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Topical Study on Worship Each week Christians gather for worship in mud huts and Gothic cathedrals, in prisons and nursing homes, in storefront buildings and village squares, in sprawling megachurches and old country chapels. In these diverse contexts the style of worship varies greatly. Some congregations hear formal sermons read from carefully honed manuscripts;... Worship: What’s Missing? Article by Karl Overbeek Article by Karl Overbeek Topics: Confession , Church , Music , Reformed Church in America Source: Reformed Church in America Karl Overbeek reflects on contemporary worship settings, noting that they are heavy on the music, healthy on the Word, and very light on meaningful prayer. All Ages Needed for Intergenerational Worship Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Worship , Community , Intergenerational issues Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Though many churches offer multiple worship options, each pegged to an age or generation, Howard Vanderwell and Steve Burger make a case for intergenerational worship that has families worshiping together. Is There a Word For Us–This Day? Element of Worship by Thom M. Shuman Element of Worship by Thom M. Shuman Topics: Lent , Hope , Reconciliation , Forgiveness Source: Lectionary Liturgies Thom Schuman offers a complete order of worship, weaving in passages from Psalm 130, Ezekiel 37:1-14, John 11:1-41, and Romans 8:6-11, including a litany, call to reconciliation, song suggestions, a reflection, affirmation of faith, sending, etc.... Worshiping with Children at Christmas Children's Sermon by Carolyn Brown Children's Sermon by Carolyn Brown Topics: Christmas , Children , Shepherd Source: Worshiping With Children Carolyn Brown offers some fantastic advice for including and engaging children in worship on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Ideas include drama, intentional scripture readings, encouragement to provide childcare for younger children, and more. The life-changing potential of Whole Life Worship Article Article Topics: Worship , Family , Church , Worship Planning Source: EngageWorship Sharing numerous stories of people coming to worship on Sunday, this article contends that worship planners should create a culture of whole-life worship in the church, recognizing and meeting people's diverse histories and experiences. Why Worship Shouldn't Feel Like Family Article by John Flowers Article by John Flowers Topics: Worship , Family , Church , Visitors Source: Ministry Matters Worship that "feels like family" might feel very different for the visitor and the outsider. This article discusses practices of worship that can be experience as exclusionary. Worship Words Article by Douglas Brouwer Article by Douglas Brouwer Topics: Worship , Language , Worship Planning Source: Reformed Journal Douglas Brouwer writes his review of the book Worship Words written by Debra and Ron Rienstra which calls us to a renewed appreciation of words in worship Convergence and Consumption: The Digital Age and a New Ecology of Worship Audio/Video by Shane Hipps Audio/Video by Shane Hipps Topics: Worship , Technology , Culture , History Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Worship is a product of culture; and culture is born of technology, media, and communication patterns. This presentation explores the major historical shifts in technology and their dramatic impact on worship in the church. Four Ways to Mentor Worship Leaders Practical How-To by Laura Feliciano Practical How-To by Laura Feliciano Topics: Education , Liturgy , Worship Planning , Congregation Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Four church leaders describe how they train and mentor worship leaders in their contexts. They try to identify gifts and to make room for everyone no matter their immigration status, age, or gender. Pastoral Worship Leadership Article by Edwin M. Willmington Article by Edwin M. Willmington Topics: Worship , Ministry , Pastor , Music Source: Fuller Studio This article considers the vocation of worship ministry, suggesting that a pastoral worship leader must consider themselves a pastor first and an artist second. Playing and Praying with Children in Worship Article by Melissa Florer-Bixler Article by Melissa Florer-Bixler Topics: Worship , Family , Worship space , Children Source: Faith and Leadership Melissa Florer-Bixler argues that giving kids a place in the front of the sanctuary allows them to worship in a way that comes naturally to them: through play. When All Ages Worship Together Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Intergenerational issues , Worship Planning , Joy Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article explores the importance of intergenerational worship with stories from several congregations. It provides a list of resources and discussion questions at the end. Full Text Hymns on Shift Worship I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary©
Through all the various [varying] shifting [passing] scenePD
Are we building for eternityPD
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Strategies for Cross-Cultural Music & Worship Article by James Ward Article by James Ward Topics: Worship , Church , Cultures , Congregational Flourishing Source: Global Worship These article excerpts by James Ward on strategies for developing multi-cultural worship discuss latent racial prejudices that obstruct worship planning, techniques for leading a congregation through changes in worship, and challenges that disrupt worship implementation. Ancient Future Faith and Worship Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Worship , Faith , Ecumenism , Cultures Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article explores how ancient future worship is about rooting our worship in God's story, meaning that we embody not our culture but God's mission. Worship Teams, Committees, and Staff Positions Practical How-To by John D. Witvliet Practical How-To by John D. Witvliet Topics: Church , Pastoral leadership , Worship Planning , Leadership Source: Reformed Worship John Witvliet answers some questions about who should lead and plan worship by sharing some models for leadership as well as core values that should be in place no matter the leadership structure. COVID Is Devastating, but Decentralized Worship Is a Gift Article by Cory Willson Article by Cory Willson Topics: Worship , Priesthood , Ministry Source: The Banner Cory Willson reflects on some of the gifts to be discovered during times of decentralized worship; among them recognizing the priesthood of all believers, reconsidering the interactive nature of worship, and ministering to those immediately around... Praise Team or Worship Team? Article by Paul Ryan Article by Paul Ryan Topics: Worship , Leading Worship , Liturgy , Leadership Source: Reformed Journal What is the true roll of the 'Praise' Team? Is it only praise or are there other elements of worship included? Paul Ryan explores these questions in light of modern worship. Death, Resurrection, and Early Christian Worship Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H. Fuller Commentary/Exegesis by Reginald H. Fuller Topics: Worship , Divinity of Christ , Resurrection , Passover Source: The Sunday Website Reginald Fuller comments on Acts 2:14, 22-33, Psalm 16, 1 Peter 1:17-21, and Luke 24:13-35, focusing on the resurrection, the death of Christ in terms of the Passover, and the pattern of early Christian worship. Learning Worship Together: How Worship Change Happens Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Article by Joan Huyser-Honig Topics: Worship , Congregation , Worship Planning , Education Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship This article about worship formation and education in the church suggests that worship change works best when worship and education leaders work together, and studying worship together can lead more people to participate fully in worship. Participants in Worship Study Guide by Howard D. Vanderwell Study Guide by Howard D. Vanderwell Topics: Worship , Heaven , Church Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Lesson 2 of a 12-lesson Bible study on Christian worship. This lesson focuses on Revelation 4 and 5, and reminds us that we are getting a view of the throne room of heaven when we worship.