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Topical Study on Virtue A virtue is a disposition to think, feel, speak, or act in a way that pleases God. Pleasing God isn't an arbitrary goal. Scripture reveals concrete ways to do it. While cultivating virtue may be a basic human responsibility, actually doing it may tempt us to self-justification. So it helps... Meditations Upon the Virgin’s Virtues, Part 2 Article by Kenneth G Davis Article by Kenneth G Davis Topics: Mary , Courage , Honesty , Charity Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review In this extended meditation on the virtues of Mary, Kenneth Davis explores her generosity, veracity, courage, and charity. Although the article addresses clergy, it could easily be adapted for lay people. Power as Theological Virtue Article by Lee Stuart Article by Lee Stuart Topics: Virtue , Power , Love Source: The Project on Lived Theology In this semi-biographical paper Lee Stuart explores what it means to see power as a Christian virtue, especially in the context of inequity and poverty. Growing in Virtue Article by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Article by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Topics: Virtue , Vice , Spiritual Growth Source: The Banner This article explores the spiritual disciplines as a way of allowing God to be at working one's life, putting on virtues, casting off vices, and cultivating Christian character. The Virtue of Hope Article by John E Hare Article by John E Hare Topics: Virtue , Hope , Heaven , Humanism Source: The Christian Reflection Project In this article on the Christian virtue of hope, John Hare notes that "hope must be rooted in faith in God, not mere optimism about human beings' capacity for self-improvement." Virtues of Political Leadership Audio/Video by Vincent Bacote Audio/Video by Vincent Bacote Topics: Virtue , Conversation , Justice , Politics Source: Fuller Studio In this podcast, Vincent Bacote and Richard J. Mouw join Mark Labberton to discuss virtues that should be seen in political leadership. Building Virtues in Youth: A Developmental Take on Spiritual Formation Article by Scott W Sunquist Article by Scott W Sunquist Topics: Virtue , Psychology , Intergenerational issues , Youth Source: Fuller Studio This article by multiple experts engages scientific inquiry to understand the nature of thriving and how religion and spirituality might affect thriving and developing of virtues in adolescents. Love and Virtue Devotional by Mark Ryan Devotional by Mark Ryan Topics: Virtue , Love , Paul , Identity Source: Ekklesia Project In this reflection on 1 Corinthians 13:1-13, Mark Ryan reflects on how love is not just a sentiment, but a transformative virtue that marks the identity of the church. Fruits of Virtue Sermon Starter/Outline by Unknown Sermon Starter/Outline by Unknown Topics: Virtue , Love , Parables , Heart Source: ePriest In the Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-9), the fruits that the Lord wishes us to produce are virtues inspired by faith, hope, and love. This devotional encourages readers to grow in virtue each day. Parenting Virtues Today Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Study Guide by Robert B Kruschwitz Topics: Family , Parenting , Hope , Humility Source: The Christian Reflection Project The habits we cultivate as parents can shape our children. This study guide about parenting highlights the virtues of hope, humility, and hospitality. The Character of Virtue: Letters to a Godson Article by Stanley Hauerwas Article by Stanley Hauerwas Topics: Virtue , Kindness , Wisdom Source: Faith and Leadership In this interview, Stanley Hauerwas talks about a collection of letters he wrote to his grandson about virtues and character. Forgiveness allows the other virtues Article by Scott Benhase Article by Scott Benhase Topics: Virtue , Forgiveness , Faith , Love Source: Faith and Leadership Since Christianity is less a set of beliefs we hold than a way of being we embody, Christian values are not the same as Christian virtues. The virtue most often mentioned by Jesus, and the hardest,... How to Practice the Virtue of Hope: The ‘Shawshank’ Connection Sermon Illustration by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Sermon Illustration by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Topics: Virtue , Friendship , Desire , Prison Source: Reformed Journal An article by Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung about the theological virtue of hope and the ways it is illustrated in the film "The Shawshank Redemption." Hope is an enduring task and continuously unfolding activity. Full Text Hymns on Virtue Let the World Their Virtue BoastPD
The Virtue of HumilityPD
When virtue and beauty Are weddedPD
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Meditations Upon The Virgin’s Virtues for Contemporary Clergy, Part 1 Study Guide by Kenneth G Davis Study Guide by Kenneth G Davis Topics: Virtue , Mary , Patience , Humility Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Comparing virtue to a fertile furrow, this study guide by Kenneth G. Davis on Matthew 12:46-50, Luke 2:41-52 and John 2:1-12 encourages readers to empty themselves to receive God by imitating Mary's humility, patience, and diligence. The Virtue of Fidelity Article by Kenneth Baker Article by Kenneth Baker Topics: Faithfulness , Truthfulness , Jesus Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review This article meditates on the virtue of fidelity. Lamenting the loss of fidelity in our culture, it emphasizes the need for the Church and its members to cultivate faithfulness in all areas of their lives. Where Vices and Virtues Come From Book Quote by Michael Gillis Book Quote by Michael Gillis Topics: Virtue , Vice Source: Ancient Faith Blog A quotation from Fr. Andrew Louth's "Introducing Eastern Orthodox Theology" that reflects on St. Gregory of Nyssa's understanding of virtue. Christ's virtues Article by Lorenzo Scupoli Article by Lorenzo Scupoli Topics: Virtue , Catholic , Passion , Reformation Source: Christian History Institute This quote by Lorenzo Scupoli (1530-1610) emphasizes the folly of admiring the virtues of Christ but failing to put them into practice. Cultivating Virtue Image by Rebekah Eklund Image by Rebekah Eklund Topics: Virtue , Beatitudes , Prayer , Art Source: The Visual Commentary on Scripture Rebekah Eklund comments on "Virtue Garden" (1295), an illuminated page from Frère Laurent's moral treatise, "Somme le roi," which includes imagery that depicts the beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12) and the petitions of the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).... On the Seven Virtues Sermon Illustration by Frederick Buechner Sermon Illustration by Frederick Buechner Topics: Virtue , Love , Faith Source: Day1 Excerpt from Whistling in the Dark by Frederick Buechner, on the beauty of the seven cardinal virtues. Losing our Virtue Sermon Illustration by David F Wells Sermon Illustration by David F Wells Topics: Virtue , Guilt , Sexuality , Shame Source: Center for Excellence in Preaching In lamenting evangelicalism's loss of its moral vision, David Wells comments, "We no longer think of virtue as composing character, and no longer assume that virtue has a public exhibition." Gratitude, the Basic Virtue Sermon Starter/Outline by Ronald Rolheiser Sermon Starter/Outline by Ronald Rolheiser Topics: Gratitude , Holiness , Saint , Original Sin Source: The Sunday Website Ron Rolheiser shares a Jewish folktale and reflects on how the heart's disposition—not outward acts—is what determines holiness. Reflecting on Matthew 23:1-12, Rolheiser suggests that proper gratitude is the ultimate virtue and that it defines sanctity....