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Death Is Swallowed Up: Easter Sunday Resources (B) Worship resources for Easter Sunday (Year B). Includes a litany, call to confession, prayer of confession, assurance of pardon, and song suggestions. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Reformed Church in America
Contemporary Service for Ash Wednesday Taylor Burton-Edwards offers an Ash Wednesday service with video, prayer, and music, scripture, receiving of ashes, and communion. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Discipleship Ministries Author: Taylor Burton-Edwards
Lament: Ash Wednesday This reflection gets to the heart of Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent by exploring Joel 2 and our need to pray, to fast, to mourn, and to read God’s Word. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Sermons That Work Author: Joslyn Ogden Schaefer
Ash Wednesday Worship Outline of a worship service of repentance and renewal for Ash Wednesday, including prayers, invitation, scripture, music, imposition of ashes, benediction, and a link to a meditation by Debra Rienstra. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Debra Rienstra
Advent Waiting Advent resources: a folk ballad, "Every Valley," tells of the times when waiting is hard and hope is needed, a "Community Prayer for Waiting," a banner, a painting, another prayer, and two quotes from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.... Resource type: Song/Hymn Source: Global Worship
Advent Hope: Staying Afloat In this Advent reflection, the author ponders the challenge of offering real hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Resource type: Article Source: The High Calling
I Gave Up Gossip for Lent Dena Dyer shares her experience of giving up gossiping for lent, what it taught her about spiritual disciplines, and how it prepared her to be wowed by the resurrection story again. Resource type: Article Source: The High Calling Author: Dena Dyer
The Bad News is Part of the Good News In this interview, Fleming Rutledge explores the themes of suffering and belief surrounding the Easter and Good Friday, as well as the implications of these stories for Christians in the rest of history. Resource type: Article Source: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Author: Fleming Rutledge
Baptized and Beloved A painted paper collage for projection in worship. Resource type: Image Source: Jan Richardson Images Author: Jan L. Richardson
Ash Wednesday: Cultural Resources This worship resource for Ash Wednesday provides the following cultural resources: historical information, a prose excerpt, and traditional songs. Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: The African American Lectionary Author: William H. Wiggins, Jr.
Resurrection Apprehension: Lots of Ideas to Calm Those Easter Sermon Fears Preaching on Easter every year can bring up apprehension, but Louis E. Lotz helps by giving possible sermon topics and thoughts. Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Louis E. Lotz
Unimaginable Words This Maundy Thursday or Good Friday service is patterned after tenebrae, a service of shadows or darkness. The theme is the disciple Peter's reflections on his "unimaginable words" denying Christ and his beginning to heal afterwards. Resource type: Service Outline Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship
Full Text Hymns on Holy Spirit Spirit of God, Descend upon My HeartPD
Holy Spirit, Truth DivinePD
Spirit of the Living God©
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A Blessing in the Ashes Ash Wednesday is the subject of a collection including a painting, reflection, poem, and other resources. The author writes about the grief of burying her husband and the power of ashes and dust in God's hands.... Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The Painted Prayerbook Author: Jan Richardson
From Azusa Street to the Ends of the Earth The Azusa Street revival was crucial to the major global awakening we now call Pentecostalism. Gary B. McGee narrates the beginning of the movement and explores their emphasis on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Resource type: Article Source: Christian History and Biography Author: Gary B. McGee Homilies - Church, Holy Spirit and Ascension This set of Catholic homilies for John 10:27-30, John 14:23-29, John 21:1-14, Acts 1:1–11 and Acts 14:21-27 focus on reconciliation, the Good Shepherd, the Church, the Holy Spirit, and the ascension. Resource type: Sermon (Complete) Source: Homiletic and Pastoral Review Author: Fr. Thomas Hoisington Why Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday became the day that marked the beginning of the Lenten renewal. Laura Smit explores the use of ash on Ash Wednesday and the implications for believers. Resource type: Article Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Laura Smit
Holy Spirit This reflection from Patrick Langan looks at John 14:21-26 and discusses being distracted from focusing on Christ, relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and knowing the Holy Spirit continues to inspire and enrich. Resource type: Devotional Source: ePriest Author: Patrick Langan Holy Spirit In this daily reflection on the lectionary reading for the Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter, Patrick Langan writes on John 14:21-26, discussing themes of resisting distraction and the Holy Spirit. Resource type: Study Guide Source: ePriest Author: Patrick Langan Celebrating the Coming of the Holy Spirit in Power This planning resource for Pentecost, celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit then and now. It is a day for baptism, confirmation, reaffirmation of the baptismal covenant and commissioning persons for their ministries. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Discipleship Ministries Author: United Methodist Church - Discipleship Ministries The Holy Spirit at Work This resource contains worship planning ideas and sermon starters for texts that describe the work of the Holy Spirit in creation (Genesis), in the establishment of the church (Acts), or in Jesus' ministry (Mark). Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Discipleship Ministries
Search results 1-20 of 12,300
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