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Topical Study on Sacrifice As far back as one can go in human religion, making sacrifice to the gods has been at the center of religious practice. The same is true of Christianity. The difference is that in Christianity, God, in the person of the Son, is the atoning sacrifice for the sins of... Sacrifice, Substitution, and Suffering Article by Dusty Gates Article by Dusty Gates Topics: Suffering Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Each of us must make sacrifices. Each sacrifice is a way of showing to another person, or to God, "You are more important to me than this thing is." Sacrifice and the Death of Christ Article by John Goldingay Article by John Goldingay Topics: Sacrifice , Atonement , Forgiveness Source: Fuller Studio An article by John Goldingay explaining the relationship of sacrifice and forgiveness. Goldingay argues from OT and NT passages that sacrifice isn't intended to appease anger, and that Christ's sacrifice offers forgiveness by absorbing our wrongdoing. Sacrifice Image Image Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Moses, Aaron and other priests sacrifice animals for the sin offering. Engraving by Abraham de Blois (or Bloys; fl. 1690-1720) from the design of Gerard Hoet (1648–1733) Sacrificing What Matters Most Devotional by Mark D Roberts Devotional by Mark D Roberts Topics: Sacrifice , Surrender , Spiritual Growth , Faith Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This devotional on Genesis 22:2 considers Abraham's near-sacrifice of Isaac, suggesting that growth in faith always means deeper surrender. Near Sacrifice of Isaac Image Image Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Abraham halts his sacrifice of Isaac, looking up at the angel, who indicates a ram tangled in the bushes. Engraving by Joseph Mulder (1658 - ca. 1728) from the design of Gerard Hoet (1648–1733) Sacrificing a Son Commentary/Exegesis by Kathryn M Schifferdecker Commentary/Exegesis by Kathryn M Schifferdecker Topics: Sacrifice , God's Will , God's Presence , Providence Source: Working Preacher Kathryn M Schifferdecker's commentary on Genesis 22:1-14 approaches the difficult narrative pastorally and with a "hermeneutic of generosity." Such a reading reveals truth about God’s presence and God’s providence in the passage and more. Sacrifice as the Condition of All True Progress Sermon (Complete) Sermon (Complete) Topics: Sacrifice , Kingdom of God , Discipleship Source: Theological Commons (Princeton Theological Seminary) James W. Clarke’s sermon on Matthew 16:21-14 explores how the Kingdom of God is true progress and the sacrifice that it requires. Sacrifice Sermon (Complete) by John Ratti Sermon (Complete) by John Ratti Topics: Sacrifice , Salvation , Judgment , Discipline Source: Sermons That Work In this sermon, John Ratti examines verses that may seem harsh, but are meant to encourage personal sacrifice that reflects the ultimate sacrifice Christ made for humanity. Sacrifice Article by Jim McCoy Article by Jim McCoy Topics: Sacrifice , Death , Prophets , Truth Source: Ekklesia Project The practice of sacrifice holds a special danger for self-deception and, lest we dismiss this idea as irrelevant, let us remember that the saving significance of Jesus’ death is expressed primarily in sacrificial language. Sacrifice Image by Jean de Tournes Image by Jean de Tournes Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Moses and the people of Israel sacrifice a lamb in order to consecrate the firstborn to God Sacrifice and joy Sermon Starter/Outline by John van de Laar Sermon Starter/Outline by John van de Laar Topics: Sacrifice , Lent , Joy , Suffering Source: Sacredise Reflecting on John 12:1-8, John van de Laar observes that Lent is not only about repentance and sacrifice. We are also invited to "extravagant, celebratory adoration of the Incarnate One." Sacrifice Sermon Starter/Outline by Eleonore Stump Sermon Starter/Outline by Eleonore Stump Topics: Sacrifice , Gift Source: The Sunday Website In this sermon starter for Genesis 22:1-18, Eleonore Stump observes that God, who lacks nothing, is glad to have the gift of our sacrifices not because God gets something great from them, but because we do. Full Text Hymns on Sacrifice A Living Sacrifice©
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise©
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Sacrifice, No; a Body, Yes Commentary/Exegesis by Timothy Verdon Commentary/Exegesis by Timothy Verdon Topics: Sacrifice , Art , Mass Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture A visual commentary on Hebrews 10:1-18 using Bernardino Luini's 1525 painting, "Presentation in the Temple," to parse out the "sacrifice of the Mass." Sacrifice Image by Caspar Luiken Image by Caspar Luiken Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Aaron and the other priests perform ritual sacrifices. In the background, a burnt offering is being sacrificed on the altar of incense. In the foreground, Aaron and his sons prepare to sacrifice a bull Not All Sacrifice Saves Article by Peter Nguyen Article by Peter Nguyen Topics: Sacrifice , Love , Persons , Power Source: Church Life Journal Peter Nguyen deconstructs Ernst Jünger's modernist logic of sacrifice. A fundamentally relational act, "Christian embodied in disciples who in their living and dying reconcile creation to God and one another." Sacrifice of Isaac Image by Vecellio Tiziano Image by Vecellio Tiziano Topics: Sacrifice , Art Source: This 16th century painting by Vecellio Tiziano depicts the sacrifice of Isaac from Genesis 22:1-19. Sacrifice of Abraham Image by Pietro Testa Image by Pietro Testa Topics: Sacrifice , Art Source: Fine Arts Museum of San Fransisco This 17th century etching by Pietro Testa depicts Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac from Genesis 22:9-10. Sacrifice Image by Christoph Weigel Image by Christoph Weigel Source: Pitts Theology Library Digital Image Archive Moses and the people make a sacrifice to God confirming the covenant Living Sacrifice Devotional by Marcus Hong Devotional by Marcus Hong Topics: Sacrifice , Ministry , Music , Name Source: The Institute for Youth Ministry - Princeton Theological Seminary Reflecting on Psalm 50, Marcus Hong says that what matters to God is not the offering of a sacrifice, but the relationship behind it. God desires faithfulness. Sacrifice of Abraham Image Image Topics: Sacrifice Source: Blue Letter Bible This black and white image depicts Genesis 22:4-14, in which an angel appears to Abraham to stop the sacrifice of Isaac.