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Topical Study on Vocation In Christian understanding, a person's vocation is his or her {{calling}} from God -- first, to be a prime citizen of the kingdom of God, and then to any number of sub-callings within the first calling. Vocation Commentary/Exegesis by Erick J Thompson Commentary/Exegesis by Erick J Thompson Topics: Vocation , Gift , Treasure , Promises of God, The Source: Working Preacher Erick J. Thompson’s commentary on Luke 12:32-40 notes that this text is about vocation and God’s promise and reflects on living without fear and prioritizing what is important in one’s life. Vocation in Historical-Theological Perspective Article by Gordon Preece Article by Gordon Preece Topics: Vocation , Calling , Work Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This in-depth article explores the biblical and historical roots of our contemporary sense of vocation. Gordon Peerce also offers six suggestions toward recovering a healthy sense of Christian vocation. Vocations in Church History Article Article Topics: Vocation , Work , Calling/Vocation , History Source: Christian History Institute This article is a timeline of how the theological idea of Christian vocation was influenced and changed by various people and events within the early church period, the Middle Ages, and from 1800 to the present. Vocation as a Lay Person Sermon Starter/Outline by Jack L Seymour Sermon Starter/Outline by Jack L Seymour Topics: Vocation , Ministry , Faithfulness , Justice Source: Discipleship Ministries In these sermon notes for Laity Sunday, Jack Seymour reflects on the vocation of lay persons to be witnesses to God's hope and salvation. The Meaning of Vocation Article by A J Conyers Article by A J Conyers Topics: Calling/Vocation , Discipleship Source: The Christian Reflection Project Vocation is distorted by two disastrous misunderstandings that fall short of the biblical idea: a secularized idea of “career” and a monastic concept of religious life. Vocation is about being called forth to a divine purpose. “Vocation is in the here and now” Article by Greg Forster Article by Greg Forster Topics: Calling/Vocation , Discernment , Community , Tradition Source: Christian History Institute An interview with Greg Forster, Gene Veith, P.J. Hill, and Charle Self on vocation, how to discern God's calling, Christian tradition about vocation, and more. Vocation and Calling Commentary/Exegesis by Courtney Jacob Commentary/Exegesis by Courtney Jacob Topics: Vocation , Work Source: Groundwork A short article introducing a series "When God Calls." Has a brief exhortation that vocation is for everyone, along with links to sermons on calling. Vocation: Bah, Humbug Article by Debra Rienstra Article by Debra Rienstra Topics: Calling/Vocation , Discipleship Source: The Twelve Debra Rienstra argues against common notions of vocation, suggesting instead that we speak of the general vocation of discipleship and think about "guidance" when we need to get into specifics. Conversion, Transformation and Vocation Sermon (Complete) by Patrick Hyde Sermon (Complete) by Patrick Hyde Topics: Vocation , Conversion , Kingdom of God , Baptism Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These Catholic homilies focus on the importance of conversion, meekness and humility, life transformation, baptismal vocation, and the great value of God's kingdom. Vocation: On being Pilgrims Article by Jes Kast Article by Jes Kast Topics: Calling/Vocation , Pilgrimage , Disciple Source: The Twelve Jes Kast wonders if vocation might be broader than we often think it is, arguing that the best definition of vocation is discipleship, and disciples live as pilgrims. Vocation should therefore shift from "what" to "how." Vocation and the World Article by Tod Bolsinger Article by Tod Bolsinger Topics: Vocation , Work , Ministry Source: Fuller Studio In this article, which has also been translated into Spanish and Korean, Tod Bolsinger explores vocation and shares the question he finds himself asking: “How do you envision your call to God’s mission in the world?”... Vocation: Called to Shine Sermon Illustration by David J Lose Sermon Illustration by David J Lose Topics: Vocation , Money , Calling/Vocation , Calling Source: In the Meantime An immigrant shoe shiner's story (including video) illustrates vocation: the call to make a difference wherever one is and, even more, to be grateful for the opportunity and sense God at work. Full Text Hymns on Vocation How Clear Is Our Vocation, LordPD
We Are Called by One VocationPD
Brethren, called by one vocationPD
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Vocation and "The Mosaic Man" Article by David J Lose Article by David J Lose Topics: Work , Calling/Vocation , Calling Source: Day1 In this article, a video of a homeless man who feels called to create mosaics for his neighborhood is used to reflect on vocation in broader terms than paid work. Vocation Audio/Video by Laura Addis Audio/Video by Laura Addis Topics: Vocation , Poetry , Worship , Service Source: Faith and Leadership This resource has four visual poems with accompanying lesson plans (including suggestions for an introduction, prayer, Scripture study, application etc.) for a small group to explore how God calls Christians to live their faith. The Vocation of the Prophet Sermon (Complete) by Jeffrey Kirby Sermon (Complete) by Jeffrey Kirby Topics: Prophets , Witness , Shepherd Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These four sermons treat the vocation of prophet as those called to witness, chosen and commissioned, as shepherds, and compassionate servants, concluding with Jesus as prophecy incarnate (Ezekiel 2:2-5; Amos 7:12-15; Jeremiah 23:1-6; 2 Kings 4:42-44). The Parental Vocation Sermon Starter/Outline by Steven Reilly Sermon Starter/Outline by Steven Reilly Topics: Vocation , Heaven , Parenting , Children Source: ePriest Being a parent is a lofty vocation, for parents are entrusted with the integral spiritual formation of another human being. A devotional on Matthew 19:13-15 by Steven Reilly. Calling and Vocation Commentary/Exegesis by Elizabeth Shively Commentary/Exegesis by Elizabeth Shively Topics: Vocation , Calling , Lectionary , Gifts of the Spirit Source: Working Preacher This commentary on Romans 1:1-7 considers calling and vocation, suggesting that we ought to be diligent and responsible and passionate about how we use our God-given gifts. Celebrating Vocation Sermon Starter/Outline by Lydell C Lettsome Sermon Starter/Outline by Lydell C Lettsome Topics: Vocation , Worship Planning , Sermon , History Source: The African American Lectionary Resources for planning a Celebration of Vocations Day in the African American Lectionary including historical background of the event, a sermon outline for Psalm 90:17, music suggestions, and reading suggestions. Love Made Visible: Struggling with the Question of Vocation Article by Carol Howard Merritt Article by Carol Howard Merritt Topics: Vocation , Money , Work , Calling/Vocation Source: Day1 An article by Carol Howard Merritt addressing the complex question of vocation, specifically, "What did God have in mind when God was knitting us together?" Reclaiming “Vocation” in our Worship & Preaching Article by David J Lose Article by David J Lose Topics: Vocation , Labor Day Sunday , Work , Worship Source: Working Preacher David Lose's article reflects on vocation as the "logic for our worship and congregational life," encouraging pastors to lift up in worship the sanctity of daily labor and God's desire to use our everyday activities.