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Topical Study on Ordinary Time "Ordinary Time" -- the "green season" -- may almost seem like a letdown after celebrating the great themes of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter, but it is in "ordinary time," after all, that we live most of our lives. This season covers the time between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday and... The Timing is not Ours Sermon Starter/Outline by Dennis Hamm http://liturgy.slu.edu/32OrdA111217/theword_hamm.html Sermon Starter/Outline by Dennis Hamm Topics: Time , Wisdom , Waiting , Apocalypse Source: The Sunday Website This sermon starter for Matthew 25:1-13 is on how we do not get to know the timing of Christ's return. It isn't for us to know or predict, that's why the wait is so important. Using the Time We Have Devotional by Silas Henderson http://4lpi.com/blog/using-the-time-we-have/ Devotional by Silas Henderson Topics: Time , Judgment , Parable , Talent Source: Connect! Sunday Reflection Silas Henderson offers a reflection and prayer on wisely using time and waiting for Christ’s return, judgment, reign, and union with God and one another, based on Proverbs 31, 1 Thessalonians 5, and Matthew 25. The Earth is the Lord's Element of Worship by Rolf Bouma https://www.reformedworship.org/article/march-1995/earth-lords-service-planning-ascension-and-pentecost Element of Worship by Rolf Bouma Topics: Feast of the Ascension , Pentecost , Trinity Sunday , Liturgy Source: Reformed Worship These four services celebrating God's creation have been designed for the Sundays between Ascension Day and the first Sunday in Ordinary Time. The services would be equally appropriate as a freestanding series on creation. When Time Happens! Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr http://collections.carli.illinois.edu:80/cdm/ref/collection/uni_sermons/id/895 Sermon (Complete) by Arthur Landwehr Topics: Time , Advent , Incarnation Source: Arthur Landwehr Sermon Collection Advent sermon on Matthew 1:18-25 addresses "When Time Happens!"--when something in the present corresponds to/becomes something in the future; when the future breaks into the present; and when we accept this as our story's center. Living in Light of the Cross Sermon (Complete) by Chris Winklejohn http://www.hprweb.com/2014/08/homilies-for-september-2014/ Sermon (Complete) by Chris Winklejohn Topics: Ordinary Time , Cross , Community , Grace Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Chris Winklejohn offers four homilies for Ordinary time. Though diverse in scope, these homilies are tied together by the common focus of the season—how Christians should live in light of the resurrection. Preaching Within the Season Element of Worship by Karoline M Lewis https://www.workingpreacher.org/worship/preaching-within-the-season-pentecost Element of Worship by Karoline M Lewis Topics: Ordinary Time , Pentecost , Resurrection , Kingdom of God Source: Working Preacher Karoline Lewis encourages preachers to embrace the message of Pentecost and carry it into the ordinary time of the summer months, making them extraordinary. Wasting Time in the Banquet Hall Sermon Starter/Outline by Jana Bennett http://www.ekklesiaproject.org/blog/2015/08/wasting-time-in-the-banquet-hall/ Sermon Starter/Outline by Jana Bennett Topics: Prayer , Wisdom , Solomon , Folly Source: Ekklesia Project Reflecting on several scriptures, Jana Bennett says that spending time in prayer and sabbath keeping is not a waste but is learning "how best to be with God’s people who most need us." Into the Sacred Ordinary Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson http://paintedprayerbook.com/2010/05/25/trinity-sunday-into-the-sacred-ordinary/ Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Topics: Ordinary Time , Trinity , Trinity Sunday , Sacred space Source: The Painted Prayerbook On Trinity Sunday, Jan Richardson invites us to consider where we might find God in the ordinary moment of our lives. In Ordinary Time Audio/Video by David Gungor https://fullerstudio.fuller.edu/culture-care-ordinary-time-david-gungor/ Audio/Video by David Gungor Topics: Voice , Music , Worship , Art Source: Fuller Studio David Gungor, worship leader and founder of The Brilliance, reflects in this video on the language of Christian worship Wilderness Time Sermon (Complete) by Stephen Cook http://day1.org/7714-stephen_cook_wilderness_time Sermon (Complete) by Stephen Cook Topics: Time , Lent , Wilderness , Matthew Source: Day1 Stephen Cook's sermon on Matthew 4:1-11 invites us to come into a wilderness time during the Lenten season to remember our original purpose and remember that we all belong to God. Power of the Ordinary Sermon Starter/Outline by John van de Laar https://sacredise.com/lectionary-resources/proper-9c/ Sermon Starter/Outline by John van de Laar Topics: Grace , Work , Hospitality , Justice Source: Sacredise This sermon starter and commentary on 2 Kings 5:1-14, Psalms 30, 66:1-9, Isaiah 66:10-14, Luke 10:1-11,16-20, and Galatians 6:1-14 focuses on the transforming power of the ordinary. Blessing of the Ordinary Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson http://paintedprayerbook.com/2011/06/12/trinity-sunday-blessing-of-the-ordinary/ Commentary/Exegesis by Jan L Richardson Topics: Ordinary Time , Blessing , Trinity Sunday Source: The Painted Prayerbook Reflecting on Matthew 28:16-20 for Trinity Sunday, Jan Richardson offers her poem "Blessing the Ordinary" and her image "A Spiral-Shaped God." Waiting for Wisdom, The End Times, and Watchfulness Study Guide by Anne Osdieck http://liturgy.slu.edu/32OrdA111217/reflections_osdieck.html Study Guide by Anne Osdieck Topics: Wisdom , Waiting , Knowledge Source: The Sunday Website How does “wanting wisdom” relate to “receiving wisdom”? (Wisdom of Solomon 6:12-16) Would you live differently if you thought “the end time” was now? (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) What does it mean to "stay awake'? (Matthew 25:1-13) The Journey to Jerusalem Sermon (Complete) by Leo Almazan http://www.hprweb.com/2016/09/homilies-for-october-2016/ Sermon (Complete) by Leo Almazan Topics: Jerusalem , Jesus , Journey , Grace Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Leo Alamazan offers five homilies for Ordinary Time, each focused on the semi-continuous gospel reading, which consists of episodes from Luke's narration of Jesus' journey to Jerusalem. The Body and the Blood Sermon (Complete) by W Patrick Cunningham http://www.hprweb.com/2013/05/homilies-for-june-2013/ Sermon (Complete) by W Patrick Cunningham Topics: Eucharist , Suffering , Forgiveness , Power Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Five sermons for ordinary time on the sacrificial nature of the Eucharist, the divine power of God, forgiveness, Jesus’s suffering, and the struggle between flesh and spirit. Learning to Tell Time Sermon Starter/Outline by David J Lose https://www.workingpreacher.org/dear-working-preacher/learning-to-tell-time Sermon Starter/Outline by David J Lose Topics: Epiphany , Grace , Miracles , Listening to God Source: Working Preacher In this sermon starter on John 2:1-11, David Lose reminds us that no matter the time, "whenever there is need and Jesus is on the scene, resurrection and abundance are right around the corner." "Thou Who Wast Rich" Song/Hymn http://globalworship.tumblr.com/post/167471208135/ordinary-time-thou-who-wast-rich Song/Hymn Topics: Ordinary Time , Love , Praise , Art Source: Global Worship A Christmas-themed song/image pairing. The song is a traditional hymn, performed by the folk acoustic vocal trio, Ordinary Time. Links to the score and album are included. The image: an oil painting entitled, “Mother and Child.” Time, Wisdom, and the Work of Hands Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson https://www.workingpreacher.org/commentaries/revised-common-lectionary/ordinary-28-2/commentary-on-psalm-9012-17-2 Commentary/Exegesis by Rolf Jacobson Topics: Time , Commentary , God , Moses Source: Working Preacher A commentary on Psalm 90. It is the only Psalm specifically associated with Moses. This commentary reveals why, weaving together themes of wisdom, prosperity, and the nature of time. Contemplating God in the Crucified Christ Sermon (Complete) by James Keating http://www.hprweb.com/2016/05/homilies-for-june-2016/ Sermon (Complete) by James Keating Topics: Freedom , Crucifixion Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review These four sermons for ordinary time cover a diversity of topics and themes including God the giver of life, God's love in the face of human evil, contemplation of the crucified Jesus, and Christian freedom. Ordinary Things, Extraordinary Vision Article by Jana Bennett http://www.ekklesiaproject.org/blog/2016/11/ordinary-things-extraordinary-vision/ Article by Jana Bennett Topics: Eschatology , Redemption , Incarnation , God's Presence Source: Ekklesia Project Jana Bennett asks whether Isaiah's (2:1-5) vision of nations coming together, seeking God, living in peace is realistic. She invites us to "see God at work even and especially in the most ordinary of places."