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Topical Study on Sexuality Sex seems to be our most animal desire, yet its intimacy, ecstasy, mystery, and fruitfulness point to our union with Christ (Eph. 5:28). Nevertheless, the church has long misunderstood human sexuality, seeing it as inherently sinful and unholy, something to be repressed and denied rather than embraced and blessed. Sexuality and Marriage Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Sexuality , Love , Submission , Creation Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Arthur Landwehr's sermon notes on Ephesians 5:21-33 reflect on sexuality and marriage based on God's agape love, equality in creation, and mutual submissiveness. Sexuality and the Gospel Article by Matthew Tuininga Article by Matthew Tuininga Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Creation , Idolatry Source: Reformed Journal Responding to Wolterstorff's endorsement of gay marriage, moral theologian Matthew Tuininga argues that sexuality and marriage are thematically and scripturally central to larger questions of idolatry, the image of God, and the union of believers. Sexuality and the Gospel Article by Matthew Tuininga Article by Matthew Tuininga Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Creation , Scripture Source: Reformed Journal Matthew Tuininga raises a number of important scriptural passages often overlooked in the church's intense debates over the precise nature of human sexuality (especially as it relates to LGBTQ sexual expression). Sexuality, Love, and Marriage Audio/Video by Robert Barron Audio/Video by Robert Barron Topics: Sexuality , Love , Marriage , Family Source: Word on Fire This podcast reflects on human sexuality, love and marriage. The readings show us that sexuality is a good, joyful thing when it is ordered towards, and transfigured by love. Human sexuality and global Christianity Article by Shane Raynor Article by Shane Raynor Topics: Sexuality , Morality , Change , globalization Source: Ministry Matters Sexuality was important enough to the early church to be a dealbreaker, and for the vast majority of Christians in the world today, that continues to be the case. Spirituality and Sexuality Audio/Video by Anthony Ugolnik Audio/Video by Anthony Ugolnik Topics: Sexuality , Religion , Spirituality , interfaith dialogue Source: On Being Responding to a sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church, this podcast features a former monk, priest, and a minister discussing the positive sexual ethic of the Bible and the how sexuality affects the human spirit. Neither Do I Condemn Thee: Making Space For Alternative Sexualities in Our Midst Article by David Fitch Article by David Fitch Topics: Sexuality , Jesus , Law , Violence Source: Missio Alliance David Fitch uses Jesus' encounter with the woman caught in adultery (John 8:1-11) as a paradigm for approaching "alternative sexualities" - "We are to disrupt the ideologies and make way for the presence of Christ." Rowan Williams for Dummies: On Human Sexuality Article by Debra Rienstra Article by Debra Rienstra Topics: Sexuality , Grace , Joy , Sin Source: The Twelve Debra Rienstra discusses a seminal article by Rowan Williams called "The Body's Grace." Williams' article is complex, but it essentially reminds us that human sexuality is more about grace than it is about rules. The Bible on Sexuality and Marriage Audio/Video by Amy Marga Audio/Video by Amy Marga Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Heterosexuality Source: Enter the Bible This podcast and accompanying article discuss sexuality and marriage, suggesting that the Bible's teaching is consistent about God’s faithfulness towards humanity as God’s covenant partner. Human sexual expression can cement people together in a covenantal way. What is Your Theology of Sexuality? Article by David Fitch Article by David Fitch Topics: Sexuality , Culture , Theology Source: Missio Alliance In this article, David Fitch offers five questions to explore in order to develop and make explicit your own theology of sexuality. When We Talk Salvation, Sexuality Matters Article by Cameron Merrill Article by Cameron Merrill Topics: Desire , EXPERIENCE , Christology Source: Ministry Matters An article by Cameron Merrill that argues that sexuality cannot be considered immaterial to the core of our faith. Salvation is a bodily experience with Trinitarian, Christological, and soteriological implications. The Good News About Our Longings: Sexuality and Spirituality Article by Rich Villodas Article by Rich Villodas Topics: Sexuality , Longing , Goodness , Desire Source: Missio Alliance This article by Rich Villodos is about how sexuality and spirituality need to be brought together in the church where it can be understood that sex is a gift to be enjoyed that points to God.... Sexuality and the Gospel Article by Matthew Tuininga Article by Matthew Tuininga Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Creation , Sexual orientation Source: Reformed Journal An article by Matthew Tuininga that responds to Nicholas Wolterstorff's affirmation of same-sex marriage. Tuininga examines passages such as Romans 1:18-27 and their broader context to argue that God intends meaningful difference in sexual relations. Sexuality and the Gospel: My Response to Wolterstorff Article by Matthew Tuininga Article by Matthew Tuininga Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Idolatry , Creation Source: Reformed Journal Responding to Nicholas Wolterstorff's argument in favor of same-sex marriage, this article by Matthew Tuininga argues from Romans 1:18-32 that homosexual practices are contrary to God's created order. Tuininga suggests further biblical exploration on this topic.... Sexuality and Spirituality Article by Patrick F Cioni Article by Patrick F Cioni Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Lust , Spirituality Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Patrick Cioni discusses the possibility of "profound, mystical experiences" as an additional dimension of sexual relations within marriage - oneness with God as well as with each other. Lust is a barrier to such spiritual union. New Course in Sexuality Sermon Illustration by Eric Reed Sermon Illustration by Eric Reed Topics: Sexuality , Education , Courage , Witness Source: Preaching Today This sermon illustration for 1 Corinthians 6:18 and 1 Thessalonians 4:3-6 shows how refusing to shake hands with others at the intermission of a class on sexuality proves the wisdom of abstinence from sexual activity. Sexuality, Scripture, and Justice Article by Nicholas Wolterstorff Article by Nicholas Wolterstorff Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Creation , Scripture Source: Reformed Journal Nicholas Wolterstorff reflects on his journey towards acceptance of same-sex marriage, wrestling with science and scripture, in response to the healthy criticism of Matthew Tuininga. Sexuality and Solidarity Article by Eduardo M Peñalver Article by Eduardo M Peñalver Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Environment , Climate change Source: Commonweal Is there a link between sexual morality and environmental stewardship? Eduardo Peñalver says there is a connection between the pursuit of individual gain and an unwillingness to support shared sacrifices necessary to address environmental challenges. Preaching to the Young Casualties of the Sexual Revolution Article by Neil Kane Article by Neil Kane Topics: Sexuality , Preaching , Teaching , Homiletics Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This Catholic article considers youth and sexuality, suggesting that evangelization cannot come to pass unless we refuse to be ashamed of Christ and the Catholic faith. In a fallen world, there’s a battle to live out the Christian vision of purity Article by Mike Landry Article by Mike Landry Topics: Sexuality , Marriage , Lust , Purity Source: Grandin Media Properly understood, chastity is much more than just abstaining from premarital sex. A proper integration of our sexuality helps us to discover the wholeness God created us for and calls us to.