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Topical Study on Stewardship Stewardship is the management of valuable resources or the management of affairs in some domain. The resources may include money, time, energy, animals, plants, water, employees, access to power, God's grace, and "the mysteries of God." Domains may include an estate, a household, a ship, a shop, or one's own... Stewardship Sunday Sermon Starter/Outline by Reginald Bell Jr Sermon Starter/Outline by Reginald Bell Jr Topics: Stewardship , Parables , Money , Tithing Source: The African American Lectionary A sermon starter and commentary on Luke 16:1-13, for observing a Stewardship Sunday focused on finances and tithing. Stewardship Sunday: Commentary on 1 Peter 4:8-11 Sermon Illustration by Stacey M Floyd-Thomas Sermon Illustration by Stacey M Floyd-Thomas Topics: Stewardship , Love , Community , Sermon Source: The African American Lectionary This sermon starter for Stewardship Sunday focuses on caring for our relationship. It include textual analysis, sermon title suggestions, sermon outline, illustrations, and other suggestions for preaching. Stewardship Refund Commentary/Exegesis by Nathan Aaseng Commentary/Exegesis by Nathan Aaseng Topics: Stewardship , Gratitude , Sermon Source: Working Preacher In this sermon starter for Exodus 35, Nathan Aaseng suggest a sermon on stewardship, saying that giving comes when your heart is stirred, when you recognize that God is working in you to do something dynamic. Stewardship of Creation Sermon Starter/Outline by Ryan Bennett Sermon Starter/Outline by Ryan Bennett Topics: Stewardship , Creation , Care , Environment Source: Discipleship Ministries In these sermon notes on Psalm 124, Ryan Bennett emphasizes stewardship of creation, the scriptural mandate for God's people to care for the created world. Stewardship (Volunteerism— and Tithing Your Time): Commentary on Isaiah 6:1-8 Sermon Starter/Outline by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan Sermon Starter/Outline by Cheryl Kirk-Duggan Topics: Stewardship , Tithing , Service Source: The African American Lectionary Cheryl Kirk-Duggan explores Isaiah 6:1-8 as a call to the stewardship of our time and talents, and as an invitation to volunteer ourselves in the service of others.This resource contains biblical commentary and preaching notes. Stewardship of Creation: An Interview with Noah Screenwriter, Ari Handel Article Article Topics: Stewardship , Art , Creation , Sin Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This article features an interview with Ari Handel, a co-screenwriter for the movie "Noah". The interview highlights important themes from the movie such as stewardship, creation, evolution, sin, mercy, and judgment. Learning about God and Stewardship Audio/Video by Carolyn C Brown Audio/Video by Carolyn C Brown Topics: Stewardship , Glory , God's Holiness , Children Source: Worshiping With Children Carolyn Brown's children's sermon notes draw on Exodus 33:12-23, Isaiah 45:1-7, Psalm 96:1-13, 99, 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10, and Matthew 22:15-22 discuss God's holiness, God, God's nature and attributes, God's agenda, God's greatness, imitating Jesus and stewardship. Financial Stewardship is Spiritual Article by Ken Neevel Article by Ken Neevel Topics: Stewardship , Church , Missions , America Source: Reformed Church in America Ken Neevel says the "goal of Christian stewardship is the faithful management of everything that God gives us so that God can use our gifts to transform us and to extend Christ’s transforming love to others." The High Priest, Saintly Stewardship, Staying Awake, and the Servant King Sermon (Complete) by Nathan Long Sermon (Complete) by Nathan Long Topics: Stewardship , Death , Priesthood Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Four sermons by Nathan Long, one on Christ’s priesthood and earthly priesthood (Hebrews 7:23-28); one on stewardship (1 Kings 17:10-16); one on the Christian understanding of death (Daniel 12:1-3); and one on confession (John 18:33b-37). Devotion, Repentance, Stewardship and Perseverance Sermon (Complete) by Edward Lee Looney Sermon (Complete) by Edward Lee Looney Topics: Stewardship , Prayer , Devotion , Discipleship Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These four sermons by Edward Lee Looney on Wisdom of Solomon 9:13-18, Luke 15:1-32, 16:1-13 and 1 Timothy 6:11-16 respectively discuss prayer and devotion, repentance, financial stewardship, the goal of eternal life. Stewardship of Tithes and Talents: Music and Worship Resources Song/Hymn by Nolan Williams Jr Song/Hymn by Nolan Williams Jr Topics: Stewardship , Tithing , Worship Planning , Music Source: The African American Lectionary Nolan Williams, Jr. offers a litany and music suggestions for planning a service focused on stewardship. Stewardship of Creation Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Topics: Stewardship , Creation , Social Justice , Environment Source: The Christian Reflection Project This adult study guide by Robert Kruschwitz is on Creation, the role of humanity, and social justice. It includes prayers, reflections, study questions, artwork, and hymns based on Genesis 1-2:4 and Psalm 8. Full Text Hymns on Stewardship God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending©
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Stewardship Issues Commentary/Exegesis by Douglass Key Commentary/Exegesis by Douglass Key Topics: Stewardship , Money , Generosity , Church Source: The Christian Century It is a comfort to remember that in 2 Corinthians 8:7-15 Paul too had stewardship issues in his churches. It’s not a new phenomenon. The stewardship sermon is as old as the church itself. Stewardship Commentary/Exegesis by Larry L Enis Commentary/Exegesis by Larry L Enis Topics: Stewardship , Tithing , Good works , Time Source: The African American Lectionary In addition to our finances, we can give of our time as Larry L. Enis reminds us in his commentary on Ephesians 2:10. He includes his context, biblical exegesis, illustrations, and much more on the text. The Bible, Stewardship and Money Audio/Video by Cameron B R Howard Audio/Video by Cameron B R Howard Topics: Stewardship , Money , Spirituality Source: Enter the Bible This podcast and accompanying article discusses themes of stewardship and money, suggesting that God owns everything, yet has seen fit to entrust some of those resources into our care, management, and stewardship. Where Do Good Stewardship Sermons Come From? Article by Tania Haber Article by Tania Haber Topics: Stewardship , Money , Offering , Culture Source: Working Preacher Tania Haber discusses developing a "culture of stewardship" as a source for sermons on stewardship. She encourages pastors to tell their own stewardship stories and to involve many members and families in the stewardship culture. Preaching Stewardship: Confessions of a Convert Article by David J Lose Article by David J Lose Topics: Stewardship , Money , Generosity , Pastoral leadership Source: Working Preacher David Lose reflects on his journey from being reluctant to preach about stewardship of money, to being enthusiastic about it. He shares his discoveries of what helps, including that "people want to talk about this stuff!" Three I's of Stewardship Article by Todd Outcalt Article by Todd Outcalt Topics: Stewardship , Work , Generosity , Church Source: Ministry Matters This article provides a model for teaching about stewardship. Questions framed around "information, inspiration, and invitation" help to guide leaders and congregations toward self-aware and generous giving. How to Lead Stewardship without Over (or Under) Functioning Article by Margaret Marcuson Article by Margaret Marcuson Topics: Stewardship , Money , Self Control , Church Source: Day1 This blog entry provides wisdom and advice to pastors as they approach the topic of stewardship with their church, suggesting ways that they can fulfill their responsibilities without doing too little or too much. Stewardship Sunday Commentary/Exegesis by Dale P Andrews Commentary/Exegesis by Dale P Andrews Topics: Stewardship , Blessing , Tithing , Judgment Source: The African American Lectionary Tithing can be a difficult topic to approach in a sermon, so Dale P. Andrews provides this commentary on Malachi 3:6-12. He gives his own context, biblical exegesis, and descriptive details for the text.