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Death Is Swallowed Up: Easter Sunday Resources (B) Worship resources for Easter Sunday (Year B). Includes a litany, call to confession, prayer of confession, assurance of pardon, and song suggestions. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Reformed Church in America
Nicodemus in the Shadows Peter Wallace's reflection on Jesus’ ministry and death, based on texts from the gospel of John, is written from the perspective of Nicodemus who questions what it would be worth risking to stand with Jesus. Resource type: Sermon (Complete) Source: Day1 Author: Peter Wallace
Cross of Wood A black and white symbol imitating the ashen mark of the cross, suggesting the ruggedness and earthiness of our sinfulness and the suffering and death of Christ on our behalf. Resource type: Image Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Elizabeth Steele Halstead
Good Friday Service (March 28, 1986) On Good Friday, this sermon asserts that in the death of Jesus Christ, our redemption is complete; it calls hearers to rest in the knowledge that Jesus' final words grant believers freedom from constant strivings. Resource type: Audio/Video Source: Duke Chapel Recordings Author: Richard Lischer
A Blessing in the Ashes Ash Wednesday is the subject of a collection including a painting, reflection, poem, and other resources. The author writes about the grief of burying her husband and the power of ashes and dust in God's hands.... Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The Painted Prayerbook Author: Jan Richardson
Easter Fears Reflecting on the Gospel resurrection accounts, Peter Marty maintains that freedom from fear is the most powerful effect of Easter. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Perspectives Journal Author: Peter W. Marty
The Bad News is Part of the Good News In this interview, Fleming Rutledge explores the themes of suffering and belief surrounding the Easter and Good Friday, as well as the implications of these stories for Christians in the rest of history. Resource type: Article Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Author: Fleming Rutledge
Lament: Ash Wednesday This reflection gets to the heart of Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent by exploring Joel 2 and our need to pray, to fast, to mourn, and to read God’s Word. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Sermons That Work Author: Joslyn Ogden Schaefer
Lent, A Necessary Time of Preparation This resource provides an introduction to Lent and offers a comprehensive guide to Lenten planning. It provides suggestions for selecting passages, ideas for a sermon series, questions to consider, and sample elements of worship. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Season of Lent A sermon starter and commentary by Luke Powery on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 for the season of Lent in the African American Lectionary. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The African American Lectionary Author: Luke A. Powery
Unimaginable Words This Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service is patterned after tenebrae, a service of shadows or darkness. The theme is the disciple Peter's reflections on his "unimaginable words" denying Christ and his beginning to heal afterwards. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Painful Path, Strong Faith This exegesis of Luke 13:31-35 explores Jesus' prophetic path towards Jerusalem and argues that Christians are called to join Jesus on the same path of resistance, rejection, and difficulty. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Patheos Author: Alyce McKenzie
Full Text Hymns on Death It is not death to diePD
From Death to LifePD
The King of Love My Shepherd IsPD
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Ash Wednesday Worship Outline of a worship service of repentance and renewal for Ash Wednesday, including prayers, invitation, scripture, music, imposition of ashes, benediction, and a link to a meditation by Debra Rienstra. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Debra Rienstra
Resurrection Apprehension: Lots of Ideas to Calm Those Easter Sermon Fears Preaching on Easter every year can bring up apprehension, but Louis E. Lotz helps by giving possible sermon topics and thoughts. Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Louis E. Lotz
Paschal Sermon of St. John Chrysostom A 4th-century sermon is still preached every Easter in Orthodox churches. This poetic sermon is heard but once a year, but many worshipers know it by heart. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Reformed Worship Author: St. John Chrysostom
We learn not to fear death Quotes from Cyprian encouraging and imploring Christians to minister to the physical needs of their oppressors who are ill by the plague. "...we begin gladly to desire martyrdom... these are training for us, not deaths..." Resource type: Book Quote Source: Christian History and Biography Author: Cyprian of Carthage Why Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday became the day that marked the beginning of the Lenten renewal. Laura Smit explores the use of ash on Ash Wednesday and the implications for believers. Resource type: Article Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Laura Smit
The Black Death From 1348 to 1350, Black Death killed more than one-third of the population between Iceland and India. Remarkably, young Catherine of Siena survived the onslaught. This article offers historical analysis of her life during the plague. Resource type: Article Source: Christian History and Biography Using common materials to communicate the themes of Lent During the season of lent a church decided to use common materials to deepen their experience of lent, such as dirt and twigs Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Debra Levey Larson
Death And Rebirth: The Role Of Extinction In Evolution This sermon starter considers the the role of death in evolution from both scientific and theological perspectives, encouraging pastors to create safe-space for truth-telling and dialogue where tough questions about science and religion can be asked. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Fuller Plpit Author: Zachariah Ellis
Search results 1-20 of 17,948
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