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Season of Lent A sermon starter and commentary by Luke Powery on 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 for the season of Lent in the African American Lectionary. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The African American Lectionary Author: Luke A. Powery
Ash Wednesday: Cultural Resources This worship resource for Ash Wednesday provides the following cultural resources: historical information, a prose excerpt, and traditional songs. Resource type: Sermon Illustration Source: The African American Lectionary Author: William H. Wiggins, Jr.
The Call is Urgent A commentary on Joel 2:1-2, 12-17. The text calls us "to confess our sins, to remind ourselves of our mortality and frailty, and to hear the call to repentance or turning around from our sinful ways." Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Working Preacher - Preach This Week Author: Dennis Olson
A theory of jerks Are you surrounded by fools? Are you the only reasonable person around? Then maybe you’re the one with the jerkitude, writes Eric Schwitzgebel in this humorous article exploring the theme of jerks, being judgmental, morality, etc. Resource type: Article Source: Aeon Magazine Author: Eric Schwitzgebel
Advent in the Marketplace Cameron Lee talks about the shopping culture during the Advent season. "If we celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but not Advent, what does that say about us?" He encourages us to seek the coming of... Resource type: Article Source: Fuller Studio Author: Cameron Lee
Advent Confession Here’s a responsive advent prayer of confession that acknowledges several ways in which we fail (i.e. unwillingness to change our hearts, not caring about the stranger), with the repeated congregational response for mercy and forgiveness. Resource type: Element of Worship Source: Re-Worship Author: Nathan Nettleton
Sadie, the Prayer Dog Commenting on Luke 13:1-9, Alyce McKenzie encourages us to heed the parable’s urgent call to repentance - and not miss out on joy! Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Patheos Author: Alyce M. McKenzie
The Power of Persistence, Part 2 Alyce McKenzie’s commentary on Luke 18:9-14 focuses on the tax collector’s prayer, elucidating the difference between the genuine humility through which God can work and the self-deprecation that keeps us from trusting God to work. Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: Patheos Author: Alyce McKenzie
Rethinking the 'Lenten Journey' Part 2 of 2 In this second of two essays, Rolf Jacobson uses a personal irritation for the metaphor “Lent is a journey" to reflect on how Christian leaders can help congregations experience Lent as a richer, more meaningful season. Resource type: Article Source: Working Preacher Author: Rolf Jacobson
Why Ash Wednesday? Ash Wednesday became the day that marked the beginning of the Lenten renewal. Laura Smit explores the use of ash on Ash Wednesday and the implications for believers. Resource type: Article Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Laura Smit
Nicodemus in the Shadows Peter Wallace's reflection on Jesus’ ministry and death, based on texts from the gospel of John, is written from the perspective of Nicodemus who questions what it would be worth risking to stand with Jesus. Resource type: Sermon (Complete) Source: Day1 Author: Peter Wallace
A Blessing in the Ashes Ash Wednesday is the subject of a collection including a painting, reflection, poem, and other resources. The author writes about the grief of burying her husband and the power of ashes and dust in God's hands.... Resource type: Commentary/Exegesis Source: The Painted Prayerbook Author: Jan Richardson
Full Text Hymns on Longing How Long, O God©
There is a longing in our hearts, O Lord©
Longing for GodPD
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Reading Julian on Good Friday Drawing from the writings of Julian of Norwich, this Good Friday article by Jason Lief presents the sufferings of Christ on the cross as a symbol of finding new life in foolishness rather than honor. Resource type: Article Source: The Twelve Author: Jason Lief
Advent Hope: Staying Afloat In this Advent reflection, the author ponders the challenge of offering real hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Resource type: Article Source: The High Calling
Easter Fears Reflecting on the Gospel resurrection accounts, Peter Marty maintains that freedom from fear is the most powerful effect of Easter. Resource type: Sermon Starter/Outline Source: Perspectives Journal Author: Peter W. Marty
Cross of Wood A black and white symbol imitating the ashen mark of the cross, suggesting the ruggedness and earthiness of our sinfulness and the suffering and death of Christ on our behalf. Resource type: Image Source: Calvin Institute of Christian Worship Author: Elizabeth Steele Halstead
Resurrection Apprehension: Lots of Ideas to Calm Those Easter Sermon Fears Preaching on Easter every year can bring up apprehension, but Louis E. Lotz helps by giving possible sermon topics and thoughts. Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Louis E. Lotz
Using common materials to communicate the themes of Lent During the season of lent a church decided to use common materials to deepen their experience of lent, such as dirt and twigs Resource type: Article Source: Reformed Worship Author: Debra Levey Larson
The Election is Over: Long Live the King! The morning after an election can be a difficult time for Christians, no matter who is elected. James Smith reflects on partisan loyalties and invites us to re-center our our allegiance to Christ. Resource type: Article Source: Colossian Forum Blog Author: James K.A. Smith Longest Night This article by Ben Gosden provides advice on planning a Service of the Longest Night around the winter solstice as a means of providing pastoral care and hope for persons experiencing despair during the Christmas season.... Resource type: Article Source: Ministry Matters Author: Ben Gosden
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