Source: Re-Worship Paul Sauer's responsive prayer of the peoples asks God to fill us with wisdom and reverence, to help us sing praises, to help us reflect Jesus' love, and to remind us of our eschatological resurrection. God’s House Is Holy Devotional by John Doyle Devotional by John Doyle Topics: Reverence , Jesus , Piety , Honesty Source: ePriest Taking inspiration from Jesus' zealous piety, this devotional by John Doyle on Luke 19:45-48 encourages readers to deal with people honestly, to worship God with reverence, and to imitate Christ's "uprightness." A Spanish translation included. Creation as the Labor of God Sermon (Complete) by Kenneth H Carter Jr Sermon (Complete) by Kenneth H Carter Jr Topics: Reverence , Creation , Sermon Source: Day1 In this sermon on Psalm 104, Kenneth Carter, Jr. discusses how creation informs our understanding of God's character and leads us to reverence, confidence, and gratitude. How the Early Church Viewed Martyrs Article by William G Bixler Article by William G Bixler Topics: History , Martyr , Martyrdom , Theology Source: Christian History Institute "The sentiment of the early church toward its martyrs moved from love to reverence to veneration." Based on several passages from the Bible, William explains how the early churches viewed and understood the martyrdom.