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Topical Study on Doubt Doubt both accompanies true faith and threatens true faith. On the one hand, radical doubt could lead a person to disbelieve or dismiss the promises of God and the truths revealed in Scripture in a nearly wholesale fashion, leading to unbelief. On the other hand, doubt seems for now to... Doubt Article by Michael Gillis Article by Michael Gillis Topics: Doubt Source: Ancient Faith Blog In this article from the Orthodox tradition, Michael Gillis shows how there are different kinds of doubt in the New Testament and in the Christian life. Doubt Article by Will Montei Article by Will Montei Topics: Doubt , Faith , Love Source: The Twelve Will Montei, guest writing for "The Twelve", offers a stirring personal reflection on doubt and faith. Doubt after Easter Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Element of Worship by Rachel G Hackenberg Topics: Doubt , Easter , Peace , Unbelief Source: Rachel G. Hackenberg A collection of liturgical resources from Rachel G. Hackenberg, based on Isaiah 25:6-9, John 20:19-31, and Psalm 16. These prayers, adapted readings, and poetic reflections acknowledge doubt and invite God's presence nonetheless. Doubting Zechariah Sermon Starter/Outline by Edward McIlmail Sermon Starter/Outline by Edward McIlmail Topics: Doubt , God's Will , Faith , Providence Source: ePriest Reflecting on Luke 1:5-25, Edward McIlmail writes that Zechariah sees the angel yet doubts the message. Zechariah thought his age would hinder God’s plan. Despite our lack of faith, God goes ahead with his plan. Doubting Thomas Sermon Starter/Outline by Shawnthea Monroe Sermon Starter/Outline by Shawnthea Monroe Topics: Doubt , Easter , Thomas , Faith Source: The Christian Century Shawnthea Monroe reflects on the success of "doubting" Thomas (John 20:19-31). He had the courage to express his doubts. He did not abandon his faith. He got the answer he needed from Jesus. Doubting Thomas and Story as Sign Article by Debra Rienstra Article by Debra Rienstra Topics: Doubt , Thomas , Faith , Metaphor Source: The Twelve In this blog post on John 20:24-31, Debra Rienstra reflects on the story of "doubting Thomas" and the way that signs point us toward belief. Thomas, and believers today through stories like that of Thomas, come... Doubt--The Prelude to Faith Sermon (Complete) by William L Self Sermon (Complete) by William L Self Topics: Doubt , Easter , Faith , Thomas Source: Day1 "No one really has faith until [they have] fought for it." In this sermon on John 20:24-29, Bill Self sees doubt as a normal precursor to faith and offers suggestions for moving from doubt to faith. Doubt and belief Commentary/Exegesis by Cyril of Alexandria Commentary/Exegesis by Cyril of Alexandria Topics: Doubt , Disciple , Thomas , Patience Source: The Sunday Website In this commentary on John 20:19-31, Cyril of Alexandria notes that other disciples besides Thomas had doubts about Jesus' resurrection (Luke 24:36-43), and commends those who have faith, without seeing, because of the disciples' witness. Doubt is not the enemy of faith Article by Joseph Yoo Article by Joseph Yoo Topics: Doubt , Faith , Hell , Enemies Source: Ministry Matters Joseph Yoo makes a case for helping people who struggle with doubt by honoring their questions and being willing to search with them, instead of giving pat answers. "The true enemy of faith is fear." Doubt & Faith: Easter Confession Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Element of Worship by Christine Longhurst Topics: Doubt , Faith , Hope , Confession Source: Re-Worship A prayer of confession and a plea for the hope and faith to live in response to Jesus' resurrection, rather than in doubt and fear. "The tomb is empty. We are forgiven, loved and restored." Doubting Thomas No More Sermon (Complete) by Joseph S Pagano Sermon (Complete) by Joseph S Pagano Topics: Doubt , Trust , Thomas , Easter Source: Sermons That Work Joseph Pagano's sermon on John 20:19-31 considers faith in God as more than belief about facts; it is trust or confidence. By this definition, the disciple often called Doubting Thomas became a man of faith. Doubt No Longer Sermon (Complete) by Aidan Nichols Sermon (Complete) by Aidan Nichols Topics: Doubt , Resurrection , Belief Source: Torch: Catholic Homilies from the Dominican Friars In this Eastertide sermon on Luke 24:35-48, Aidan Nichols discusses the difference between doubt and difficulty. Full Text Hymns on doubt I will not DoubtPD
I Will Never Doubt My SaviourPD
You Can't Make Me Doubt Him©
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Doubting Thomas & Wounded Christ Image by Tamara Hill Murphy Image by Tamara Hill Murphy Topics: Doubt , Peace , Art , Christ Source: Global Worship This blog post shares three art pieces and four poems about Doubting Thomas and his encounter with the Risen Christ in John 20:24-29. Doubting Thomas at Work Article Article Topics: Doubt , Thomas , Work , Vocation Source: Theology of Work: The High Calling This article uses the "doubting Thomas" theme to consider ministry and vocational doubts, specifically the tendency to want to measure success and the need for affirmation. Doubting Thomas Audio/Video by NIckel Creek Audio/Video by NIckel Creek Topics: Doubt , Easter , Thomas , Faith Source: Re-Worship A song by Nickel Creek called “Doubting Thomas” that goes well with John 20:19-31, a passage often read during the Easter season. Doubting Doubt Sermon Illustration by James C Dekker Sermon Illustration by James C Dekker Topics: Doubt , Faith , Belonging Source: The CRC Network James Dekker turns to the story of doubting Thomas as he reflects on doubt. He connects Thomas' story to that of a couple who moved from doubt to faith as they found belonging in the church.... Nine Thomases Doubting Commentary/Exegesis by Eric Fistler Commentary/Exegesis by Eric Fistler Topics: Doubt , Easter , Fear , Thomas Source: Pulpitfiction In this 40-minute podcast (including outline), Robb McCoy and Eric Fistler discuss Easter, doubting Thomas, persecution, reconciliation, and the life of Jesus from John 20:19-31, Revelation 1:4-8, and Acts 5:27-32. Doubting Thomas Image by Carl Heinrich Bloch Image by Carl Heinrich Bloch Topics: Doubt , Art , Thomas Source: Carl H. Bloch This 19th century painting by Carl Bloch depicts Doubting Thomas from John 20:27-29. Doubting and Distracted Element of Worship by Ross Ringenberg Element of Worship by Ross Ringenberg Topics: Doubt , Faith , Silence , Faithfulness Source: Together in Worship This prayer of confession by Ross Ringenberg acknowledges human doubts and distractions that contrast with God's enduring faithfulness. Faith to Doubt to Trust Sermon Starter/Outline by Todd Pick Sermon Starter/Outline by Todd Pick Topics: Doubt , Earth , Promises of God, The , Faith Source: Discipleship Ministries In these Lenten sermon notes on Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18, Todd Pick and Jennifer Pick reflect on Abra[ha]m's "quintessential human journey of faithfulness in God." He moves from original faith, through doubt, and finally to trust.